The History of English Poetry: From the Close of the Eleventh Century to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century, כרך 2

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Printed for, and sold by J. Dodsley, 1778

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עמוד 286 - Their downy breast ; the swan, with arched neck Between her white wings mantling proudly, rows Her state with oary feet ; yet oft they quit The dank, and rising on stiff pennons tower The mid aerial sky.
עמוד 463 - The study of the classics, together with a colder magic and a tamer mythology, introduced method into composition : and the universal ambition of rivalling those new patterns of excellence, the faultless models of Greece and Rome, produced that bane of invention, IMITATION.
עמוד 209 - It is certain that they had their use, not only in teaching the great truths of scripture to men who could not read the Bible, but in abolishing the barbarous attachment to military games, and the bloody contentions of the tournament, which had so long prevailed as the sole species of popular amusement. Rude and even ridiculous as they were, they softened the manners of the people, by diverting the public attention to spectacles in which the mind was concerned...
עמוד 545 - My coloure is tawny-coloured as a turffe : I am POVERTIE that all men doth hate, I am baytyd with doggys at euery mannys gate : I am raggyd and rent, as ye may se, Full few but they have envy at me. Nowe must I this carcase lyft up, He dyned with DELYTE, with POVERTE he must sup. The stage-direction then is,'Hic accedat atlevandum MAGNIFICF.NCE.
עמוד 518 - I know not if any even among the French poets themselves, of this period, have left a set of more finished sonnets : for they were probably written when Gower was a young man, about the year 1350. Nor had yet any English poet treated the passion of love with equal delicacy...
עמוד 124 - Hebraic(R, &c., 4to. The printer was Wynkyn de Worde, and the author complains, that he was obliged to omit his whole third part, because the printer had no Hebrew types. Some few Hebrew and Arabic characters, however, are introduced ; but extremely rude, and evidently cut in wood. They are the first of the sort made use of in England.
עמוד 493 - God's creatures, and of the daughters of paradise; but even the trees themselves will celebrate the divine praises with a harmony exceeding whatever mortals have heard , to which will be joined the sound of the bells hanging on the trees, which will be put in motion by the wind proceeding from the throne of God, so often as the blessed wish for music...
עמוד 279 - I have been prolix in my citations and explanations of this poem, because I am of opinion, that the imagination of Dunbar is not less suited to satirical than to sublime allegory ; and that he is the first poet who has appeared with any degree of spirit in this way of writing since Pierce Plowman. His THISTLE AND ROSE, and GOLDEN TERGE, are generally and justly mentioned as his capital works; but the natural complexion of his genius is of the moral and didactic cast.
עמוד 51 - ... and we fondly anticipate a long continuance of gentle gales and vernal serenity. But winter returns with redoubled horrors : the clouds...
עמוד 365 - Sometime, we see a cloud that's dragonish, A vapour, sometime, like a bear, or lion, A tower'd citadel, a pendant rock, A forked mountain, or blue promontory With trees upon't, that nod unto the world, And mock our eyes with air: thou hast seen these signs; They are black vesper's pageants.

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