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DEATHS. cocke, which do not form a part of that valuable surgical instruments, implecollection.

inents of agriculture, &c. 4. At Brighton, aged 39, John Wal- -. At Worcester, in consequence of ters, esq. architect. His principal works an apoplectic attack, with which he was are, a beautiful Chapel, in the pointed seized at the cathedral, the preceding style, at Stepney : the Auction Mart, by day, during one of the musical performthe Bank: and the Parish Church of ances, in which he was employed as a St. Paul, Shadwell. In naval architec- singer, Mr.John Griffiths. He fell back ture he invented a Diagonal Truss, with in his seat during the time that Mr. metal braces, to be placed on the bottom Vaughan was singing “Gentle Airs ;of the vessels. A discovery of conside- and was carried out and bled, but with rable importance.

no effect, continuing in a senseless state John Rennie, was born June 7th, until the time he expired, about 4 1761, at Preston Kirk, in the county of o'clock on the afternoon of the 6th. He East Lothian, Scotland. In his earliest was one of the most powerful bass singers youth he discovered a taste for mecha- ever heard ; and was some years ago ennics, and commenced life as a mill- gaged in that capacity at the Covent-garwright, but fortunately soon afterwards den oratorios. He has been a member of connected himself with the late Mr. the Worcester choir upwards of 30 years. Watt, the inventor of the steam-engine.

At Rosehill-house, near SouthOn the death of Mr. Smeaton, Mr. ampton, in her 47th year, Harriet, wife Rennie succeeded him in many public of Charles Plunkett, esq. and third works, and was soon at the head of the daughter of the late W. Villebois, esq.of list of civil engineers. He had now Feltham-place, Middlesex. sufficient scope for the exertion of his 7. Suddenly, while riding in her talents; nor did he neglect the oppor carriage, Mrs. Williams, of Craig-y-du, tunity for acquiring fame, as well as Anglesea, the lady of Owen Williams, emolument, that now presented itself. esq. M. P. for Marlow. The London and East India docks, the At her house, Cambridge Heath, harbours of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Hackney Road, aged upwards of 70, Liverpool, Leith, &c. the Bell Rock Mrs. Sarah Bond, a maiden lady. This Light-house, the Quay at Woolwich, singular woman lived in the most penuabove all, the Waterloo-bridge, are indis- rious manner, and yet lest property to putable proofs of his genius, and will the amount of more than one hundred perpetuate his name.

thousand pounds. Many persons have 5. At Hereford, in his 66th year, the since attempted to prove themselve next rev. George Cope, D. D. canon resi- of kin; but none bave been able to subdentiary of that cathedral, vicar and stantiate their claims. portionist of Bromyard, and vicar of 8. At Hastings, in Sussex, in his Madley, in that diocese. By his will“ 43rd year, Francis Frederick North, he bequeathed 1,0001. to be equally esq. of that place, and of Rougham, in divided between the Society for Christian Norfolk. Knowledge, that for promoting the 12. Aged 69, William Angus, landGospel, that for rebuilding Churches scape engraver, pupil of the late William &c., and the School for the Orphan Walker, who was eminent for his proChildren of the Clergy; 1,0001. to the ductions in that line. One of his prindean of Hereford in trust for ever, the cipal works is his lection of “ Views interest of which is to be annually of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry," divided between ten aged single women; 1787--1815. 5001. for a window of painted glass, 13. At Woolwich, in his 72nd year, in Hereford Cathedral, provided it bé Thomas Burnet, esq. storekeeper of that put up within seven years from his dock-yard. His public services comdecease; 2001. the interest of which is prise a period of 60 years, during which to form a stipend for an eighth chorister time he served in the several splendid at the same cathedral ; 2001. to the actions which have rendered the name General Infirmary at Hereford ; 2001. of Rodney immortal, and subsequently to St. Ethelbert's Hospital at ditto; officiated as secretary to admirals the 3001. to St. Peter's at ditto, &c. &c. hon. Samuel Barrington and the late

6. At Woburn Park, Beds. Mr. Robert lord Duncan. Salmon, upwards of 30 years resident In Great Denmark-street, Dubsurveyor to the late and present dukes lin, in his 81st year, sir Hugh Newton, of Bedford, inventor of many useful and bart. of Ballinlougli (Westineath.).

