Striving for Perfection, Developing Professional Black Officers

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Striving For Perfection: Developing Professional Black Officers, targets today's Black military Company Grade officers and introduces success strategies that will fulfill learning deficits not covered in pre-commissioning training. Lets face it, life for Black men and women living in America is different than that of many of your White peers. The greatest difference is, the past of our people. Black people alone are the only people that were brought to America for the purpose of servitude, and subjected to harsh treatment and denied normal equalities that were commonplace for Whites. It is vital to learn how to tap into this resource, the strength of our past and allowing their accomplishments to serve as a catalyst to empower you to action by encouraging you by the tremendous achievement in spite of overcoming what most would call insurmountable odds. Learning your past will change the way you think about current events, and critical issues facing today's leaders, to include examples on how to move ahead. Many of our officers are either first or second generation college graduates, and still refining professionalism and creating a legacy of success for your family. Your White peers on the other-hand may have four or more generations of college graduates and may come from a legacy of professional military officers dating back to the Civil War, if not further. This book does not pit Blacks against Whites by addressing our differences, but tends to suggest and focus on our commonalities and similarities. One of the greatest assets America has is our diversity, and it is time to start developing strategies to build on this important trait. It is okay to be racially different, but what themilitary needs is professional officers that can find strength in our differences and use these differences for our collective improvement. The world is much more complicated and intellectually dynamic than when our ancestors lived, and if we are going to be prepared to face the many challenges that will confront us, we must learn how to tap into our past and use this knowledge to gain the advantages required of all military officers.

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Where Weve Been
Upon Whos Shoulders Are You Standing?
Reaching Your Peak Performance
Striving For Perfection
What They Really Think About You
Saving Up For Tomorrow
Dealing With Difficult Supervisors
Chapter 8 A Journey Not A Destination
It Takes A Village
Pushing Forward From Behind
Appendix A Chronological Summary Of American History Highlighting African Americans
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