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Their object is only to inspire dif- constitution prescribes and the fidence as to my pure intentions, Cortes desires. The want of and on the rectitude of my con- firmness and the Jittle activity of duct. I have sworn to the con- many of the authorities have given stitution, and I have always en- room to the renewal of such exdeavoured to observe it, as much cesses; and should they continue, as depends on me. Would to it will not be astonishing if the God that every one did the same! Spanish nation finds itself enveThe outrages and the acts of loped in numberless evils and misirreverence of all sorts committed fortunes. towards my dignity, in contempt “ I am confident that it will not of what order and respect for be so, if the Cortes, as I must my person ought to exact as a hope, unites intimately with their constitutional king, have been constitutional king, occupying published.

themselves without relaxation to “ I have no fears for my life or destroy abuses, to combine opimy safety ; God who reads my nion, and to repress the machiheart, watches both, and will pre- nations of ill-disposed persons serve them, as will also the ma. who wish only for disunion and jority and the sound part of the anarchy. nation. But I ought not to with. “Let, then, the legislative hold to-day from the Congress, as powers co-operate with me in what principally charged with presery- promise to do in the face of the ing the inviolability that it wishes nation, viz. to consolidate the systo be observed towards its con- tem which it has wished, and has stitutional king, that these insults acquired, for its good, and perfect would not have been repeated if happiness. the executive power had dis- (Signed) “FERDINAND." played all the energy which the

Speech of the King of Spain at the prorogation of the Corles, and

the Reply of the President. “Gentlemen Deputies;--I have term which our fundamental law once more the satisfaction of pre- admits, considering it conducive senting myself in this Congress, to the public good as it has proved which, full of knowledge, of to be. patriotism, and virtues, has given “ In effect, the new organizain the present session new proofs tion of the army, so well adapted of its constant care for the pub. to the true end of its institution, lic welfare. Its efforts to conclude is the work of the Congress. The and perfect our political regenera- decree on public instruction, tion, have been, if possible, be- divided into different classes, from yond my hopes, and the nation the first letters to the highest will be eternally indebted to it for sciences, will diffuse information the great and numerous measures and useful knowledge throughout which it has taken in the short all classes of the state; the space of its sittings, of which I decree for the reduction of eithes, proposed the prolongation for the by which, while the necessary en.


dowment of the clergy is pre- “ The treaty with the United served, the labourer is consider. States, which terminates our difably relieved thus encouraging ferences with that government, agriculture, an inexhaustible and includes the cession of the source of our wealth; and, in Floridas, has been ratified by the fine, the system of finance, which, president, and the ratifications soppressing burdensome and use. have been exchanged the 22nd of less taxes, or means of raising last February. I Hatter myself that money, has fixed public revenues in consequence of this treaty, and by preserving among the esta- of the settlement of our boundaries, blished contributions such as are which is to be effected by a mixed less liable to abuse, and establish- commission, our relations with ing new ones conformable to the the United States will hereafter principles of the political constic experience no alteration, tution of the monarchy, and

The firmness of my governadopted with success by the most ment and the generous and active civilized nations—all these ob- co-operation of his majesty the jects are alike the work of the king of the Netherlands, place for Congress.

the present our commerce in “ I offer to the Cortes the ex- safety from all hostilities on the pression of all my gratitude, for part of the Regency of Algiers. ihe zeal and wisdom that they • In consequence of the new have displayed in adopting mea- order of things, generously and sures of ihe highest importance to spontaneously adopted by the the state. The government will king of the united kingdom of not neglect any means for ensur- Portugal and Brazil, his most ing their execution, as effectually faithful majesty has taken the reas its own dignity and the stability solution of returning to Lisbon of the constitutional system, with his royal family, and leaving which I will cause scrupulously at Rio Janeiro the hereditary to be observed, requires.

