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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1901
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Total registered enrolled and licensed sail vessels wood and iron or steel and steam vessels wood and iron or steel on June 30 1901
Balance sheet showing increase and decrease of registered enrolled and licensed vessels for trie fiscal year ended June 30 1901
Balance sheet showing class of increase and decrease of all vessels for the fiscal year ended June 30 1901
10a Documented canal boats and barges by years from 1868
Sail and steam vessels canal boats and barges by customs districts and States on June 301901
Summary of Table 11 by States
Classification of sail and steam vessels by size bv customs districts and States on June 30 1901
Vessels in cod and mackerel fisheries on June 30 1901
Vessels in whale fisheries on June 30 1901
Vessels in foreign coasting and fishing trades by years from 1789
Sail and steam vessels canal boats and barges by customs districts and States built in year ended June 30 1901
Summary of Table 18 by States
Summary of Table 20
River lake and ocean steamers bv customs districts and States built in year ended June 30 1901
Summary of Table 22
Tonnage built annually in New England on the seaboard Western rivers and Great Lakes by years from 1857
Comparison of construction for 1900 and 1901
Sail and steam vessels built by years from 1797
28a Sail and steam iron vessels built by years from 1834
Vessels built captured admitted to registry by acts of Congress lost abandoned and sold to aliens since 1812
Yachts documented on June 301901
Yachts documented built in year ended June 30 1901
Yachts lost abandoned and sold to aliens during year ended June 301901

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עמוד 421 - An Act to abolish certain fees for official services to American vessels, and to amend the laws relating to shipping commissioners, seamen, and owners of vessels, and for other purposes...
עמוד 421 - That it shall be, and is hereby, made unlawful in any case to pay any seaman wages in advance of the time when he has actually earned the same, or to pay such advance wages, or to make any order, or note, or other evidence of indebtedness...
עמוד 36 - Such Person shall be deemed to have committed an offence against this Act, and the following Consequences shall ensue : 1. The Offender shall be punishable by Fine and Imprisonment, or either of such punishments, at the discretion of the Court before which the Offender is convicted ; and Imprisonment, if awarded, may be either with or without Hard Labour ; 2. The Ship in respect of which any such Offence is committed and her Equipment shall be forfeited to Her Majesty...
עמוד 111 - And the said crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, and sober manner, and to be at all times diligent in their respective duties, and to be obedient to the lawful commands of the said master, or of any person who shall lawfully succeed him, and of their superior officers in everything relating to the vessel, and the stores and cargo thereof, whether on board, in boats, or on shore...
עמוד 426 - An Act to remove certain burdens on the American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign carrying trade, and for other purposes,
עמוד 244 - No member of or delegate to Congress or resident commissioner, shall be admitted to any share or part of this Agreement, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom; but this provision shall not be construed to extend to this Agreement if made with a corporation for its general benefit.
עמוד 427 - States, as to vessels of the United States, and any master, owner, consignee, or agent of any foreign vessel who has violated its provisions shall be liable to the same penalty that the master, owner, or agent of a vessel of the United States would be for similar violation.
עמוד 421 - The payment of such advance wages or remuneration shall in no case, except as herein provided, absolve the vessel, or the master or owner thereof, from full payment of wages after the same shall have been actually earned, and shall be no defense to a libel, suit, or action for the recovery of such wages...
עמוד 67 - Newfoundland ; and a duty of six cents per ton, not to exceed thirty cents per ton per annum, is hereby imposed at each entry upon all vessels which shall be entered in the United States from any other foreign ports, not, however, to include vessels in distress or not engaged in trade.
עמוד 462 - ... breadths ; measure also the mean length of the space between the foremost and aftermost bulkheads or limits of its length, excluding such parts (if any) as are not actually occupied by or required for the proper working of the machinery ; multiply together these three dimensions of length, breadth and depth...

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