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Statement of the Number of Persons committed to his Majesty's

Gaol of Newgate, in the year 1821, and how they have been disposed of.

Total, 351

In custody, January 1st, 1821
Comidilled to 31st December, under 20 years.........................
Above that age ........

Males. Fem.
239 112
1043 327

991 2124

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Of whom there have been executed...........

33 Died ...............

5 Removed to the Hulks, at Gosport, preparatory to trans. ... 100 Do. to Portsinouth

121 Do, to Sbeerness

............................. 308 Do, to Chatham

25 Do, lo Woolwicb

Do. to the General Penitentiary at Milbank

Do, to the Refuge for the Destilate
Do, to Bethlom Hospital...........

Do. by Habeas Corpos for trial at the Assizes

12 Do, to the House of Correction for the City of London, porsuant to their sentence .......................................

Do, to do. for Middlesex........

Do. on board two Female Conviot Ships bound to New
South Wales.........

Do. to the House of Correction, having had their sentence

of transportation mitigated, on condition of being impri-
soned therein for certain periods........

Discharged, having bad his Majesty's free pardon

20 Do. being acquitted al the Old Bailey Sessions ......... 398 Do, by proclamation, bills of indictment not having been found

226 Do, not prosecuted

45 Do, having undergone their sentence of imprisonment 42 Do. being privately whipped

56 Do, being fined 1s.

87 Do. opon bail and other canses


Remained in Custody on 1st January, 1822:







One in six of both Males and Females have been in the Gaol before, and more than Iwo-thirds of tho whole number could read, and three Gifths of them could wrile also.


it was rumoured that I had been MASSACRE AT MANILLA.

the sufferer. Captain Nicholls, At Manilla, on the 9th day of on hearing it, immediately started October 1820, the Indians, in a to my assistance, leaving a note large body, excited by the Spa. to Warrington and Wilson, inniards, commenced the massacre forming them of the event, and and plunder of all the foreigners requesting them to follow. This they could lay their hands on, note was shortly after received and continued the bloody busi- by captain Warrington; he and ness until the afternoon of the Mr. Wilson proceeded towards 11th. The following account is the quarter of St. Miguel, where written by an American gentle. I resided. At the apothecary's man, Mr. Prince, who was an eye. shop, in the Escalta, they met witness to the massacre, and nar- Mr. Stewart, American consul, rowly escaped death. The French and captain Balston, of the Eng. are supposed to have lost 212,000 lish country ship Edward Stretdollars: and the Chinese, who were tel, who informed them that assassinated to the number of 85, Nicholls had ascertained it was a much more considerable sum. Godfroi who was wounded, and Mr. Prince's Account of the Mas- not me, as he had supposed; and

sacre at Manilla, on the 9th turalist, and that both of them October, 1820.

had gone to the palace to demand The attack commenced about protection and assistance from 11 a. m. on Mr. Godfroi, a sur- the governor. geon, in the street of Santa Cruz: Godfroi and Nicholls shortly they cut and mangled him in a after joined them. Nicholls said, shocking manner, and left him the only satisfaction they could for dead; he was taken to the get from the governor was “ that guard-house, and, on his coming he would consider of it.” The to his senses, his hands were tied whole of the company (Stewart behind him by the Spanish sol- and Balston excepted) now started diers, and he was carried into the to visit the wounded Godfroi. corregidor's prison, where he re- Warrington was called back by mained 24 hours, without any these two, and advised not to assistance; he was then sent to proceed; but he jumped into his the hospital, and I am happy to carriage, and ordered the coachsay, that when I left he was re- man to drive'and overtake his comcovering fast. The report of this panions. The mob at this time act of atrocity spread fast, but was large, and was growing so out


rageous,that he was unable to come man, who held a commission as up with them: several attempts lieutenant in the Spanish marine, were made to pull him from his was the next place they attacked. carriage, his coachman became the mob, which had greatly in. frightened, turned the carriage, creased, now filled the street in and drove back as far as the front of the house; Hautelman apothecary's. Here they rejoined went to the door in full uniform, Balston and Stewart. The mob thinking they would respect him,