prince, in the quality of viceroy. “ I also thank the Congress for I shall profit by the return of his the generosity with which it has most faithful majesty to resume provided for the wants and the the long-suspended negotiations dignity of my royal household and relatively to the occupation of my family, as well as for the Monte Video and the eastern authorization granted to the bank of the Rio de la Plata. government, to have means for “ I have made know to the covering the more urgent public Cortes my sentiments on the subexpenses.

ject of the events in Naples and « Our relations of good under- Piedmont-events to which some standing and friendship with other malevolent persons wished to give, powers have experienced no as regards Spain, an importance change since the opening of the which they could in no way possession ; and I will endeavour to preserve them by all the means «« The interior of the kingdom which are in my power, and enjoys tranquillity; the only band which may be consistent with the of factious men, which has existed dignity of the heroic nation which in small numbers, has been disI am proud of ruling.

persed and defeated by means of


the energetic dispositions of the “ If, as I doubt not, the next government and the zeal of our Cortes imitate the noble example troops. It is to be hoped that its of the present, in their respect, ill success, and the amelioration their attachment to the throne, of the public spirit, will cause en- and their love to the country, I terprises so mad to be hencefor. shall promptly have the satisfacward abandoned, impotent as they tion to see consolidated, in all are to impede the majestic pro. these points, the system which gress of our system.

is the principal object of my “ Agriculture, industry, arts, wishes." and sciences already experience The President of the Cortes rethe ameliorations which they owe plied to the King in the following to our constitutional system. All terms: these sources of public prosperity • The Cortes have this day the will be further improved as soon satisfaction, for the third time of as they experience the effects of seeing your majesty in the midst the decrees passed for their en. of them, exercising one of the couragement. But this is not the most important functions which affair of a day; the seed which is the fundamental law attributes thrown in the earth does not pro- to the august dignity of your duce its effect in an instant. Com- majesty. They terminate the premerce will prosper in proportion; sent session of the legislature, in and especially when, thanks to receiving the most flattering rethe aid which the Cortes shall be compense of their labours, by the able to give it, the Spanish nation approbation which your majesty shall have for its protection such has been pleased to confer upon a navy as it ought to have. them.

“I have seen with not less satis. “ Sire, the circumstances in faction that the Cortes have turned which the Cortes were placed at their eyes towards the administra. the commencement of the session into of justice, which they have were difficult and complicated. strengthened by measures taken The political situation of some to this end.

of the states of Europe might “I shall spare no effort to ob- have led them to fear that the tain the re-establishment of order dignity and tranquillity of the in the provinces beyond sea; and nation might have been put to my government, urged by the hazard; the firmness wherewith Cortes to take the measures which your majesty's government deit may deem suitable for their hap- manded of certain foreign governpiness, taking into consideration ments the explanations necessary the state of those countries, will to save both the one and the obey the call with that prompti. other, procured the double adtude and generosity which cha- vantage of our seeing clearly racterise it. The Spaniards of recognized by those cabinets both hemispheres must be con- the justice and legitimacy of our vinced, that I desire nothing so political revolution, and of manimuch as their happiness, founded festing the respect and consideraon the integrity of the monarchy tion which they entertain for your and an observance of the consti- majesty as well as for the Spanish tution.

pation. This firmness has also shown how vain and illusory were moment of delirium, and in imi. the hopes of some silly individuals tation of others who will ever be who relied for the success of their stigmatised as the disgrace of a criminal enterprises upon foreign free and civilized community. intervention.

