The Yale Literary Magazine, כרך 46

כריכה קדמית
Yale Literary Society, 1881

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עמוד 292 - I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty; I woke, and found that life was duty. Was thy dream then a shadowy lie? Toil on, sad heart, courageously, And thou shalt find thy dream to be A noonday light and truth to thee...
עמוד 69 - He spake of love, such love as Spirits feel In worlds whose course is equable and pure ; No fears to beat away — no strife to heal — The past unsighed for, and the future sure...
עמוד 367 - I have not forgotten that if the safety of this Union required the detention of the captured persons, it would be the right and duty of this Government to detain them. But the effectual check and waning proportions of the existing insurrection, as well as the comparative unimportance of the captured persons themselves, when dispassionately weighed, happily forbid me from resorting to that defence.
עמוד 100 - High instincts before which our mortal Nature Did tremble like a guilty Thing surprised: But for those first affections, Those shadowy recollections, Which, be they what they may, Are yet the fountain light of all our day, Are yet a master light of all our seeing...
עמוד 282 - I live in an inverted order. They who ought to have succeeded me have gone before me.' They who should have been to me as posterity are in the place of ancestors.
עמוד 211 - Finally, it is impossible not to be struck with the resemblance between the foregoing movements of plants and many of the actions performed unconsciously by the lower animals. With plants an astonishingly small stimulus suffices ; and even with allied plants one may be highly sensitive to the slightest continued pressure, and another highly sensitive to a slight momentary touch. The habit of moving at certain periods is inherited both by plants and animals ; and several...
עמוד 74 - He is a gentleman that is very singular in his behaviour, but his singularities proceed from his good sense and are contradictions to the manners of the world only as he thinks the world is in the wrong.
עמוד 169 - The author is at home in his subject, and presents his views in an almost singularly clear and satisfactory manner. . . . The volume is a valuable contribution to one of the most difficult, and at the same time one of the most important subjects of investigation at the present day.
עמוד 167 - ... every increase of capital gives or is capable of giving additional employment to industry...
עמוד 183 - They glide, like phantoms, into the wide hall ! Like phantoms to the iron porch they glide, Where lay the Porter, in uneasy sprawl, With a huge empty...

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