תמונות בעמוד
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The Nameral Letlers refer t) the book, the Figuris to the Line.

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ARON and Moses, their mission to Egypt, xii. 190.
Abdiel, (a seraph) opposes Satan promoting the angels re-

volt, &c. v. 803. Reply to his answer, v. 877. His fi-
lelity, &c. celebrated, v. 896. Retreat from Satan's party, vi. 1.
Soliloquy on view of him at their head, vi. 114. Speech to him
hereon, vi. 130. Reply to his answer, vi. 171. Encounters
sim in the battle, vi. 189. Vanquilhes Ariel, Arioch, and Ra-
miel, (fallen angels) vi. 369.
bel and Cain, their fory related, xi, 429.
braham's and the patriarchs, xii. 113.

All nations his fons by
faith, xii. 446.
cheron, a river of hell, ii. 570.
dam and Eve defcribed generally, iv. 288. Particularly, iv. 295.
Their state of innocence, iv. 312, 492, 738. V. 211, 303. viii.

See Innocence. Night-orifon, iv. 720. Morning-orison,
v. 153. Preparations to entertain the angel Raphael, v. 313: The
table and entertainment described, v. 391., Their nuptial bed,
iv. 908. Nuptials celebrated, viii. 510. Parting preceding the
temptation, ix. 385. Behaviour after their fall, ix. 1004. Find
themselves naked, ix. 1051. Make themselves breeches of fig-
teaves, ix. 1099. Recriminate on, and reproach each other, ix.
1187. Hide themselves from God (the Son), x 97. Appearance
before binı, X. 109. Repentance, X. 1098. Expulsion from Pa.

radise, xii. 625. See Similes.
Adam, his discourse with Eve on the prohibition of the tree of know-

ledge, iv. 411. To her at night, iv. 610. Answer to her question
about the nightly luminaries, iv. 650. Viewing her sleeping, v. 8.
Answer to her relating her drear, (the fubject of Satan's first il-
lusive temptation), v., 94, To her weeping, v. 129. Invites the an-
gel Raphael to his bower, &c. v.301. Discourse with him, v. 400.
Continued on various subjects, viii. 0:51. See Raphael. His crea-
tion and dominion, &c. over the creatures, ix. 324. Prohibited
the tree of knowledge, vii. 542. viii. 332. Account of himself,
and objects about him, &c. on his creation, viii, 253. Of his first
view of the Divine Presence, installation in Paradise, &c. viii. 311.
Speech to God thereon, and on his folitude there, viii, 357. Re-
ply to God's answer, viii. 379. Sleep on the formation of Eve
described, viii. 451. His first view of her, viii. 481. Passion for
her, viii. 521. Valediction to Raphael, vüi. 644. Discourse with

Ere preceding the temptation (on Satan's fubtlety, and the means
to relift it, &c.) ix. 28;-384. Care and fears for her in absence,
ix. 838. Meets bet returning with the forbidden fruit, ix. 817.
Soliloquy lameuting her transgrellion, ix. 396. Resolves to die
with her, ix. 907. Specch to her thereon, ix. 1921. Eats the for-
bidden fruit, ix. 996. Incites her to carnal fruition (ihe firft ef-
fect of it), ix. 1011, 1016. The place, &c. described, ix. 1037.
After speech to her on their fall and nakedness, ix, 1067. A no-
ther, charging her as the aggrefTor, ix. 1132. Reply to her answer,
(recriminates her affected self-sufficiency, &c.) ix. 1162. Auswer
to God (the Son) calling him to judgınent, x, 115. Reply to him,
(accules Eve), x. 114. "The fentence prononnced on him, x. 197.
Soliloquy thereon, x. 720. Continued, x. 854. Wilhes for kis
dissolution, x. 746, 791. Reflections on the immortality of the
soul, &c. x. 782. Repulsory fpeech to Eve attempting to confolate
him, x. 866. Relents towarıls her, x. 937. Reply to her, (ac-
cusing herself as the first in tranígression), x. 947. Answer, (to
her reply advising to die by their own hands), x 1013. Resolves
the contrary, ffubmillion to God's will, and'repentance), x. 1028.
Specch to Eve, (on the efficacy of prayer, &c.) xi. 149. Hails
her the mother of mankind, xi. 158. Speech to her on the o
mens preceding their expulsion from

aradise, xi. 193.

