תמונות בעמוד

Stomach, and the Steam will go off hot, and cause a burning Heat in the Parts, and the Steam so loaded with Salts, will open the Mouths of the Glands in every Part where it passes, make them secrete continually too much, and so by Degrees emacerate the Body. If they bear too great a Proportion of Oil, they have the contrary Effects. The Excrements can be fermented or mixed with Juices, till they be exceeding sharp and hot in the Guts, and that they scorch or fret the End-Gut and Fundament as they are discharging, and 'tis likely they can open the Glands in all the Valves, and with the Affistance of the Steam, force their Way till they are discharged; but whether the Excrements can be fermented to such a Degree, that the Corpuscles freed out of them, without a Mixture of the Juices secreted out of the Blood, can open the Glands in the Valves, and assist in discharging themselves out of the Stomach, or any part of the Guts, I can. not tell. When one has a free continued Looseness, the Excrements are whitish, and either some white Juices return out of the Blood, or the white Juices we call the Chyle, are not discharged out of the Excrements, or the Excrements are of that


Colour, when they are fermented to such
a Degree, and are discharged at that Der
gree, like Ale, which is white when
working, and after brown. When such
a Looseness has continued for some Time,
so that the Tenfion of the Guts is weak-
ned, the outward Parts will be contracted,
the outward Veins visibly straightened and
made smaller, and the Kidneys being less
compressed by the Steam within the Guts,
and the Vessels and Glands in them being
fuffered to extend, they will secrete the
Urine thick and muddy, and 'tis likely
the Liver and Pancreas being less com-
pressed, will secrete a greater Quantity of
Juices, or Juices of a grosser Consistency,
and 'tis found by Experience, that the
Corpuscles in several sorts of Meat and
Drink, in Simples, Minerals, &c. stop
the Glands which issue the Juices to open
the Valves, or entangle or absorb the

Juices or Agents which are called by die Abforo verse Names, viz. - - - - - - bents, En. And the Corpuscles in others open their Graflants. Mouths, or excite some latent Juices in Aggluti. nants, Bra- the Stomach or Guts which open them, cers, &c. and make them discharge their Juices and

discharge their Excrements, which are also called by various Names, according to the Quantity of Corpuscles in each, or the


Quantity given at once, as Openers, Purges. And when the Glands have been Itopped for any considerable Time, upon their being opened, the Juices will flow up in greater Quantity, and have more forcible Effects. And when they have been forcibly opened by Physick, or any other Accident to secrete their Stock of Juices, and what would afterwards pass out of the Blood, they secrete not naturally for several Days. And the fame Agents have the fame Effects upon the different Parts of the Body, outward or inward, in Proportion to the Degree of Force which moves them, the Thickness or Thinness of the Skin or other Defence, the Strength or Weakness of the Glands, the Widenefs or Straightness of the Valves, Pores, &c. And different Agents or different Quantities, or moved with different Force, open the Valves or Pores, and let the Juices be pressed out in any Part; fome, those in the Mouth to discharge the Saliva ; fome, those in the Stomach to discharge the Bile; fome, to blister or take off the outward Skin, &c. ;


them wider

SECT. XI. - Which open the Passages and Valves

where the Urine secretes. C OLD Meat, or weak spiritless cold

Liquor, which abates the Steam in the Guts, takes off the Pressure upon the Kidneys, lets their Ducts open : cold Air which shuts the Pores, and prevents the Fluids from perspiring, Salts : or sharp Corpuscles, which cleanse the Glands in the Kidneys, and so render them wider, or which open the small Glands in the Sides of those Passages, and make them secrete the Juices in them, and thereby render the Passages liable to be extended or widened by the Fluids and Steam, and enable them to discharge the Phlegm, Salts, Gravel or Stone, which stopped or swelled, or straightned the Parts, and afterwards thicker Urine. There are acid Corpuscles in some Fluids like those in Rennet, which by their Smallness or Fi, gure seem to be adapted to divide or thin Fluids, and let the groffer Corpuscles subside and precipitate, and thereby render. the Fluid thinner, and more liable to be secreted by Urine. When the Water is


of those the small

secreted into the Bladder, and we open the Valve in its Neck, which seems to be done partly voluntarily, the Steam in the Guts presses it out, pushes down the End-gut (and if it be open) breaks backward; and when it gets Vent in Quantity, the Water issues weakly. When the Steam presses the Excrements, and gives us an Inclination to a Stool, the Pressure of the Steam, which rises to discharge the Excrements, presses the Bladder, and gives us an Inclination to dif charge the Urine; we discharge the Water first, and that gives the End-gut Liberty to extend farther, and make Pasfage for the Excrements. When these Paffages are too wide, or open, they drain too much of the Fluid thin Parts out of the Blood, and carry off the Juices, which should be reserved for other Uses, and quickly disorder all the Operations in the Body.

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