Keeping Heads Above Water: Salvadorean Refugees in Costa Rica

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McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP, 12 במרץ 1993 - 159 עמודים
Basok rejects the theoretical models traditionally used in development studies for analysing the non-capitalist forms of production in the capitalist economy, arguing that these theoretical models place too much emphasis on external aspects of production. Instead, she proposes that internal aspects such as technology, labour relations, and organization of production need to be examined to allow an understanding of how informal petty commodity producers survive competition with capitalist enterprises. In her research with members of small urban enterprises -- including shoemakers, bakeries, carpentry shops, street vendors, seamstresses and tailors, and market and handicraft shops -- she demonstrates that these enterprises can be viable when their production is organized in such a way that they become resistant to competition with the capitalist sector.

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Why a Refugee Movement?
Social Integration of Salvadoreans
Types of Assistance
Durable Solution and Local Settlement Urban
Relations with the Capitalist Sector
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