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Popes or Ecclesiasti-
Bishops of cal & Theo-
Romc, logical Wri-


Remarkable Events,
and Religious Rites Profane

and Institutions. Authors.


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Tertullian. Various Festivals of 17, pubknown au. Priscilla and & Fasts established. Jished his thor of the Maximilla, A distinction form- Rhetoric; Sibullire who were ed between Bishops

at 20, his Oracles. called Mon- and Presbyters, who, book on Irenæus. tanists, Cata- with the Deacons and Ideas; and Polycrates. phryges, and Readers, are the only at 25, is Dionysius of Pepuzians. orders of ecclesiastics said to Corinth.

known in this centu- have forPatenus. The Sethites ry. Quadratus. and Abel. The sign of the that he

ites. cross and anointing had learnAdd to these


ed. several trag- Heracleon. 1 The custom of Justin MarIments of the

praying toward the writings of Bassus. East introduced. Theophilus some of the

of Antioch. principal Colarbasus,

Chrysorus. Heretics

Marcus An. mentioned in Blastus.

toninus. the follow

Harpocra. fing column. Mark.

tion. These frag

Polyænus. ments are Valentini

Athenagocollected by

ras. Cotelerius,

Celsus, the Grabe, &c. Pardesanes.


pher. Hermoge

Julius Solines. Apelles.


Papinian. Praxeas, the chief of the Patropassians, Seleucas, and liermias.





Popes or EcclesiastiSovereign Bishops of cal & TheoPrinces. Rome.

logical Wri

Remarkable Events,
and Religious Rites Profane

and Institutions. Authors.






Roman Em-Zephyrinus The author Adelphius. Sixth persecution Ælius Mau

219 perors.

lunder of the acts Aquilinus.


Severus, in A. D. Callistus 224 of Perpe Manes, the which Leonidas, Ire-Oppian, the Severus 211 Urban 231 tua and chief of næus, Victor, Bishop Poet. Caracalla Pontianus Felicitas. the Mani- of Rome, Perpetua, Quintus Se217 235 Minutius

cheans. Felicitas, and others, Geta 212 Anterus 236 Felix.

Hieras. sufier martyrdom.

SammoniMacrinus Fabiannus

Hippolytus. Noetus. 218

251 Ammonius. Sabellius. Seventh persecu- Julius Afri. Heliogaba- Cornelius

Beryllus. tion under Maximin canus. lus 222

254 Julius Afri- Paul of Sa. VIII. under Decias, in Acolus. Severus A contest be- canus.

musat. which Fabianus, the Dion CasAlexander tween him Origen. Novatians. Roman pontiff, Sabv. sius.

235 and Nova- Cyprian. Patropas- las, Alexander, and Ulpian. Maximin 237 tian. Novatian. sians. others, suffer martyr- Ephorus. Gordian I,II. Lucius 256 Gregory

Arabians. dom.

Censorinus. 237 Stephen 258 Thaum. Cathari.

C. Curius Pupienus Sixtus II.259 Dionysius of Valesians. Eighth persecution FortunaBalbin 238 Dionysius

Alexand. Privatus.

under Valerian, in tus. Gordian III. 270 Pampbilus. A schism be- which those more il- Herodian. 244 Felix

275 Anatolius. tween Ste- lustrious martyrs, Nicagoras. Eutycbianus Arnobius phen and Cyprian, Lucius, Ste- Quadratus. Philip, the

283 Africanus. Cyprian, phen I. Sixtus I. and Amelius. Arabian, Caius Mar. Commodia- concerns Laurentius, suffer for Gentilianus. supposed to cellinus

ing ihe re- their faith. have been 296 Archelaus. baptizing

Erennius. the first

Lucianus, of Here Ninth persecution Dixippus. Christian Hesychius. tics,

under Dioclesian, Cassius LonMethodius.

Maximian, Galerius, ginus. Decius 252


and Maximin, much Julius CapiGallus Volu


more cruel than the tolinus. sianus 253 Malchion.

preceding, and famous Ælius LamPaul of Sa

for the mariyrdom of pridius. Æmilianus


the Theban Legion, Trebellius Valerian 259 Stephen R.

which, however, is a Pollio. Gallienus


very dubious story Porphyry. 268 Eusebius, a

The Jewish Talmud
Claudius II.

deacon of
and Targum compo-

Ælius Spar-

tianus. Quintillus Dionysius R.

