תמונות בעמוד

these or other Causes jointly contribute, I cannot tell. But 'tis plain when the Steam in the Stomach, or any part of the Guts becomes stronger than the Pressure of the Air, it will repell the Blood out of the Blood-vefsels in the Sides of that Part, extend the sides of that Part, and straighten or flatten the Blood-vefsels therein. Whether the Glands in the Valves or Stops in the Guts be opened by Steam, which always has Passage from stop to stop, unless accidentally stopped, or by Juices secreted the last out of the Glands in the Sides of the Part above, which in a Vomit or Purge seem to be most penetrating, or by fome Juices issued out of peculiar Glands near the Valve or Stop, or by the Juices in the Mash when they are fermented or sharpened to such a Degree; or whether one of them may be opened by one Means, and another by another, I cannot tell. The Corpuscles of the Steam may open the Glands in a Valve or Stop, where they have free Passage to it, but if there be thick Excrements above it they will stop it. If the Juices pass any considerable Distance from above, they must operate on all the Parts they pass through, and make the Bags, ør Folds, capable of sending down the


Fluid, and there must be a considerable Quantity of them, if they mix in the Mash, to act at the Bottom: If the Juices issue near the Valve or Stop, they may come at it unmixed, and without making any Alteration above; though they are all opened by the Corpufcles in some sort of Diet, and by the Mash when fermented, or sharpened by a great Quantity of Juices. I think ordinarily the Glands in the Valves, especially the low ones upon which the drier Excrements rest, are opened by Juices issued out of the Sides of the Guts next above them; however it is, a plentiful Discharge cools and eases all the Body more than could be done barely by difcharging the Excrements, 'tis likely it is by discharging the Juices out of the Glands, Blood, &c. During the Time that there is an extraordinary Ferment in the Contents of the Stomach and Guts by the Qualities of the Meat, Drink, by too great an Emission of Juices, or that all the Parts continue too much distended by the Crassness of the Steam or Stoppages in the Vessels, the Discharges of the Excrements downward cannot be regular; because none of the Bags can be lifted up and emptied ; and when the Steam does not rise in due Proportion in any of the




lower Parts, for Defect of the Causes aforesaid, they will not extend'and lift up those above them, to discharge the Fluids out of their Bags downward. When too great a Quantity of Juices, or Juices too Tharp, are secreted into the Stomach, or any of the upper Parts, they do not only make too great a Ferment there, 'but in all, the Parts as they pass, till that Fluid and all it mixes with, be discharged. When the Guts are vastly distended, and the Stomach contracted, one can scarce get any Meat or Drink down into the Stor mạch, and perhaps they scarce let the Bottom of the Stomach settle low enough to keep the Fluids till the Meat be digefted. It will not seem strange, why one Part of the Guts contracts, while another extends, or why the Şteam in one Part is stronger than the Şteam in another, fince, as I laid, the Strength of such infinitely small Agents, is to be computed by the Numbers. And 'tis easy to compute how vast a Difference there must be between the Number of Agents in the Malh, when it is newly put into the Stomach, and the Juices secreted into it; some of their Corpuscles being extremely subtile, and some of them capable of being vaft ly expanded ; and in the Remainder of


I be HUMAN FRAME. : 125 the Mash, when it has undergone the Fermentation, and the Agents and Parts they could bear are mostly gone off in Steam, or between that Remainder of the Mash when it's so left, and when a new supply of Juices are secreted into it, and a new Fermentation raised, or between the Juices iflued for Discharge by the Sides of Excrements, almost dry, which Juices will be immediately expanded and raised into Steam, and the small Quantity of Steam which could be issued out of those dry Éxcrements. If there were not The Uses such Stops and Bags in the Stomach and cons and Guts, the Stomach could not retain the Bags in Aliment till it håd digested it, the small the sto

inach and Guts till most of the Fluids were born Guts. off in Steam, the Colon till it had fermens ted the Remainder, a-new, the End-Gut till it had sent off the Humidity, and fes. creted Juices to discharge the Excrements. If there were not such Valves or Stops, which when shut stopped the Steam, no Part could be contracted by an Abatement of the Steam there, because it would be equal in all Parts, nor could the various Operations of each Part be managed aloné, if those Valves did not divide, and keep them in several Parts as they are. When the Steam is spent in one Part, the



Valves can shut, the Juices contract that Part, and discharge for their several Uses, while the Steam iflues from another Part to circulate the Blood. Besides all the Mash would fall to the lowest Parts, and they would be full, and all the upper Parts empty, and the Steam would continually press the Excrements upon the Fundament, and when it opened, make too great Discharges both of Excrements and Steam. Indeed human Bodies, and those which go upright, have more occasion for Stops in their Guts, than those Creatures have which go upon all four, with their Bodies parallel to the Ground.

The Secretion of the Juices into and out of the Glands, the raising, passing and perspiring of the Steam out of the Pores, Lungs, &c. and the Discharge of the Excrements being principal Actions in the Body, let us consider what furthers or hinders them.

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