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DEATHS. ceeded in his titles and estates by the

JUNE. hon. Frederick Campbell, M. P. for 1. In Spring-gardens, the right hor. Caermarthen, who married the eldest John Dalrymple, sixth earl of Stair. daughter of the late marquis of Bath. Having left no issue, he was succeeded

At his house in Spring-gardens, by his nephew, John George, son of the the earl of Stair. His lordship was the late general William Dalrymple. sixth earl, and succeeded his father,

Mary, daughter of the late John, earl of Stair, in 1789. His titles Mills, esq. of Ripley, Yorkshire, and the were, earl and viscount of Stair, vis- bride of Mr. J. Houseman, of Clint, to count Dalrymple, baron of Newliston, whom she had been married the preGlenbece and Stranraer, and a baronet; ceding Tuesday, when she was given all Scotch titles. Leaving no issue, he away by sir William Ingilby, the prewas succeeded by his nephew, John

sent high sheriff. Immediately after W. H. Dalrymple, now earl of Stair.

the ceremony the bride and bridegroom

set off with a party of friends to York. At Cheshunt, aged 79, Oliver On their arrival, the unfortunate lady Cromwell, a lineal descendant of the

was attacked by apoplexy, which termiProtector, being great grandson of nated her life soon afterwards. Henry, his fourth son, who was lord

2. At Vienna, aged 80, senator deputy of Ireland, and M. P. for Cam

count Antonio Maria Capo d'Istria, bridge. This gentleman is author of father of the Russian secretary of state. a very recent work, intituled, “Me- 4. In Edward-street, Portman-square, moirs of the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, sir

George Douglas, bart. of Springwood and his Sons, Richard and Henry, illus

park, Roxburghshire, which county he trated by Original Letters, and other had formerly represented in several sucFamily Papers : with six Portraits, from

cessive parliaments. He succeeded his Family Pictures,” 4to. 1821. At one

father, sir James D. in 1787 ; married, period of his life he practised as a soli- October 1786, Elizabeth Boyle, daughcitor, but of late years relinquished all

ter of John, earl of Glasgow. professional employment.

At Calthorpe • house, OxfordLately, at Dublin, Mrs. Plunkett, wife shire, in his 72nd year, Thomas Cobb, of W. C. Plunkett, esq. M. P. the elo- esq. deputy-lieutenant, and commisquent advocate in favour of the Ca- sioner of the peace, for that county. tholics.

5. At Beverley-lodge, near ColchesAt Summerville, near Cashel, after ter, Lachlan Robert Mackintosh, esq. a short indisposition, the most rev. Dr.

of Dalmunzie, Perthshire, in his 60th Patrick Everard, Roman catholic arch- year. bishop of Cashel, a prelate of the very

At his residence, at Potter'sfirst character for erudition, talent, judg- Bar, in his 72nd year, Daniel Carpenter, ment, and benevolence.

esq. one of his majesty's justices of the At Castle Stewart, in the county of peace, and deputy - lieutenant of the Down, April 6th, in his 83rd year,

counties of Middlesex and Herts. the marquis of Londonderry. This

6. The rev. R. D. Squirre, one of the nobleman was twice married, to lady prebendaries of Hereford cathedral, and Sarah Frances, sister to the marquis of many years head-master of the college

school. Hertford, by whom he had issue, viscount Castlereagh (who succeeds to the Mexborough, in Piccadilly, after a few

7. At the residence of the earl of marquisate) and to lady Frances, sister to the marquis of Camden, by whom he

hours illness, the countess of Mexhad issue, Jord Stewart (the present

borough. ambassador at Vienna) and other chil

12. At Fife-house, Whitehall, l'heodren. The late marquis, after repre

dosia Louisa, countess of Liverpool, senting the county of Down in many

Her ladyship was daughter of Freparliaments, was created a baron in

derick, late earl of Bristol, and bishop 1789, a viscount in 1795, an earl in 1796, and was married March 25, 1795.

of Derry, and sister to the present earl, and a marquis in 1816. At Dublin, Meredith Jenkin, esq. one

15. At Castlelacker, in the county of the aldermen of that city.

of Mayo, in his 74th year, the right hon.