The Jews are al270 Pont. lowed to return into M. Aurel.

piscus. Aurelian 275 Basilides,

Palestine. Tacitus 275 bishop of

Olymp. NeFlorianus

Jewish schools erect-



ed at Babylon, Sora, Probus 282 Victorinus. and other places.

a Greek Carus 283 Prudentius.

philosoCarinas 284

Remarkable deaths

pher. Numerianus

of those that perse. Julius Pau

Philostratus. 284

cuted the Christians, lus. Dioclesian

related by Tertullian, Maximian.

Sixtus Pom-
Eusebius, and Lucias

ponius. Herennius.

Modestinus. Many illustrious

Hermogenimen and Roman se.

anus. nators converted to Christianity.

emperor 250

sed in this century. Flavius Vo

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Popes or Ecclesiasti. | Heretics, Remarkable Events, Sovereign Bishops of cal & Theo- real or repu- and Religious Rites Profane Princes Rome.

logical Wri

ted. and Institutions, Authors. ters.

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Roman Em- Marcellinus Lactantius The Mani- The tenth persecu- Ælius Donaperors. 304 Firm. cheans, tion continued.

tus, A. D. Marcellus Lucius Cæ. disguised The Athanasians Servius. Dioclesian &

309 cilius. under the or Orthodox persecu- Helladius. Maximian Eusebius Dorotheus, denomina- ted by Constantius, Andronicus abdicate


bishop of tions of who was an Arian, Nonius. the em- Melchiades


Encratites, and by Valens, who Marcellus. pire in the

313 Eusebius, Apotactics, ordered 80 of their Sext. Aureyear 305 Sylvester bishop of Sacchopbori, deputies, all ecclesi- lius Victor. Galerius 311

335 Cesarea. Hydroparas- astics, to be put on Maximus of Constantius Mark -336 Constantine tates, and board a ship, to which Smyrna,

300 Julius 352 the Great. Solitaries. fire was set as soon as who is supConstantine Liberius 367 Eustathius, Arius, & hissit was got clear of the posed to the Great bishop of followers, coast.

have taught 337 A schism be- Antioch.

who were

The Christians per- the emperor His adversa- tween Li-Commodia- divided secuted by Sapor. Julian maries, Maxberius and

into Eu- The supposed con- gic. imin 313 Felix.

Alexander, nomians, version of Constan- Oribases. Maxentius Damascus bishop of Semiarians. tine the Great, by a Eutropius. 312 384 Alexand.

vision representing a Libanius. Lucinus 325

Juvenchus. Eusebians, fiery cross in the air. Ausonius. Constantine A new Athanasius, Honoious

First general coun- - Pappus, the 338 schism be- bishop of ians, or cil. It was held at famous maConstantius tween this Alexand. Aacacians, Nice in 325. In it thematician.

361 pontiff and Antonius, and Psathy. the opinions of Arius Prudentius. Constans350 Ursinus. who, with rians. were condemned, and Rufus FesJulian, the Syricus 398 Paul the Photinus, the popes declared

tus. Apostate

hermit, Apollinaris equal in dignity with Avienus. 363

was the

us, Father other Christian bi. Themistius. Jovian 364 first insti. and Son. shops.

Flavius VeValentinian

tutor of Macedonius.

À second general getius. 375

the mos Anthropo- council is held in the Hierocles. Valens 378

nastic life. morphites, year 381, at Constan. Julian. Gratian 383

Priscillian, tinople, in which the Ammianus Valentinian

Marcellus, Andeus, errors of Macedonius Marcellinus. II. 392 bishop of Messalians, are condemned.

Symmachus. Tbeodosius

Ancyra. or Eucbites. Remarkable pro-Lactantius. the Great

Theodore, Collyridi- gress of the Christian Jamblichus. 395 bishop of

religion among the Ælius LamThe division

Heraclea. Eustathian3. Indians, Goths, Mar. pridius. of the Ro

Jalius, bi- Colluthus. comanni, & Iberians. Eusebius of man Em

Helvidius. The famous dona- Cesarea. pire into

Rome. Bonosus. tion of Constantine Jul. Firmithe East. Jul. Firm. (Vigilantius. in favour of the Ro

cus MaMaternus. Three man See-a mere fa- terous. Western Pachomius. scbisms or ble.

Chalcidius. Empires.

Eusebius, the Mele- The miraculous de- Pomponius.

bishop of tians, Lu- feat of Eugenius by Festus. The Visi Emessa. ciferians, Theodosius.

Quintus Serapion. and Duna- Julian's attempt to

Curtius. tle in Gaul Cyril, bishop tists.

invalidate the predic- Macrobius. and Spain

of Jerusa

tions of the prophets, about the


by encouraging the latter end Hilarius, bio

Jews to rebuild the of this

shop of

temple of Jerusalem, century.

Poictiers, 1

defeated by an earthquake and fiery erup


shop of

ern and

goths set

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