now approaching towards as a Spanish officer, but he was dethem, and they could distinctly ceived; they cut him down, left see that Wilson, Nicholls, and him for dead, and rushed over his Godfroi, were prisoners. To pro- body into the house. At this vide for their own safety was all time there were, luckily, only they could do. Warrington and four gentlemen in the house ;Balston entered the house occu- viz. Toulon, Gautrin,. Vose, and pied by some Persian merchants, Duperat. Vose immediately and Stewart the house of a Spa- leaped from the window into the niard; the two former were at outer yard of a house belonging first concealed in a back room, to a Spaniard, and concealed himwhich they had hardly entered, self under a platform, where he when the Parsees exclaimed, remained till night, when he en“ Poor Wilson is murdered, tered the city blacked and dressed Nicholls is stabbed in the back, like an Indian. Duperat was inand the Frenchman they are stantly butchered; his grey hairs cutting to pieces, and dragging could not preserve him from the about like a dog."

blood-hounds of Manilla. Toulon An attack instantly commenced and Gautrin were in the same on the house of Mr. Guillot, which room; they took leave of each was exactly opposite that of the other, when the former concealed Parsees : poor Guillot was first himself under the bed, and Gautrin fired at by a serjeant of the re- covered himself with a mat; the gular army, and afterwards lite- mob rushed into the room, drag, rally cut to pieces; and an Ar. ged out Toulon, and killed him menian, Mr. Baptiste (who had by a thousand wounds, but did been 20 years in this country, not

discover Gautrin. They where he had married), escaped again returned, and again left the badly wounded. The house was room, one villain excepted, who stripped and plundered. The stopped, probably to look for Parsees, expecting the attack more plunder; and discovered now on their side of the street, Gautrin, who is a stout, powerful insisted upon Warrington and man, and from whom he received Balston's descending into the a blow that knocked him down, common sewer, where they re. but before he had given the mained five hours, and afterwards alarm, the mob returned, and (say the next day, at 10 a. m.) Gautrin, with his fists only, fought escaped into the city in a close his way through them, receiving carriage, with a guard of dra- terrible wounds at every instant, goons.

from the pikes, knives, and clubs, The hotel for foreigners, kept of the assassins: just as he cleared by Bernard Hautelman, a Ger. the crowd that still pursued him, his sight failed; a Spanish police- proceeding to St. Miguel's, and officer seized him, tied his hands, attacked the house of the Russian and led him to the guard-house, consul Dobell; but as this comes when, shameful to relate, the under the head of my own part of officers put him in irons, and the narration, I shall leave it till were going to finish the work the the last. I also forgot to say, the mob had begun. He demanded governor appeared in the Escalta, a confessor; they sent for one, and that directly after Wilson and but in the meantime a Spanish his associates were murdered while officer, Senor Olire, came in, and their mangled bodies lay exposed humanely prevented the massacre; to his view, he expostulated with he had "Gautrin carried to the the mob on what they were hospital on a bier. Gautrin was doing; and said, “ If the Frenchrecovering fast when I left Ma- men have poisoned you, why do nilla. Every thing in the hotel you murder English and Amewas plundered or destroyed; they ricans?" He soon after left them, even cut the poor horses and taking no method or measure to animals about the house to stop the massacre; but, on the pieces.