James Cuff, baron Tyrawly, of BallineAt Blennerville, county Kerry, in his robe, county of Mayo, so created Novem81st year, sir Rowland Blennerhassett, ber 7, 1797; a privy-councillor in Irebart.

land, a governor in the county of Mayo

DEATHS. &c. &c. He is succeeded in his estates household. He published " Animadby his only surviving child, colonel versiones de Natura Hydropis, ejusque James Cuff, M. P. for Tralee, and cus- Curatione,” 8vo. 1779; “On the Source tos rotulorum of the county of Mayo; of the Scurvy and Putrid Fever," 8vo., but the peerage of Tyrawly becomes 1782. extinct.

30. At Boulogne, sir Thomas Hyde 18. In his 80th year, James Carmi- Page, of the royal engineers. chael Smyth, M. D. F. R. S. and phy- At his seat in Devonshire, Abel sician extraordinary to his majesty Worth, esq.; who bequeathed 3,0001. George III. In 1802 he obtained a to the Episcopal School for Boys at remuneration from parliament for a Exeter; 3,0001. to the same Establishdiscovery of the means of preventing ment for girls ; 60001. to the school of contagion by mineral acid. He pub- St. John's Hospital, in that city; and a lished “ A Description of the Gaol Dis- handsome legacy to the Devon and temper, as it appeared among the Spanish Exeter Hospitals. Prisoners at Winchester in 1780, &c.," 8vo. 1795; “The Effects of Nitrous acid

JULY. in preventing and destroying Contagion, ascertained, &c.” 8vo; “A Treatise on 2. In Hampshire, after a lingering Hydrocephalus,” 8vo. 1814, and some illness, sir Thomas Champneys, bart. other professional works.

aged 76, of a very ancient family in the Charles Hague, Mus. D. pro

West of England. He was born Oct. 9, fessor of music in the university of 1745; was created a baronet Jan. 1767; Cambridge, to which he was elected in married, first, Caroline-Anne, daughter 1799.

of Richard Cox, of Quarley, Hants, esq. 20. At Coldblow (Dublin), Denis who dying in 1791, he married, secondly, George, esq. late a baron of his ma- a daughter of Humphrey Kirchin, of jesty's court of exchequer in Ireland. Stubbington, Hants, esq. His only

21. In Little Smith-street, West- surviving son, by his first wife, Thomas minster, aged 65, Henry Arthur Her- Swymmer Champneys, esq. of Orchardbert, esq. of Muckress (Kerry), Ireland, leigh Park, Somerset, succeeded to his formerly M. P. for the county of Kerry,

title and estate. the boroughs of East Grinstead and At Paris, Rose, daughter of the Tralee.

late John Tunno, esq. of Devonshire At Llanvihangel Court, near place. Abergavenny, Hugh Powell, esq. trea

William G. Carter, esq. late & surer of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. banker at Portsmouth.

22. At Derby, Frances, wife of the At Antwerp, Charles Biddulph, late Augustus Parkyns, esq. and only esq. of Burton Park, Sussex. sister of the right hon. adm. sir John

Lieut. H. B. Woodhouse, R. N. Borlase Warren, bart.

3. At Limerick, in her 25th year, In Bevis Marks, aged 74, Daniel the hon. Catherine Jane Stratton, eldest Jacob de Castro, esq.; he had been 36 daughter of the late lord Clarina, and years chancellor of the Spanish and wife of lieutenant-colonel Stratton, of Portuguese nation.

the 70th regiment of infantry. 23. At Paris, in her 68th year, the In York-place, Mary-le-bone, in duchess dowager of Orleans. Her his 76th year, lieutenant-general Robert serene highness was a woman of most Nicholson, of the Hon. East-India Comexemplary character. By her death pany's service, on the Bombay establishthe duke has acquired an income of ment, to which he belonged upwards of 2,500,000 francs, somewhat more than 53 years, nearly 40 of which he spent in 100,0001. per annum.

India. He lost a leg at the siege of 23. Atst. Stephen's, near Plymouth, Barouche, when a captain. captain Thomas Gordon Caulfield, R. N. 4. At his house in Edgeware.road, of the Windsor Castle, in that harbour. at an advanced age, Richard Cosway,

At Paris, aged 83, the cardinal esq. R. A. a distinguished artist. As a de Luzerne.

miniature painter, he was, till lately, 24. At Pinner-grove, Middlesex, in superior to almost all of his contempohis 75th year, sir Francis Milman, bart. raries, especially in the taste and eleM.D. F. R. S., late president of the gance of his pencil

. His oil-paintings, College of Physicians, and physician to too, possess much merit. He has left a their late majesties, and to the royal widow, a lady of congenial talents, well DEATHS. known to the public by many beautiful author of some discourses and hymns, designs.