DEATHS. 16. At Clogher, the hon. George whole of his property to religious esJocelyn, fourth son of the late, and bro- tablishments, and to the poor of the ther to the present, earl of Roden. dioceses of Rheims and Paris.

At Tralee, Ireland, aged 70, 21. At Aberdeen, in his 80th year, Jerry Sullivan. This individual who John Ewen, esq. who, with the exception was originally an attorney's clerk, amas- of various bequests to the public charised, through rigid economy, a conside- ties of Aberdeen, has left the bulk of his rable fortune ; this property (about property (nearly 16,0001.) for the pur20,0001.) he bequeathed at his death to pose of founding an Hospital at Monthe inhabitants of Tralee, to be added trose, for the maintenance and education to the sums already subscribed by them of boys. for the purpose of enabling them to 22. At her house, Rivers'-street, defray the expenses of a law-suit against Bath, lady Tydd, relict of sir John Tydd, the Denny family, to open the borough bart. of Lamberton, Queen's county, of that town.

Ireland. 17. At Shooter's-hill, in his 22nd At Betley-court, Staffordshire, year (after 17 years of uninterrupted suf- aged 70, lady Fletcher, relict of. sir fering), Heneage, youngest son of the Thomas Fletcher, bart. and mother of late colonel Colebrook, of the royal sir J. F. Boughey, bart. M. P. for Stafartillery.

fordshire. 18. At Paris, Dr. Dufour, an emi. 25. In Queen-Aun-street, sir William nent French physician. Himself, and Young, G. c. B. and vice-admiral of fifty other physicians, had assembled at Great Britain. a dinner to celebrate the festival of St. 27. At Norwich, in his 74th year Luke, when, in the middle of the first Edward Rigby, esq. M. D., F.L.S., course, he was seized with apoplexy, F.H.S., President Philosophical Society, which, in spite of the medical aid of his Norwich, Hon. Member Agricultural brethren, promptly administered, termi- Society, Philadelphia, &c. &c. In his nated his life in five minutes.

professional studies Dr. R. was most 19. At Belfast, brevet-major Andrew unremitted, and published a variety of Pallison, of the late royal veteran bat- medical works, the principal of which is talion.

that on Uterine Hæmorrhage, of which At Sens, in France, aged 24, there have been seven editions. AgriFrances Elizabeth, daughter of the rev. cultural pursuits occupied latterly much sir Abraham Ellford, bart. of Clevedon- of his attention, and on these subjects he court, Somersetshire.

also wrote several works, viz. “ On the --. At Paris, aged 54, John Astley, cultivation of Mangel-Wurzel;” “Holkesq. proprietor of the royal amphia ham and its Agriculture ;” and a translatheatre, Westminster-bridge.

tion of M. Chateauvieux’s Travels in 20. After a short illness, Mrs. Mary Italy, a work containing much informaMountain, sister to the lord bishop of tion relative to the state of agriculture Quebec.

and husbandry in that country. At Paris, in his 85th year, car- 28. At Dawlish, in his 28th year, dinal Alexander Augustus Talleyrand after a long and tedious illness, borne Perigord, archbishop of that city. Mon- with exemplary resignation, James sieur and the duc d'Angoulême had Browne, jun. esq. of Brighton, banker. an affecting interview with him the

At his house, in Hyde Park CorThursday preceding his decease. At ner, John Werner, esq. upwards of 30 the breaking out of the Revolution, years a magistrate for the county of when he was archbishop of Rheims, he Middlesex. strenuously opposed the pernicious in- Lately, at Whitehaven, aged 91, Mr. novations and doctrines of that period; Matthew Piper, one of the Society of but, at length, finding that every thing Friends. This singular character was subverted, he retired first to Ger- amassed, by his economy, a very conmany, afterwards to England. On his siderable fortune, but was so parsimoreturn with the Bourbon family, he nious, as not to allow himself any of the found that the ancient see of Rheims ordinary comforts of life. He has behad been suppressed ; the king there. queathed his property to charitable fore appointed him grand almoner, and purposes, endowing three schools, one at archbishop of the metropolis, and the Whitehaven, another at Kendal, the pope decorated him with the Roman third at Lancaster, each with 2,0001. five purple. He bequeathed nearly the per cents, Navy Annuities, and has also


DEATHS, bestowed 1,0001. five per cents, to sup- count Duncannon, now earl of Besboport a soup kitchen.

