The Tenth Cow

כריכה קדמית
Marwan, 2008 - 408 עמודים
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Dr. Ohrenspan is no ordinary man. Bluntly put, he is something of a freak. His features resemble those of a Neanderthal; his body is hairy and his walk plodding. He has suffered a lifetime of unkind stares and ridicule. In short, his existence has been a quiet hell. But with an IQ of 200 he is also somewhat of a dichotomy.

Ohrenspan's origin is a well-guarded secret. The fact that he is the result of genetic experiments performed by the infamous Nazi doctor Johannes Strengele, is known only to a few close confidants like Dr. Chipmonk and Colonel Hal Hilmer.

Ever since his escape from Strengele's clandestine laboratories in the hinterland of Uruguay as a young lad, Ohrenspan has had an overwhelming urge to one day return and tear his evil maker limb from limb.

That day has come. With the aid of Dr. Chipmonk, Ohrenspan has completed the construction of Aquaria, a sub-oceanic city state off the coast of South America. The two scientists populated Aquaria with their own creations, a new species of pseudo-humans, having both lungs and gills, which allows them to live in water, as well as on land.

Ohrenspan's invasion of Strengele's stronghold with an Aquarian army is imminent. Nothing but Strengele's death at his own hairy hands will suffice.

But even the best laid plans often run afoul of bizarre events. When he finally faces his nemesis, he is shocked to realize that he has come full circle with the monster buried deep within his genetic stew. Now, a hell of a different kind takes

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I liked this view from the intersection of Judaism and Evangelicalism. The braiding of the private mess of the life of the narrator, and the political-religious mess of rebuilding of the Temple makes the story taste of life. קרא סקירה מלאה

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