Dr. Morgan wrote for several years the 5. George Hassell, esq., of Choles, reviews of foreign and domestic literabury-lodge, near Chesham, Bucks, a ture in the New Annual Register; many gentleman of considerable property, one of the articles in the general biography, of the magistrates for the counties of commenced by Dr. Enfield, and subseMiddlesex and Bucks, and high sheriff quently carried on by Dr. Aíkin, &c. and

Bucks in 1818. The body of this un- was likewise a frequent contributor to fortunate gentleman was found in a deep the Gentleman's Magazine. pond, into which he had thrown himself, 25. At Cheltenham, the dowager having for some days preceding la- countess of Jersey. boured under great mental agitation, in 27. In Park-street, Grosvenor consequence of his sister's illness. The square, Mrs. Elizabeth' Bagot, fifth latter died on the morning of the in- daughter of sir W. W. Bagot, bart. of quest. Mr. H. left all his property (by Bathfield, in the county of Stafford, a will dated March, 1815) to Messrs sister to the late, and aunt to the present Atkinson and Parkinson, solicitors, lord Bagot. Lincoln's-Inn. He was about 50 years 28. At the residence of lady Langof age, and his sister about 46.

ham, in Cavendish-square, Charlotte, 9. At his house, in Cleveland-row, youngest daughter of the late sir Wilsir John W. Compton, D. C. L. late liam Langham, bart. judge of the Vice-Admiralty-court at In Bedford-square, Lucy, second Barbadoes, and fellow of Trinity Hall, daughter of the hon. Mr. Justice BayCambridge.

ley. At her seat, Bookham Grove, 29. At York, Mrs. Catherine Cappe, Surrey, the hon. Catherine Dawnay, relict of the rev. N. Cappe, aged 77. daughter of the late, and sister to the This lady wrote several religious pubpresent viscount Downe, in her 53rd lications, and one or two works relating year.

to charity schools and female societies. At East Sheen, the rev. Peter 31. At Ludlow, Arthur, second son Gandolphy, of the priests at the Roman of Edward Rogers, esq. M. P. Catholic chapel, Portman-square. He

The rev. Andrew Lawrence, published " A Defence of the Ancient brother of sir

Thomas Lawrence, preFaith," 1811, 8vo. ; “Liturgy, or a Full sident of the Royal Academy, chaplain Development of the Faith, &c., of the to the Royal Hospital at Hasler, and Catholic Church," 1812; “A Full Ex- vicar of Long Parish, Hants. position of the Christian Religion, in a Series of Sermons," vol. 1., 1813., &c.

AUGUST. 10. At Bath, in his 91st year, the 1. At the boarding-house, Kensingrev. sir C. Wheler, bart. of Leamington, ton, Mrs. Inchbald, the celebrated noHastings, Warwickshire, and a preben- velist and dramatist. The literary prodary of York.

ductions of this lady are marked with an At her house, in Audley-square, originality and force that conferred on in her 90th year, the hon. Barbara St. them an honourable distinction at their John.

appearance, nor are they likely to be 13. At his apartments at the London soon forgotten. Her “ Simple Story," Coffee-house, Ludgate-hill (within the and “ Nature and Art,” exhibit superules of the Fleet prison), in his 85th rior talent, and abound with touches of year, sir Watkin Lewes, knight. He the deepest pathos. Mrs. Inchbald was elected alderman of Lime-street married in 1775; in the following year Ward in 1772; and removed (as father she was on the Manchester stage, where of the city) to Bridge Ward Without she divided the public attention with in 1804, on the death of Mr. Harley. Mrs. Siddons, who was performing there

18. Clementina Blundell, daughter at the same time. Her age was about --and on the 21st, her mother, Clemen- 65. She had composed Memoirs of her tina Blundell, relict of the late Nicholas Life, with Anecdotes of her ContempoBlundell, esq. of Crosby-hall, in the raries; but these were afterwards descounty of Lancaster.

troyed, in compliance with her own posi21.' In his 61st year, rev. Thomas tive commands Morgan, D. D. a native of Langharm, At Belmont, Catherine Anne, reCaermarthenshire, where he was born lict of lieut.-gen. sir George Prevost, in 1752. Independently of being the bart.

