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State of Portugal at Madrid, in which Office and Court he died.

What his Miscarriages were in Spain, whereby he is said to have forfeited his Glory, I have not been able to learn; but whatever they were, one -would think that the violating of a solemn Agreement openly, within a Week after it was made, and the ordering a Fort belonging to a Prince, that was in Peace with them, to be treacherously demolished, and the dispersing of notorious Falshoods only to serve a turn, ought to be no very good title to Saintship. But the Arch-Bishop, if he could have had hands to have executed it, had served the King of Travancor a much worse trick than this, when he was upon his Visitation that was after the Synod. We are told of a lively thing spoke by a Portugueze Captain, that was very brave, but had scarce Bread to eat, who, in this Siege, having seven of his Teeth struck out with a Musquet-Bullet, after he had wiped his Mouth said, “The Mahometan had done him no Injury, and had known doubtless he had no need of Teeth. But to return to the Story.

The Arch-Bishop, after having sent this false News about, and having sent to the Queen of Changanate, to let her know, that he should not be able to meet her according to his Promise, . until he returned ; Sailed in great hast to Cochim, to conferr with the Captain-General, and to consult whether it would not be convenient to make an absolute Peace with the Samorim, and the rather because he had been so true to his


Word, in carrying on the Siege of Cunahle. It was agreed on all hands that such a Peace would be convenient at that time; however, they would not venture to conclude it before they had the Viceroy's Opinion of it, to whom they sent the Project.

The Arch-Bishop, after he had dispatched this business, Sailed to Molandurte, a great place of Christians, where he was received very kindly, which kindness of theirs is said to have cost them dear; for the King of Cochim, to whom Molandurte belongs , being grown extreamly jealous that the Arch-Bishop, under a pretence of reducing the Christians of St. Thomas to the obedience of the Roman Church, designed to bring them under the obedience of the Crown of Portugal, as it is plain he did from the 24th Decree of the last Adion of the following Synod, for this very reason laid a great Tribute upon them,

, which they have not been able to this day to shake off ; and furthermore Commanded them, upon pain of Death, to repair to Angamale to their Arch- Deacon, who being there, and having heard, it's like, of the Arch-Bishop's having violated their Agreement within less than a Week after it was made, begun to thunder out Excommunications against him, writing to all his Churches to have nothing more to do with him, and to all the Princes of Malabar, to have a care of him as a Person that had ill designs upon their Subjects.

While the Areh-Bishop was at Molandurte, where he confirmed and exercised all Episcopal Acts, he received Letters from the Viceroy approving his Project of Peace with the Samorim, and deliring him to return to Vaipim to Sign it, which he did in great haste, as did the Governour and Bishop of Cochim also, who both met him there.

This Peace was much promoted on the Samorim side by his Nephew and first Minister Uniare Cherare, who, notwithstanding he had been privately Christned by Father Roz, had leave to continue to Profess himself a Heathen still,the better to enable him to serve the Portuguezes, which he did effe&tually, both by communicating to them daily all the Secrets of his Uncles Cabinet-Council, whereof he was President, and by disposing him to have a good opinion of the Portuguezes; which was what he would not have been in a capacity to have done, but would have been immediately disgraced, and turned out of all, had he discovered himself to have been a Christian so soon as he was Baptized. And as for the Arch-Bishop, we find he was so far from condemning either the Prince or the Jesuite for this scandalous dissimulation, that after the. Celebration of the Synod he confirmed and anointed the Prince therein, by giving him the Sacrament of Chrism or Confirmation, with the fame Secresie, and the same Dispensation as the Jesuite had given him that of Baptism.


After he had dispatched the Peace, Signed to the Captain-General, he set Sail for Diamper, the ancient Seat of several of the Bishops of the Serra, where meeting with several that had a mind to take Orders, there having been no Ordination in the Bishoprick for two Years, he gave

notice that he intended to conferr Orders on the Saturday before the Fifth Sunday in Lent.

He writ also to the Arch-Deacon to come and affist at the Solemnity ; the Arch-Deacon was much concerned at the news, and writ him back word,- That this was contrary to the late Agreement they had made together, and that his doing of it would put an end to the Affair of the Synod, which he seemed to desire so much, since the principal point that was to be debated therein was, Whether he was their Pulate or no : But the Arch Bishop fanfying that the Arch-Deacon talked of a Synod only to amuse him and gain time, writ him word, that nothing should hinder him from Conferring Orders at the time appointed; and not only so, but that he would exercise all other Ads of Episcopal Jurisdiction, in obedience to the Pope's Briefs, to whom all the Churches of the Worid were subject. The Arch-Deacon finding he was absolutely determined to Ordain, desired him, since he was resolved to do't right or wrong, to Ordain none but Latins, for so they called not only the Portuguezes, but all the Málavars, who were bred up under the Jesuites. The Arch-Bishop sent him word again, that he



would Ordain both Latins and Chaldæans, it being his business to destroy that distinction by bringing all Christians under one head. Upon this the Arch-Deacon finding nothing else would do, ordered an Edict to be published in all the Churches of the Diocess, prohibiting all Christians, upon pain of Excommunication, latæ sententie, to receive any Orders from bim, with which he sent another Instrument, commanding all Priests and Christian People not to suffer him to come into any of their Churches, as also not to be present at any of his Maffes or Sermons.

The Arch-Bishop had Preached two days following, and had confirmed a great many before these Instruments had reached Diamper ; but after they came once to be published, they put a full stop to what went on lo currently before : The oldest Caçanar of the Church requiring the ArchBishop, upon the receipt of them, to leave the place, and not to offer to fet his Foot in their Church any more, nor to Confirm any Body, which among them, who anointed Children on the Head when they were Baptized, was an unnecessary Ceremony.

Notwithstanding this, the Arch-Bishop continued still a Preaching, and when the day appointed for the Ordination was come, Ordained 37 on it, having first obliged them to subscribe the Faith of Pius IV. and to swear obedience to the Pope. After this Solemnity was over, the Arch-Bishop determined to pass the Holy Week, and Easter at Carturte, a considerable Town of

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