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Rodeur reached Guadaloupe on returned to Havre, was refitted the 21st of June, 1819, her crew by the same owners, and disbeing in a most deplorable con- patched early in the last year on dition. Three days after her a second slave voyage; and the arrival, the only man who, during command of her has been given the voyage, had withstood the to the same captain who had her influence of the contagion, was in charge on the former voyage ! seized with the same malady: In 1820 the French slave-trade Of the negroes, thirty-nine had had swelled to a more enormous become perfectly blind, twelve extent than at any former period. had lost an eye, and fourteen During the first six or seven were affected with blemishes more months of that year the coast of or less considerable. Of the Africa is described as having accrew, twelve lost their sight en- tually swarmed with French slave tirely, among whom was the sur- ships. The French flag is eagerly geon ; five became blind of one sought after, not only by Spaeye, one of them being the cap- niards, but by Americans and tain; and four were partially Portuguese, in order to protect injured.

their criminal traffic, it being the It is stated, among other things, opprobrious distinction of France, that the captain caused several of that her flag alone can now be the negroes who were prevented safely resorted to for the prolecin the attempt to throw them- tion of slave ships to the northselves overboard, to be shot and ward of the equator. hung, in the hope that the exam- On the 4th of March, 1820, ple might deter the rest from a after a long chase, a vessel was similar conduct. But even this boarded by the boats of his maseverity proved unavailing, and it jesty's ship Tartar, commanded became necessary to confine the by Sir George Collier, which slaves entirely to the hold during proved to be la Jeune Estelle, of the remainder of the voyage. It Martinique, M. master. is further stated, that upwards of On being boarded he declared thirty of the slaves who became he had been plundered of his blind were thrown into the sea slaves, and that none remained and drowned, upon the principle on-board. His agitation and that, had they been landed at alarm however excited suspicion, Guadaloupe, no one would have and led to an examination of the bought them, and that the pro- vessel's hold. During this exaprietors would consequently have mination a sailor, wlio struck a incurred the expense of main- cask which was tightly closed up, taining them, without the chance heard a faint voice issue from it, of any return!

as of a creature expiring. The The Rodeur having afterwards cask was immediately opened,

when two girls of about twelve or the Rodeur ; but the seamen of this fourteen years of age, in the last vessel could not either quit her to go stage of suffocation, were found on-board the Leon, on account of the to be inclosed in it, and by this cargo of negroes, nor receive the crew

were of the Leon on board the Rodeur, in providential interposition which there was scarcely room for probably rescued from a misera. themselves.

ble death. Sir George Collier,

conceiving that other slaves West Indies. By these means, might still be secreted, ordered the whole of that noble river, a fresh search. The result was, which would otherwise be enthat a negro man was rescued tirely free from this traffic, is from death. A platform of loose from one end to the other of its boards had been raised on the navigable course, exceeding water-casks of the vessel, so as 1,000 miles, made the scene of to form an entre-pont, or be the atrocities of the slave trade; tween-decks, of twenty-three and thus, not only is the progress inches in height, which was the of civilization and improvement only space allotted for the ac- in that fertile region retarded, commodation of this unfortunate and the natives prevented from cargo of human beings. Beneath pursuing a course of peaceful inthis platform, one of the boards dustry, and beneficial intercourse, resting on his body, jammed be. but wars are excited amongst tween two water-casks, appeared them, and the surrounding disthe above wretched individual, tricts are involved in depredation whom it was a matter of astonish: and blood. ment to find alive.