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DEATHS. . At his residence, Charles-street, 18. At Margate, captain Clough, Berkeley-square, in his 55th year, the master of the ceremonies at that place. right hon. William Asheton Harbord, 20. At Southampton, sir Henry Wil. baron Suffield, of Suffield, in the county liam Carr, K.C. B. lieutenant-colonel of of Norfolk, lord lieutenant custos rotu- the 3rd regiment of guards. lorum, and vice-admiral of the same

At Paisley, James Weir, 17 county. In 1792, his lordship married months old, known by the name of the Caroline, coheiress of the late earl of “Wonderful Gigantic Child." When Buckingham. The title and estate de- 13 months old, and he continued to inscend to his brother, the hon. Edward crease ever since, he weighed five stone; Harbord, M. P. for Shaftesbury, in con- his girth round the neck was 14 inches, sequence of whose elevation to the the breast 31 inches, the belly 39 inches, peerage, that borough is now repre- the thigh 20 inches and a half, and round sented by R. Leycester, jun. esq.

the arm 11 inches and a half. He was 7. At Brandenburgh-house, at half born in the parish of Cambosnethan, past ten at night, Her MAJESTY CARO- county of Lanark. LINE AMELIA. (See Chronicle, p. 118.)

At Twickenham, in bis 44th year, 9. At Rome, in his 80th year, sir the rev. Henry P. Beauchamp, A. M. Walter Synnot, knt. of Ballymoyer, Fellow of King's college, Cambridge. Ireland, of which he had been an active In Hertford-street, Elizabeth, lady magistrate for 30 years.

Henley. She was the youngest daugh10. At his seat, Ashley-park, Surrey, ter of Robert, first earl of Northington, aged 49, sir Henry Fletcher, bart, of that and, at length, co-heir of her brother, place, and of Clea Hall, in the county Robert, second and last earl. of Cumberland, beloved and lamented. 25. Aged 64, Mr. Bartolozzi, enHe left issue, two sons and two daugh- graver, son of the late eminent artist of ters, and was succeeded in his title and that name ; and father of madame Vesestates by his son Henry, aged 13 years. tris, of Drury-lane Theatre.

Át Hampton Court, after a few 26. At Brighton, aged 70, Charles hours illness, the hon. Dorothy Char- Henry Cazenove, esq. lotte, widow of the hon, George Mon

At Bury St. Edmond's, at an tagu, eldest son of John, fifth earl of advanced age, Mrs. Anne Fergus, sister Sandwich.

to the lady dowager lady Gage. Occasioned by the fall of his At Oakwood, near Chichester, horse, at Kensington, in his 31st year, in her 23rd year, Louisa, third daughter Edward, son of Lawrence Rowe, esq. of of sir Hilario Barlow, bart. and G. C. B. Brentford.

29. In Portland-place, Anne, wife of 11. At Yarmouth, Norfolk, in his sir James Grabam, bart. M. P. for 78th year, the rev. Benjamin Wimberley Carlisle. Salmon, one of his majesty's chaplains, At Langley, Bucks, in his 76th and nearly 40 years rector of Caistor, in year, the rev. Gilman Wall, rector of that county.

Pitportion, Tiverton, Devonshire. 14. At herhouse, in Grosvenor-street, 30. At Bourdeaux, the widow of the dowager countess of Ely, relict of general Moreau, who was killed at the John, earl of Ely, of the kingdom of battle of Dresden, in 1813. Ireland.

Aged 32, James Robinson Scott, At Tunbridge Wells, aged 45, F. R. S. E. F. L. S. late senior presiMrs. Robinson, wife of R. M. Robinson, dent of the Royal Medical Society of esq. of Orgen-hall, Herts.

Edinburgh, Lecturer on Botany, &c. 16. In his 81st year, Francis Har- Lately. In George-street, Portmangrave, esq. one of his majesty's counsel, square, the wife of Thomas Charles and recorder of Liverpool; a voluminous Corry, esq. of Rock Corry (Monagan), writer on law subjects. Among a number and sister of sir Charles Dillon, bart. of other works, may be particularized the Lately. Very suddenly, at his lodgings “ Collection of State Trials," 11 vols. in Great Pulteney-street, J. W. Polidori, fol. 1781; “A Collection of Tracts rela- M.D., author of "The Vampyre, a Tale," tive to the Law of England,” and “ Ju• which, on its first appearance, was asridical Arguments and Collections,'' 2 signed to lord Byron ; .“ An Essay on vols. 4to. 1797-9. His law-books and Positive Pleasure;" “ Ximenes, or The MSS. were some years ago purchased by Wreath ;" “The War of the Angels;'' parliament, and deposited in the library and a few other poetical productions. of Lineoln's Inn.