rough. Lady B. and the late duchess

of Devonshire were called the rival NOVEMBER.

sisters ; in beauty and accomplish1. At her residence, at Burwash, ments they had few equals. Her reSussex, in her 92nd year, Mrs. Dorothy mains were interred in the family Jordan, the last surviving of the thirteen vault of the Cavendish family, at daughters of the late rev. George Jordan, Derby. chancellor of the diocese of Chichester, 14. At Horton Lodge, near Epsom, in and grand-daughter of the late Dr. her 88th year, the hon. Louisa Browning, Bowers, bishop of the same diocese. widow of J. Browning, esq. She was

3. At her seat, in Hertfordshire, Mrs. daughter of the right hon. Charles CalAllen of Devonshire-place, relict of the vert, lord Baltimore, and sister to Fred. late admiral Allen.

Calvert, who was the last lord BaltiIn Cumberland-street, Horatia Caroline, third daughter of the late John 15. At Brighton, Elizabeth Hester, wife Burke, esq. and great niece to the earl of Thomas Delves Broughton, esq. of Castlemaine.

third son of the late rev. sir Thomas 6. At Croydon, suddenly, in his 53rd Broughton, bart. year, William Bradshaw Clinton, esq. of At Trinity college, Dublin, the his majesty's Receipts of Exchequer. rev. John Barrett, D.D. vice provost

7. At her house, in the Circus at Bath, and senior member of that society, and after a long and painful illness, the vis- professor of oriental languages at that countess Mount-Earl.

university. In 1800 he published " An 8. In his 70th year, Thomas Preston, Inquiry into the Origin of the Constellaesq. of Green Royd, near Halifax, one of tions of the Zodiac," and in 1808 comhis majesty's deputy lieutenants for the municated to Mr. Nichols an interesting West Riding of the county of York. “Essay on the earlier Part of the Life

At Ashfield-house, near Marsh- of Swift," incorporated in the last Lonfield, in the 96th year of his age, Isaac don edition of Swift's works. His Webb Horlock, esq. the oldest magis- property was very considerable, but trate in the county of Gloucester. his habits frugal, even to penuriousDEATHS. are indebted for the practice of exhibit- and was the author of an “ Historical ing, both internally and externally, the Tour through Pembrokeshire,” 4to. nitric and nitro-muriatic acids, as well 1811. He also accomplished the very as other agents of a similar nature in laborious task of translating Athenæus, siphilitic and hepatic diseases, and in an author hardly known by name to the maladies incidental to the climate of English reader. This translation, how. India.

At Edinburgh, Charles Murray, He bequeathed 80,0001. to the an actor of considerable talent, son of present vice-provost, &c. for charitable sir John Murray, bart. of Broughton, uses, although without any specification, secretary to the Pretender, 1745. He while to his four nieces, who are in was originally intended for the medical straightened circumstances, he left only profession, but his attachment to the 251. each. drama induced him to relinquish his 16. At Isleworth, Middlesex, Tho. original destination.

mas Whately, esq. Member RoyalCollege il. At Twickenham, in her 105th year, of Surgeons. This gentleman was disMary Brittal.

tinguished for his skill in all diseases of At Cirencester, aged 84, Mrs. H. the bladder and urethra. He published Cripps, widow of the late Joseph Cripps, “ Practical Observations on the Cure of esq. of that place.

Wounds and Ulcers in the Legs, without At Rycgate, aged the wife of Rest,'' 8vo, 1799 ; “Practical ObservaWilliam Hylton Jolliffe, esq. M. P. for tions on the Cure of Gonorrhæa ViruPetersfield, and daughter and heiress of lenta in Men," 8vo, 1801; “ Observasir Richard Hylton, of Hayton Castle, tions on Mr. Home's Treatment of in the county of Cumberland, bart, the Strictures in the Urethra,”' 1801; lineal descendant from the lords de “Observations on Necrosis of the Tibia," Hylton, and claimant of that ancient 1815, &c. &c. barony.

