תמונות בעמוד

SECT. V. :: Which raise the Steam, &c.

THE Clearners of the Stomach of

1 Philegm, of such Matter' as can: sheath the Agents, sufficient Quantity of Heat, and proper Juices in the Stomach, of secreted into it, a due and proportional Quantity of Meat and Drink, stocked with a due Proportion of Salts and Spirits, and of Matter not too crafs or viscous, fufficient Action, sometimes they rife too fast by too hot or too falt Meat, too much fpirituous Drink, too violent Exercise, Skoppages of the Passages or Pores where the Steam should circulate or perfpire, too great an Addition of Heat, too great a Discharge of Moisture' by hot Air, Fire, keeping off the Pressure of the Air in Bed, or by Clothing, which lets the inward Steam open the Pores, and keeps off the Motion of the Air, which bears off the Corpuscles of Heat difcharged, and supplies their Places with Cold, sometimes by too great à Secretion of brinous Juices, or of Juices too sharp, into the stomach and Guts. By the Effects upon the several Parts, Judgment


may be made whether the Steam. rife.in due Proportion, or too fast, or too. crass, or too sharp. When the Pressure of the Atmosphere is strong, and the Air clear, if the Steam rise, and pass in due Prom portion, the Blood, in young, healthy Persons, will circulate briskly, the Body be light and active, the Muscles strong, the outward Parts, plump and smooth: If too fast it will infame the Body, affect the tender Vessels in the Head, &c. discharge the Moisture too much at the Pores and Langs, force off some of the finer Core i puscles of Blood with the Urine, make it red and hot, leave the Excrements hot: and dry, make too much of the Blood I appear in the outward Parts, cause bleed. ing at the Nose, &c. When to that Deo.' gree we call a Fever, the Steam exhalesi To much of the finer Juices, that it leaves not sufficient to extend the Glands and diftend the Muscles, and at the latter End when the outward Glands are empty, the.. Parts will be lanko and withered s and.. when there is not Steam sufficient, or. when, 'tis too, fiery, or penetrating to extend the Muscles, the Parts: will move.. weakly and be fore, and mave with Un easiness or Pain. If the Steam rife much


faster than it can pass at the Lacteal Vers fels, it will extend the Stomach and Guts till they be ready to burst, and frequently burst the Stays, or any thing which confines them, and passes the Place, and stop the Extension of the Lungs, and that which gets out, Alies with such Force into all the Parts, especially the tenderest in the Head, that it stops the Senses till it gets Vent by Degrees, or something cool be taken into the stomach to condense or clog the Steam. Whether this be the Cause of Apoplectick Fits, I have not had Opportunity to observe. Whether the Will, in any sudden Surprize of Joy, Fear, &c. can direct the Steam to the Stomach or Guts, and force the Glands suddenly to secrete a great Quantity of the Juices which are so volatile, I cannot determine. But when the Steam is put into violent Agitation, by Abundance of Juices flowing into the Stomach, by sudden Frights, and in several sorts of Fits, as soon as it begins to pass, the Persons are much stronger than at other Times. Where the Steam is raised too high by the Juices stopping the Glands, abforbing or sheathing the Juices, stops or lefsens the Effect, and discharging from the


lens the Effening the juice Glands, abie, by

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Which binders the Steam from rifing:
Too much Phlegm, or other viscous

1 Matter which entangles and overpowers the Agents or Juices ; want of proper Juices in the Blood to secrete into the Stomach, Stoppages in the Glands, or something which hinders: the Juices from fecreting into the Glands, or out of them into the Stomach, want of pro er Juices and sufficient Quantity in the Sto-. mach, or the Presence of something which absorbs or blunts them; too much Meat and Drink, or too great a Proportion of Meat to Drink, or of Drink to the Meat; want of sufficient Quantity of Spirits or Salts, or the Presence of Matter which sheaths and entangles them, and is too crafs to be born off by them; want of Action. If the Steam rise too slowly, either the Glands do not secrete brinous Juice enough into the Stomach, or .. VOLX.



* Let this be compared with the common Practice, and I believe the Success will prove what is alledged ; tho' the Reason has hitherto been very obscure.

'tis not sharp enough, or there is a Load of tough cold Phlegm which goes not off, but stops the Glands, and entangles the Salts. "If it be Phlegm, in a Morning when your Stomach is lank, and you lie upon one side, you will feel a Load or Pressure there ; or if you drink a good Quantity of spirituous Drink, or use violent A&ion, and the Stomach do not extend, or the Blood circulate briskly, 'tis likely the Glands secrete too much Phlegm into the Stomach, or you have a great Load of Phlegm there, and that, if not discharged, will in time make the Excrements and all the Juices of the Body tough and crafs, the Paffages and Glands foul and straighter, your Blood move flowly, your Body weak, dull and inactive. Nature fences against the Effects two Ways, by making the lacteal Vessels straighter, the less crass Matter can go into the Blood, and makes the Defect supply a Cure. For as we then need more Salts to divide the Matter in the Stomach, increase and excite the Steam, the Passages for secreting the Urine, and the Pores are straightned by the Phlegm, and thereby the Salts are prevented from secre. ting, and the Water is only permitted to pass thin and clear. The Salts retained


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