“ But if the consolidation of the The Cortes have seen them- constitutional system, and the selves forced, by the obstinacy of concoction of the laws necessary a few factious persons, to adopt to restrain the audacity of its enelaws calculated to give your ma- mies, have principally fixed the jesty's government the means of attention of the Cortes, they repressing their audacity, and of have occupied themselves, with securing the public tranquillity. the same ardour, with all the But if the justifiable anxiety that other objects which belong to the this chastisement should be ac- public administration. The forcomplished by legal means, and mation of the codes of our jurisnot by popular effervescence, has prudence, that of an economical placed the Cortes under the pain- system, the organization of the Tul necessity of adopting measures clergy and militia, the establishof severity, they, at the same ment of a wise and uniform systime, manifested their readiness to tem of public instruction, the comply with your majesty's bene diminution of the tithes, and ficent intentions, by prescribing other burdens falling exclusively regulations rendering the execu- upon agriculture, the encouragetion of those measures less rigor- ment of our nascent industry, ous, and by proclaiming amnes- the prompt extinction of the ties in favour of individuals, who, national debt, the examination of by a prompt and sincere repent- the general budgets of the national ance, might prove that it was income and expenditure, and error, and not studied criminality, finally, the organization of all the which had drawn them under the branches constituting the political colours of the enemies of the machine of the state, have conconstitutional system and of your stantly occupied the attention majesty's throne.

of the Cortes, and excited among * The Cortes, in thus combin- them the noble ambition of leaving severity with clemency, con- ing behind them, as the aggregate ceived that these two legislative of their labours, a great and useattributes should never be so pro- fulmonument, worthy of the lights minently manifested as at the of the age, and of the wants of period when, by the effect of re- nations. forms dictated by justice and “ In the midst of objects so imthe public interest, a multitude portant, the Cortes, whose session of passions—some engendered by is limited by the constitution, beignorance or misguided opinion, held, though your majesty's fore. others springing from the per- sight had prolonged the term, verseness of the human heart their labours about to terminate have burst forth in a manner without the complete accomplishequally criminal. A time will ment of their purpose. They were come when these persons, better leaving unattained several importadvised, will detest the unjust ant objects recommended to their cause which they embraced in a care. They were leaving the vessel of the state tossed between the be none but those who are the hope of seeing her future destiny enemies of your majesty's person secured, and the fear of seeing new and throne. pilots make her take an opposite

" In the confidence that your direction.

majesty's government will con“Your majesty, participating tinue to give unequivocal proofs of in these fears, has thought proper energy and zeal, in the punctual to announce to us the convocation observance and maintenance of of the extraordinary Cortes; and the constitutional system, and in thus manifesting your ardent wish the execution of the decrees of to see all the parts of the con- the legislature, the deputies of stitutional system consolidated, the pation enjoy by anticipation your majesty acquires fresh claims the flattering prospect of the beto the gratitude of the nation, nefits which must result thereand the veneration of all your sub- from. When your majesty's voice jects.

shall anew assemble them in this “ Thanks be unto you, sire, for august edifice, they will meet this resolution, by which, identi- with the same zeal to devote fying your wishes with those of themselves to the discussion of your people, your majesty shows such affairs as your majesty, in how much you merit that glorious the exercise of your constitu. name, which not vile flattery, but tional prerogative, may think prothe national gratitude has en- per to submit to them; and when graven upon your throne. The the term of their powers shall Cortes rejoice with your majesty have expired, they will return to in a measure, the mere announce- their respective homes, where ment of which restores tranquillity they will ever approve themselves to those who feel an interest in models of attachment and rethe glory of the country, and in spect towards the august person the establishment of those laws and family of your majesty, as which will at once secure her they have been models of firmness future prosperity, and impose and constancy in defence of the silence on the enemies of our con- liberties of the nation and the prestitution, among whom there can rogatives of your majesty's throne."

LETTER of GENERAL MORILLO, in justification of his Conduct

at MADRID, on the Night of the 20th August, 1821. “ It is painful for a citizen who within these three days, it would fulfils his duties, and for a mili- appear either that great crimes tary man, full of honour, who have stained the memory of gehas often faced death in the field neral Morillo, or that the authors of battle, to appear criminal in of these infamous reports have the eyes of the public, and to see forgotten the principles of justice his opinion attacked in the most which distinguish the Spanish cruel and afflicting manner. In

"In the night of the 20th infuriated populace, and the instant, I received several reports threats of blood and proscription from an officer stationed at one of which I have been the object of the posts of this capital, whe

listening to the clamourse of an people.

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