תמונות בעמוד

vade or diffolve it, the Stomach may extend, and the lower Guts may not. If there be one or more Stoppages in the upper Parts of the Guts, by great Quantities: of Phlegm gone off the Stomach in Maffes, the Stomach andGuts above may be extended, and the Pulse abated, and the Steam may force upward, open the Valves, and make you vomit. . And as soon as the Fluids are gone off in Steam from the. Excrements below the Stop, or any of the Excrements åre discharged, which rarely happens in Quantity while there is a Stop, the Guts below will be lank, and as often as the Steam above breaks through or forces by the Stop, or the Fluid succeeds it, into the vacant Room in the, Guts below, it causes a grumbling Noise as it passes along. This Noise may happen at the Valve of the Pilorus or Colon, or in passing by the folid Excrements below, but not in the small Guts, unless they be twisted or stopped. Keeping the Stomach too much or too long distended, stretches the small Vefsels that constitute the Sides so much, that filling or extending them with Blood, Juices, &c. will not contract the Stomach to the usual Degree. Some have thought that when there is a Stop, or any other Cause, which makes the Stomach extend


too much, it may make it press the great Artery behind it, and hinder a due Proportion of the Blood from descending; but if the Stop be not near the Stomach, and there be no great. Obstruction in the Passage of the Steam, the same Force which extends the 'Stomach, extends the Artery, and drives the Blood. But if there be an Obstruction near the Stomach, and the Steam issue not out in due Proportion from the Stomach, or from the Guts below the Stop, the Blood will move flowlier, and the Pressure of the Atmosphere will prevail over the Strength of the Steam, and press a greater Share of the Blood into the inward Vefsels; and though indeed the Blood will be less expanded, or in less Compass, yet perhaps Sce above, the Arteries will be more diftended than P. 112 when the Sțeam issues briskly, and the due Share of the Blood is outward. *.

*. This seems to be a more mechanical Account of the common Apoplexies than that from a Repletion of the Stomach, and its Pressure upon the Aorta.


SECT. x. _ Which open the Passages in the Guts

or their Valves. COME Juices involuntarily fecreted or

discharged out of some peculiar Glands, out of the Stomach or Guts, or out of the Gall-Bladder, Pancreas, or perhaps from feveral of them jointly, or from feveral Parts for the several Valves which open the Mouths of the. Glands in the Guts, as they descend and let out the Juices and Steam which infinuate between the Plaits of the Valves, and make way. for the reft, or that opens the Mouths of the Glands of the Valves, and makes them secrete the Juice, and Steam which fwelled and extended them, and at once leffen their Magnitude, weaken their Force, and by the issuing, Juice and Steam, repell their Infides from one another; and as the Juice and Steam issues and empties, the Glands at once expand the Guts, suffer them to extend or widen, and makes all their Sides supple. During this Action, you feel a soft Tickling des cend all along down your lower Guts, and the Force of the Steam is em


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ployed to discharge, and the Force of the Muscles which move voluntarily. The hard Excrements of every Creature, when they are discharged, have more or less of these Juices on their Outsides, and after they are discharged, generally a small Quantity of those Juices follow; when the Excrements are discharged soft, those Juices are mixed and not lo visible, tho 'tis likely they are in greater Quantity. 'Tis faid fome People collect the Juices which are discharged after, and swim upon the Excrements of Cattle in May or

June, and drink it to purge them, and that it does it effe ctually. All Creatures Itrain to discharge those Juices after the Excrements, and if a Man do not difcharge them, they will in Time occasion the Piles. I pretty much doubt whether it be the Excrements which remain in the Guts, or the volatile Juices and Salts discharged out of the Blood, which smell when they are discharged by Stool. I think when one is costive, and few Juices discharge out of the Blood, the Excrements smell little or scarce at all. In healthy Persons, where there are no accidental Motives, nor Impediments, 'tis likely the Glands secrete regularly, according to the Rules aforesaid, and when they

, are are full, discharge almost periodically. And as those Juices are sometimes difcharged other Ways, or obstructed in sea creting into or out of the Ducts or Glands, and are too few or too inactive, or meet with Phlegm or Obstructions, which entangle or blunt them, or defend and keep them off the Parts where they should act, so on the other Hand, they secrete inta and out of the Ducts, Vefsels, or Glands too fast, in too great Quantity, or are too active, or there are other juices in the Stomach or Guts which they excite, or the Mouths of the Glands are too open or too naked and defenceless, or too much opened, or they secrete too much, or too active Juice also, or the Steam is too ftrong, and hurries off the. Excrements too fast, and sometimes the Juices wound the Glands, till they discharge even the Blood itself. The Juices may become too sharp or falt by the Straightness of the. Ureters, &c. which will not let a due Share of them pass. And when the Blood is faturated with such Juices, the Glands will fecrete them into the Stomach and Guts. And in a Morning when your Stomach is lank, and you lie upon one side, you will feel a burning, gnawing Heat on the under side of your


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