Songs and Verses: Social and Scientific

כריכה קדמית
W. Blackwood, 1868 - 70 עמודים

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עמוד 50 - We may draw it as tight as to break it! Abroad we forbid folks to roam, For fear they get social or frisky; But of course they can sit still at home, And get dismally drunk upon whisky.15...
עמוד 14 - The belief I entertain that my mind exists when it is not feeling, nor thinking, nor conscious of ' its own existence, resolves itself into the belief of a Permanent Possibility of these states.
עמוד 59 - A third way of tying the tether, Which sometimes may happen to suit, Is living a good while together, And getting a married repute. But you who are here as a stranger, And don't mean to stay with us long, Are little exposed to that danger ; So here I may finish my song. Woo'd and married an...
עמוד 37 - Push about the jorum." In ancient days, tradition says, When knowledge much was stinted — When few could teach and fewer preach, And books were not yet printed — What wise men thought, by prudence taught, They pithily expounded ; And proverbs sage, from age to age, In every mouth abounded. O blessings on the men of yore, Who wisdom thus augmented, And left a store of easy lore For human use invented. Two of a trade, 'twas early said, Do very ill agree, sir ; A beggar hates at rich men's gates...
עמוד 15 - His favourite feud with Mind and Matter. We think we see the Things that be ; But Truth is coy, we can't get at her ; For what we spy is all my eye, And isn't really Mind or Matter. Hume and Mill on Mind and Matter Swear that others merely smatter : Sense reveals that Something feels, But tells no tale of Mind or Matter.
עמוד 2 - Alas ! the good lord little knew. As this strange ground he trod, O ! That others would his path pursue, And never name Monboddo ! Such folks should have their tails restored, And thereon feel the rod, O ! For having thus the fame ignored That's due to old Monboddo. Though Darwin now proclaim the law, And spread it far abroad, O ! The man that first the secret saw, Was honest old Monboddo.
עמוד 57 - A wink is as good as a word To get woo'd and married an' a'. If people are drunk or delirious, The marriage of course would be bad ; Or if they're not sober and serious, But acting a play or charade.

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