Enough has been said to show It was recollected with horror the enormous extent to which the by the officers of the Tartar, slave-trade is carried on under that, when they first began the the French flag, not only from chase of La Jeune Estelle, they Senegal and Goree, but along had seen several casks floating the whole extent of the African past them, in which they now coast, for the supply of the colosuspected that these wretched nies both of France and of other beings might have been enclosed, powers. If it were necessary, having been thrown overboard to this point might be further proved elude the detection of his pro- by almost daily occurrences in ceedings.

different ports of France itself, Since the British establishment where associations are formed of Bathurst was formed on the with little or no disguise, and island of St. Mary's, near the vessels fitted out for the prosemouth of the Gambia, no French cution of this nefarious traffic. vessel has been allowed to enter These ships are known to have or leave the river without under several times completed and re. going an examination. Notwith- newed their atrocious enterprizes, standing this restriction, however, without the smallest molestation a very considerable slave-trade is or difficulty. carried on by the French factors The directors have not failed of Albreda throughout the whole to communicate these painful length of the river Gambia. facts to his majesty's governFor, although the authorities at ment; and they know that strong Bathurst do not permit any vessel representations have been made with slaves on board to pass that on the subject to the government settlement, yet they are carried of France; with what effect rein canoes to the left bank of the mains to be seen. In the month river, and thence conveyed by of June Jast, the minister of the land to Cacho or Cazamens, marine announced, in the chamwhence they are shipped for the ber of deputies, his intention of proposing a further enactment to giving an increase, since a former render the abolition effectual; census in December, 1818, of and the directors have learnt that 2,956 persons, including 943 a promise to the same effect liberated Africans landed at was actually made to our go- Sierra Leone from slave-vessels, vernment.

eighty-five persons sent thither The vast extent to which the from Barbadoes, and the disslave-trade on the west coast of charged soldiers of two West Africa continues to be carried India regiments, and of the royal on, is further proved, by accounts African corps, amouting, with received from the river Bonny. their families, to 1,030 individuals. During the above period of five Accounts received from All or six months, 120 sail of French, tigua state that, in consequence Spanish, and Portuguese vessels of the benevolent exertions of had visited the river for the pur- some individuals, subscriptions pose of procuring slaves. The had been raised in the town of French flag is also prostituted to St. John's (the capital of the the protection of the Spanish island), sufficient to enable the slave-trade, which has now ceased Committee of the Wesleyan to have any legal existence. Sunday-sehool Institution to erect, This fact is confirmed by recent at Parham-town, a school-house intelligence from the Havannah, calculated to hold 1,000 scholars. which represents the slave-trade This school, it appears, was there as in a very flourish- opened towards the middle of the ing state, and as chiefly carried last year, with about 700 slave on under the flag of France. children from estates adjacent to

A flagrant instance of the bar. the town. There are besides, two barities which a familiarity with Sunday schools established in St. the slave trade has a tendency to John's, connected with the Parproduce, recently occurred in the ham school, and one at East case of a Portuguese vessel Harbour independent of it. called the Volcano do Sul. She An American squadron has was captured by his majesty's been stationed on the coast of ship Pheasant, with 260 slaves Africa for the purpose of seizing on-board ; and, in the passage to and bringing to adjudication such Sierra Leone, her captain and American vessels as may be crew rose upon the British officer found violating their Abolition and sailors, murdered them all, Laws. With respect to the plan and then carried the vessel into of planting a colony in Africa Bahia, where the slaves were with free blacks from the United landed and sold.

States, the hopes of success of The directors derive great the American society have led satisfaction from being enabled them to form the project of an to state to the meeting, that the establishment on an extensive colony of Sierra Leone continues scale. - in a state of progressive improve- We must add, that the praise

ment. The total amount of the worthy exertions of this asssocia-population of the colony, on the tion are made out of funds not 8th of July, 1820, was 12,521, exceeding 6001. per annum !