16. At his house in York-street, At Lytchet-house, Dorset, the Portman-square, aged 73, Rose Fuller, right hon. lady Amelia Trenchard, wife esq. of w. Trenchard, esq. sister to the late On his voyage to New South marquis, and aunt to the present earl Wales, Helenus Scott, M. D. of the Hon. of Clanricarde, of Portumna Castle, Ire- East India Company, and first member land.

of the Medical Board of Bombay. Dr. - At Florence, Henrietta Frances, Scott was an admirable chemist, and as countess of Besborough, born June a practical physician did much for the 1796, married November 1780, to vis- study of Patbology. It is to him that we


ever, has not been published, but the 17. At his house, St. James's-street, manuscript is deposited in the library of Buckingham-gate, suddenly of apoplexy, sir Richard Colt Hoare, at Stourhead. in his 72nd year, rear-admiral Burney, F. R. S. eldest son of the learned and

DECEMBER. elegant historian of music. The admiral 2. At Cholmondeley-house, Piccahad the honor of accompanying cap- dilly, colonel Seyinour, son-in-law of the tain Cook, in the two last of his enter- marquis Cholmondeley. He had been ill prising and important voyages. He was for some time, and had never wholly reco one of the most scientific geographers vered the fatal effects of the pestilential of this country, as is evident from his disease he contracted while on duty valuable and laborious work, the history with his regiment at Walcheren. of “Voyages of Discovery,” his account 4. At Stratford, Essex, in his 70th of the “ Eastern Navigation of the Rus- year, John jor Henniker, lord Hensians," &c. As an officer and as a man, piker, LL.D. F. R.S. F.S.A., &c. his conduct was uniformly engaging, His lordship, who was born 1762, was humane, disinterested, honest and affec- an Irish peer, and succeeded his father, tionate.

the first lord Henniker, in 1803. His -. At his seat, Thornton-hall, Bucks, lordship contributed a paper to the 11th sir Thomas Sheppard, bart. in his 76th vol. of the Archæologia, on Bicknacre year, he was created a baronet Sept. 19, Priory; and published also “ Two Let1809.

ters on the Origin, Antiquity, and -. At Scarthingwell Park, co. York, History of Norman Tiles, stained with Anne, daughter of the late Thomas Armorial Bearings." Davison Bland, esq. of Kippax Park. 5. In his 93rd year, Thomas Baghot

21. At Reading, Edward Scott War- de la Bere, esq., of Southam-house, ing, esq. late one of the board of com- Gloucestershire, the last lineal descendmissioners at Futtyghur.

ant of one of the most ancient houses 22. In Tenderden-street Hanover- in the kingdom. square, in his 56th


James Wilson, In his 65th year, James Perry, a esq. F. R. S. professor of anatomy to the distinguished public journalist. To Mr. Royal College of Surgeons, and many Perry belongs the honour of having years lecturer in the Hunterian school raised the character of the daily press of Windmill-street.

in respectability, and giving to it an in23. At his house in Russell-square, the

fluence it did not before possess. He right hon. sir James Mansfield, late lord also considerably improved the whole chief justice of the Court of Common system and routine of newspapers ; Pleas, in his 88th year.

thereby rendering it a much more 28. At Twickenham, in her 96th year, prompt channel of intelligence than Sarah, widow of Christopher D'Oyley, formerly. Independently of his imesq. and sister of the late Hans Stanley, mediate professional studies, he posesq. and of lady Mendip, and grand sessed a general taste for elegant literadaughter of sir Hans Sloane, bart. ture, of which there was sufficient proof

At Woodcott-house, near Reading, in a very extensive and valuable collecAnne, wife of Thomas Fraser, esq. late tion of books which he had formed, and high sheriff of Oxfordshire.

which have since his death been disAt Gainsford, Elizabeth, wife of the posed of by public auction. rev. J. W. Sinclair, third daughter of the 7. In Hanover - street, Hanoverlate rev. Reginald Bligh, rector of square, of apoplexy, aged 69, John Romaldkirk, Yorkshire.

Ring, esq. Mem. Royal Coll. Surg. &c. 30. At Witham, Essex, in her 76th This skilful practitioner, who was a year, Mrs. Anne Morris, relict of William pupil of the late Percival Pott, disMorris, esq. of the Hall-house of tinguished himself by his zcal in the Haveringatte-Bower.

