The Life of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury

כריכה קדמית
Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, 1830 - 171 עמודים

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עמוד 144 - I had no sooner spoken these words, but a loud, though yet gentle noise came from the heavens (for it was like nothing on earth), which did so comfort and cheer me that I took my petition as granted, and that I had the sign I demanded, whereupon, also, I resolved to print my book.
עמוד 22 - Latin tongue, and all divine and human literature. His life was most holy and exemplary, insomuch that about Salisbury, where he lived beneficed for many years, he was little less than sainted. He was not exempt from passion and choler, being infirmities to which all our race is subject, but, that excepted, without reproach in his actions.
עמוד 48 - A good rider on a good horse is as much above himself and others as the world can make him.
עמוד 80 - ... down backwards on his head. One of my footmen hereupon, who was a little Shropshire boy, freed my foot out of the stirrup; the other, which was a great fellow, having run away as soon as he saw the first assault. This gave me time to get upon my legs, and to put myself in the best posture I could with that poor remnant of a weapon.
עמוד 78 - Isaac the painter in Blackfriars, and desired him to draw it in little after his manner; which being done, she caused it to be set in gold and enamelled, and so wore it about her neck so low that she hid it under her breasts...
עמוד 93 - ... think me a factious person; I thought fit to tell him that I conceived the points agreed upon on both sides are greater bonds of amity betwixt us, than that the points disagreed on could break them ; that for my part I loved everybody that was of a pious and virtuous life, and thought the errors on what side soever, were more worthy pity than hate...
עמוד 78 - And now in court a great person sent for me divers times to attend her, which summons though I obeyed, yet God knoweth I declined coming to her as much as conveniently I could, without incurring her displeasure ; and this I did not only for very honest reasons, but, to speak ingenuously, because that affection passed betwixt me and another lady (who I believe was the fairest of her time) as nothing could divert it.
עמוד 124 - ... was found to be in my breath above others, before I used to take tobacco, which towards my latter time I was forced to take against certain rheums and catarrhs that trouble me, which yet did not taint my breath for any long time...
עמוד 152 - strange, that the writing a man's life should in general make the biographer become enamoured of his subject, whereas one should think that the nicer disquisition one makes into the life of any man, the less reason one should find to love or admire him.
עמוד 139 - Paris, without that any body did know his person, but a maid that had sold linen heretofore in London, who seeing him pass by, said, " Certainly this is the prince of Wales," but withal suffered him to hold his way, and presumed not to follow him : the next day after, they took post horses, and held their way towards Bayone, a city frontier to Spain.

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