Decree of the KING OF THE NETHERLANDS respecting the SLAVE


DECREE.--We, William, by kingdom, and especially into that the Grace of God, King of the of Surinam, from those colonies Netherlands, &c., considering where the direct slave trade with that, according to reports which Africa is still permitted, as we do have been received, slaves are by these presents, and under the now and then imported into the same penalties as are denounced colony of Surinam from certain against the importation of prohiforeign colonies, where the slave bited goods there. trade with Africa direct is still Our Minister of Public Inpermitted; referring to the treaty struction, National Industry, and concluded between the Nether- Colonies, is charged with the exelands and Great Britain on the cution of this decree, of which 4th of March, 1818; to the law communication is to be made to of 20th November, 1813; and our Ministers of Foreign Affairs having examined the reports of and Justice, and to the Council our Ministers for Foreign Affairs, of State, and this our resolution is Justice, Public Instruction, Na. to be inserted in the official tional Industry, and Colonies, by journal. (Signed) WILLIAM. the advice of our Privy Council, By his Majesty's command, have thought fit and determined (Signed) to prohibit the importation of J.G. D. MEY VAN STREEFKERK. slaves into the colonies of our Brussels, April, 16.

Speech of the King of the NETHERLANDS at the opening of the

States General, on the 15th of October, 1821. “ Noble and mighty lords ;- blessing which is the first element I experience a lively satisfaction of prosperity, and which must be at the opening of the present dear to all who sincerely love session in being able to inform their country. you that our relations with all the " The interior situation of the powers continue to be maintained kingdom offers in generala with reciprocal good understand- favourable view. The fear of a ing. Alihough the troubles in scanty crop is happily dissipated the Levant have created un- in most of the provinces, and we easiness, a well-founded bope of can promise ourselves abundance preserving the peace is still en- of provisions, and at a moderate tertained. May Providence bless price. the efforts which tend to this “ Trade and navigation have object: may the Divine Goodness not diminished, and re-establish tranquillity where cherish the hope of seeing them trouble now reigns, and allow us in future receive a new increase. to enjoy without interruption a “ Notwithstanding the favourVOL, LXIII.




able influence of several years of waters of the Rhine for the pur. peace, the situation of our manu- pose of preventing the disasters factures does not present in all to which a considerable portion its parts an aspect equally pros- of the kingdom is exposed during perous ; yet several of the most the season of thawing or high important among them have in- tides. This object is at present creased in activity, and almost subjected to a particular exano-where does the want of em- mination. ployment give ground for well- For a long time the discifounded complaints.

pline of the prisons has appeared “ In the report presented re- to me susceptible of useful modicently to your lordships, you will fications, having caused the subhave found proofs of the ardour ject to be examined in its details: with which the sciences are cul- The report which I have retivated, and of the rapid deve- ceived has confirmed me in the lopement among the less wealthy opinion. classes of the community of the " If the system which, in conblessings of an education suited sequence of the inquiry, is at to their wants.

present the object of my delibe“ More than one honourable rations, and some provisions of competition--more than one ex- which I have already adopted, is hibition attest the progress of the capable of being put into full exefine arts.

cution in all its parts, the result 66 The administration assumes will be not only an improvement every where in the provinces, as in the moral condition of the priwell as in the cities and rural soners, but a diminution in their communes, a more regular and demands on the public treasury. more secure march. Improve. I shall endeavour to realize these ments which experience recom- ideas in the trials which I shall mends to my care become the uccessively make. objects of my serious delibera- “ Unforeseen calamities have tion. The communication be- afflicted some parts of our transtween different parts of the king. marine possessions, but it is dom becomes more and more easily seen that they will sur. easy. That between the two mount their consequences; and seats of the court has been con- we have reason to flatter oursiderably ameliorated, and I en- selves that the importance of the tertain the hope that, with the relations of the mother country co-operation of the provinces with the East Indies will continue most interested in the result, to increase, there will be opened a new source “ It is not less agreeable to me of prosperity to trade, to agricul. to announce to your assembly ture, and to industry, by the than for you to hear, that the construction of a canal between view of the receipts and expenses Bois-le-duc and Maestricht. on the second division of the

“ Among the improvements on budget presents a desirable equiwhich the happiness of my sub- librium. This result, of which jects fixes my attention, I regard the nation will reap completely as most important the changes the advantages as soon as the made in the direction of the new system of finance shall be

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