cause of vaccination. He published Lately, Richard Fenton, esq. This

numerous papers in the London Medical gentleman was a barrister by profession, Journal ; also “ Reflections on the Sure DEATHS. geon's Bill,” 1798 ; “A Treatise on the Brighton church-yard, details her sin. Cow-Pox," 2 Parts, 8vo, 1801-3; “A gular story :---" In memory of Phæbe Treatise on the Gout,” 1813, &c. &c. Hessel, who was born at Stepney in the Besides these and other professional year 1713. She served, for many years, works, he produced an admirable trans- as a private soldier in the 5th regiment lation of the works of Virgil, partly ori. of foot, in different parts of Europe, ginal, and partly altered from Dryden and in the year 1745, fought under the and Pitt, 2 vols. 8vo. 1820, and some command of the duke of Cumberland at minor pieces of poetry.

the battle of Fontenoy, where she re8. In Seymour-place, Grace, eldest ceived a bayonet-wound in her arm. daughter of Leaver Legge, esq. of old Her long life, which commenced in the Melrose, Roxburghshire, N. B.

reign of Queen Anne, extended to George 9. At Chertsey, Surrey, Mary, relict the Fourth, by whose munificence she of the late rev. George Sewell, rector of received comfort and support in her Byfleet, in the same county, and daugh- latter years. She died at Brighton, ter of the late sir William Young, bart. where she had long resided, December of Delaford.

12, 1821, aged 108 years, and lies buried. Aged 71, Mary, wife of Charles here." Lloyd, of Birmingham, banker.

15. At Echt House, aged 37, sir Harry 11. In Mansfield-street, sir Martin Niven Lumsden, bart. of Auchindoir. Browne Folkes, bart. of Hillington,

In the Little Cloisters, WestNorfolk, F. R. S. and M. P. for King's minster-abbey, aged 63, James Fisher, Lynn. He was created a baronet 1774. esq. chief clerk in the Auditor's-office of

Lately, the rev. Samuel Vince, M. A., the receipt of his majesty's exchequer. F. R. S., Plumian professor of astro- At Exeter, Grace, widow of the nomy and experimental philosophy at late G. H. Cosens, esq. of Jamaica. Cambridge, archdeacon of Bedford, rec- 16. At Lessondown, Aberdeenshire, tor of Kirkby Bedon, and vicar of South Maurice, George Bissett, esq. of KnightCreak, Norfolk. The Philosophical on-house, Isle of Wight.* Transactions contain many valuable pa- 18. Aged 63, rev. Thomas Dunham pers by him; his separate works are very Whitaker, LL.D.F.S.A., an eminent anvoluminous ; among them may be men- .tiquary, and classical scholar. In the tioned the “ Elements of Conic Sec- former character he has been excelled tions ;" “ Treatise on Practical Astro- by few with respect to research, interest, nomy,” 4to.; “Principles of Fluxions,” information, and taste : in proof of this, 2 vols. 8vo.; “Principles of Hydro- it is but necessary to name his histories statics ;".“ Complete System of Astro- of Whalley, Craven, and Richmondshire, nomy," 2 vols. 4to; “ Confutation of and Loidis in Elmete. As a writer of Atheism,” &c.

modern Latinity, his 'De Motu per Bri: Aged 48, Mr. John Thurston, an tanniam Civico' is a work that confers artist of some distinction, who de- honour on his pen. Born, June 5, 1759, signed a number of book-plates for at Rainham, Norfolk. popular works.

21. At Chipperfield, Herts, in ber -i2. At Brighton, aged 108, Phæbe 81st year, the widow of the late John Hessel. Through the goodness of his Parsley, esq. of Burghill, Herefordshire. majesty, and the occasional assistance of - At Balmaghie, Galloway, Scotmany liberal persons in the place, land, the wife of captain James Gordon, Phæbe's latter days were rendered very R. N. comfortable. When his majesty, then 23. At Lewisham, Kent, major Fead, prince regent, was informed of her ex- of the royal regiment of artillery, son of treme age, and of her necessities, with the late lieutenant-general Fead, of the his usual generosity, he requested some same corps. one to ascertain of her what sum she re

In Gloucester-place, the lady of quired to render her comfortable. “Half sir Morris Ximenes, of Bear-place, a guinea a week,” replied old Phæbe, Berks. “ will make me as happy as a princess.” Aged 64, Frances Elizabeth King. This, by his majesty's command, was re- This excellent woman, who was relict of gularly paid to her. She was a woman the late reverend Richard King, and of good information, and very communi- sister to sir Thomas Bernard, was author cative, and retained her faculties till of “A Tour in France, 1803;" and of within a few hours of her death. I'be several religious and moral publications ; following epitaph, about to be placed in viz. “The Beneficial Effects of the

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