contrary, his conduct so far enA simultaneous attack now couraged the mob, that they aftercommenced in many places on wards asserted what they were the houses where foreigners were doing was by the “governor's known to reside. The house of orders." Mr. Dunsfeldt's house Mons. Pasquet was immediately was attacked about two p. m., the forced; here Monsieur Debar door of which was excessively was cut to pieces; but Pasquet strong, and resisted the efforts of escaped into the house of a Spa- the mob to force it, three hours. niard, by whom he was concealed: Mr. Dunsfeldt had this day inevery article in the house was de- vited a number of friends to dine; stroyed. The house occupied unfortunately, several of them by captains Warrington, Nicholls, were in his house with him at the and Wilson, was completely time of the attack. At three stripped (several Lascars, and a p. m., two hours before the door lad belonging to the Addison, es- could be forced, the governor, caped by the roof into other Don Mariano Fernandes Falhouses); the papers of the Ad- gueras Menendes de Godin Ferdison and Merope were destroyed, nandez del Reguero Valca Flores, as was every article of clothing, knight of several orders, &c. &c. &c. contained therein ; and so (I write his name at large, that furious were the mob at finding I may assist in handing it down no blood to spill, that they cut to the infamy it deserves) apeven the ceiling and the sashes of peared in the front of the house, the windows to pieces. I have accompanied by several officers, made one omission in this narra- and a guard composed of 50 foot tion (as I intended to relate the and some dragoons. He implored events of this bloody day in suc- the populace to desist and retire cession as they followed each to their houses ; they hooted, and other), that is, that the mob, after even lifted their pikes to his killing Nicholls, Wilson, &c. in breast, when, instead of ordering the Escalta, separated, one part his troops to disperse the mob,


which one discharge of small city), at the house of the Russian arms would have done in a mo- consul, P. Dobell, esq. His fament, he sneaked off, leaving the mily luckily were with him at unfortunate gentlemen to their Macao, his nephew, Mr. Bennett, fates. This pusillanimous con- of Philadelphia, excepted.

The duct of the governor can neither house was attacked about one be excused nor palliated in the p. m. by the mob from the Esleast point, as it is a notorious calta. Several of the

peace fact, that at this moment there cers of St. Miguel (say three or were from four to five thousand four) came to the door, and adtroops quartered within two fur vised Mr. Bennett to open it, longs distance, most of whom saying they would protect us. were under arms, and might have The door was opened, and the been brought to his assistance in mob rushed in with the officers, 15 minutes. Two hours after this, who succeeded for some time in the mob being left entirely to act keeping out the villains from the as they pleased, and without fear room we were in ; but, notwithof punishment, forced the door standing their exertions, many with large pieces of timber they of them entered from time to time, had brought from some dist- and at last I was driven at the ance for the purpose, then rushed point of their knives out of the into the house, and mangled window ; from thence I had imand cut every one therein, in such mediately to swim the river, amid a horrid manner, that the bodies a shower of stones and clubs. I could not be distinguished. The landed on the opposite side, at following are the names of the the gate of a large distillery beunfortunate men that suffered at longing to an Armenian who had this place :-A. Shaffalitzky, T. settled there. The gate was shut, Dunsfeldt, M. Estroup, M. Ar- and I succeeded in climbing a naud, Mr. Martin, and Justin, a wall of 15 feet; but no sooner had French lad, servant of M. Es. I shown myself on the top, than troup, and Joseph, his cook. The I was attacked by the people of head of Shaffalitzky was severed the distillery; was knocked off from his body, thrown from the the wall by clubs, fell into the window, and kicked through the yard, and was made prisoner. streets! The other bodies were Previously to the mob entering also thrown from the windows, the house, Mr. Bennett and mydragged about by the mob, who self had determined to swim across jumped on, pierced, and mangled the river for the purpose of asking them till they hardly retained evi- advice of the Armenian, and had dence of their ever having been stripped ourselves of all but a flanhuman. The plunder of this nel shirt; and in this situation was house was immense, as was also I when a prisoner, having had no that of the house of M. Pasquet, time to dress myself as Mr. Benthere being 20,000 dollars in spe- nett had done before he opened cie, besides a large quantity of the door. My arms were lashed indigo and nanking, which were behind me so fast, that the circuthrown into the river.

lation of the blood being nearly I resided in the quarter of St. stopped, my hands swelled, and Miguel (about two miles from the the pain became excessive; in

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