On the
view of Michael approaching, xi. 220. Behaviour on receiving
the me!sage, xi. 203. Specch' to Michael thereon, xi. 295. Re-
signation, xi. 370. Discourse with Michael, diteovering to him
in vision what Mould happen in the world till the flood, xi. 450
867. Discourse with him, relating what should happen to the
general resurrection, xii. 61-551. General reply to him, (réso-
Intions of future obedience, dependence on God's providence, &c.).

xii. 552. See Eve; Michael, Raphael, Slinilies.
Adonis, a river in Syria, i. 450.
Adramelech and Almadai (fallen angels) wounded and put to fight,
Air first clouded on Adam's fall, *i. 182.
Allusions. Sec Similics.
Amarant, a flower transplanted from Paradife to Heaven, iii. 351,
Ambition cenfured, ii. 432. A cause of Satan's fall,' iv. 86.
Angels (ccleftial) obey God of choice, not necessity, v. 535. Im.

trattled againit Satan and the fallen angels, vi. 15. Their figmal,
and march, vi $. Signal to engage, and eogagement, vi. 2oź.
Prevail, vi. 386. Difpofition to re-engage, vi. $24. Retreat,
vi. 597. Rally again, and renew the fight, vi. 834. Their song
on the creation, vii. 180, 232-5$T, 602. On its diffolution and
renovation, x. 641. Guardians of Paradise, their parade, watch-
es, &c. iv. 778, 782, 851, 977. v. 287. Re-afcent-to heaven on
Adam's fall, X. 17. Appointed to expel Adam, &c. from Paras
dise, xi. 127. Discent there, vii: 208. Poft affignol, viii. 220.
March, poffeffing it, and expelling hini, &c. xü. 627. Sec God
the Father and Son, Similies, Guardians of mankind, ix.' 153.


vi. 365

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Angels (feifen) their after-ftate, i. 50, 339. Numbers, i. 331. v.

Names. i. 374. Various pursuits, &c. ii. 528. Lors fup-
plied by man's creation, iii. 677. Imbattled against the angels
celestial, vi. 99. Engagement, vi. 202. Defeat, vi. 386. Dir
position to re-engage, vi. 507. Their artillery, cannon, &c. vi.
572. Prevail, vi. 594. Entire defeat and expulsion from heaven,
vi. 831~877.: Transformed to serpents, x. 519, Farther pu-
nished, with an illusion of the forbidilen fruit, X, 564. Both an-

nually continued, X. 575. See Satan, Similies.
Apostles, their mission, &c. xii. 439. Gift of the Holy Ghost, xii.

497. Successors (wolves, false teachers, &c.) defcribed, xii. 508.
Argument of the poem, i. 1. ix. 1.
Ariel, Arioch, and Ramiel, (fallen angels) vanquished, vi. 369.
Ark, its building by Noah described, xi. 728. Sce Noah.
Ark of the covenant described, xii. 249.
Aintaroth and Baalim (fallen angels), i. 422.
Aftoreth, or Aftatte, (a fallen angel), i. 438.
Author's hymn on conjugal love, iv. 750. To light, iii. 1. Invo-

cation's, 1. o. iii. 01. vii. 1. xi. 20. Reflection, in prospect of
dani's &c. fall, ii. 380 On Satan's premeditated attempt, iv.

On Eve's parting with Adam preceding it, ix. 404.
their nakedness after the fall, ix. 1114. On his own blindness,

&c. iii. 22.
Azazel, (a fallen ange!) Satan's standard-bearer, i. 534.

Baalim and Afhtaroth (fallen angels), i. 422.
Babel, the city and tower, built toy Niinrod, &c. xii. 98. The con-

fusion of languages there described, xii. 48.
Baptifm, what the lign of, xii. 442.
Baptized, the Holy Ghost given primitively to all fuch, xii. 497.
Battle, &c. between the celestial and fallen angels (God tlie Son

concluding it) described, vi. 202-877. See Angels celestial and

Beafts, part of the fixth day's creation, deferibed, vii. 45 3.
Beelzebub (a fallen angel), i. 79. Described, ii. 299: His answer

to Satan's firft speech after their full, i. 128. 'To his fecond, i.'
272. Speech in council, called by Satan thercon, jl. 310. Pro-

motes an attempt on the world, ii. 345.
Belial (a falleo angel), i. 299. Described, ii. 108. His speech in

council, ii. 119. 'l'o Satan on their advantage gained in the re-
engagement with the celestial angels, vi. 620.
Birds, part of the fifth day's creation, described, vii. 487.
Blafts, an effect of Adam's fall, x. 692.,
Bridge from hell-gates to the world over Chaos, the work, &c. de-
(cribed, X. 293.

Cain and Abel, their story related, xi. 429.
Cham's story, xii. 101.
Chance, the common notion of it exploded. ii. 909.


viii. 50.

Chaos described, ii. 890. vii. 210. Its court, ii. 959. Answer to

Satan's speech there, ii. 939. Bounds doce the angels fall, the
creation, &c. ii. 998 State before it, v. 577. A bridge made
over it from hell-gates to the world, at Adam's fall, x. 282. See

Charity, its praises, &c. xii. 576-587.
Chemos, or Peor, (a fullen angel), i. 406, 412.
Cherubim. . Sce Angels celestial, &c. Similies.
Church, hirclings in it compared to the Devil in Paradise, iv. 192
Cocytus, a river of hell, ii. 579.
Comparisons. See Similies.
Conjugal love, the praises, &c. of it, iv. 750.. Dillinguished from

an amour, iv. 705. Consists in reason, not .paflion, viii. -586.
Defined, viii

. 589. Expressed on the woman's part) in practice,

In words, xii. 615. A reciprocal duty of it, ix. 357.
Conjugal obedience, woman's happiness, &c. iv. 635.
Conjugal union, the reasons and obligations of it, viii. 494. iX.956,

Conscience, God's umpire in man, iii, 194. The terrors of it, iv.

23. x. 842. Laws to force it censured, xii. 515. No infallibi-

lity against it, xii. 529.
Constellations, their appearances, motion, &c. iii. 577.
Creation, the imiversal described, iii. 708. vii. 221.
Creatures animal, in Paradise, described, iv. 340. Have degrees of

knowledge and reason, yüi. 369. Their difcord, an effect of A-
dam's fall, x. 797. Entry of Noah's ark, xi. 733.

Dagon (a fallen angel), i. 457..
Damned, the vicinitudes of their torments described i. 506.
David, his throne why eternal, xii. 320.
Day and night in heaven described, vi. 4.
Death and Šin, their station at hell-gates before Adam's fall, i. 648.

Their union, X. 249. Make a bridge from thence over Chaos to
the world, after it, x. 282. Meet Satan in his return to hell
from thence, X. 326. Their journey thither, and influences, de
fcribed, X. 410. Arrival at Paradise, x. 584. After conduct in

the world, X. 610. See Similies.
Death described, ii, 666. Answer to Satan at hell-gates, ti. 688.
The son of Satan and Sin, ii. 729. Its birth, ii. 777

to Sin on Adam's fall, x, 265. To Sin's fpeech in Paradise, x.

596. See Similies.
Death natural, the causes and variety of it described, xi. 466-493.

More terrible in view than reality, xi. 409. Of the faithful, a

Necp to immortality, xii. 425-434. The gate of life, xii. 575,
Death eternal considered, x. 808.
Deluge universal. See Noah.
Despair, the degrees and colours of it, iv, 108.
Devils, why eternally excluded from grace, iii. 129.
Discord censured, ii. 496. Daughter of Sin, &c. X. 707.


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