At Castletown-house, county Kildare, VOL. LXIII,


DEATHS. Ireland, lady Louisa Conolly, relict of the Philosophy of Permanent Colours," the right hon. Thomas Conolly. Her 1794. Having resided some time in ladyship was related to no fewer than the West Indies, he wrote a “ Natural five dukes, among whom were those of History of Guiana, in South America," Leinster, Wellington, and Richmond; 8vo. 1769; and an “ Essay on the also to the marchioness of Londonderry. Yellow Fever.” Dr. Bancroft did not The fine mansion of Castletown, the confine himself to scientific subjeots, for largest in Ireland, together with the in 1770 he produced a Novel, in three estate, devolves on colonel E. M. Paken- vols. intitled, “ Charles Wentworth.” ham, of the Donegal Militia.

-. In Upper Thornhaugh-street, aged

72, the rev. Thomas Exton. He was SEPTEMBER

rector of Exton 47 years. 2. At Cottage-place, Chelmsford, aged 9. At Versailles, in his 69th year, 78, lady Camilla Robinson, sister to the John Peter Addenbrooke, esq. formerly earl of Tankerville.

major in the 54th foot, gentleman usher 5. In his 66th year, the rev. George to queen Charlotte, equerry to the late Cope, D. D. canon residentiary of the princess Charlotte, and retained in cathedral of Hereford.

the establishment of the prince of Saxe 6. At Tunbridge, at the house of his Cobourg. son (the rev. Thomas Knox), the rev. -. At Palmerston, near Limerick,Mrs. Vicesim Knox, D. D. rector of Run- Bucknor, widow of the late Mr. Thomas well and Ramsden Crays, Essex, aged Bucknor, at the extraordinary age of 68. Dr. Knox has long been known as 112 years. She retained her faculties to an elegant writer and accomplished the last, and lived to witness five reigns. scholar. His “ Essays," which first ap- She recollected the death of queen Anne. peared about 40 years ago, are deservedly 18. At Truro, Thomas Vivian, esq. esteemed for the excellence of their brother to sir Hussey Vivian. style, for the pure and sound morality In her 76th year, the dowager they inculcate, and for the correct criti- landgrave Caroline of Hesse Homburg. cal taste and scholarship which they dis- Her highness was daughter to the landplay. Dr. Knox was always a zealous grave Lewis IX. of Hesse Cassel, and advocate for classical education, on was born March 2nd, 1746. She married which subject he lately produced a pam. on the 27th of September, 1768, the late phlet, vindicating its utility and its ad- Landgrave Frederick Lewis of Hesse vantages.


“ Winter Evenings' Homburg. Lucubrations" also place him high as a - Thomas Knight, second son of the writer of moral essays; nor must it be rev. Thomas Blyth, of Knowle-lodge, forgotten that his“ Essays on Education” Warwickshire, and member of Worcester have contributed much to reform those College, Oxford. errors in the discipline of our universi- 20. At Clumber, the seat of the duke ties upon which he therein animad- of Newcastle, suddenly, Miss Heath, verted.

Governess in the family of his grace. In his 53rd year, Edward Charles After passing the evening in higher Howard Shepherd, esq. of Devonshire- spirits than usual, and retiring to her street, Portland-place.

room at 11 o'clock, she was seized with a 7. At Charlton-house, near Black-, fit of apoplexy, and expired in a few heath, in her 17th year, Caroline, daugh.' seconds, in the arms of a female doter of the late sir T. Maryon Wilson, mestic. bart. At Springfield Lodge, Camberwell, in

OCTOBER her 80th year, Arianna Margaretta, 3. At Minal, the rev. Charles Francis, widow of the late col. Chalmers.

rector of that parish, and of CollingAged 35, Mrs. Dick, of East Cliff, bourne Ducis, both in Wilts. Besides Brighton.

various other charitable bequests, he has 8. At Odell Castle, near Bedford, in left 4,0001. to establish a Protestant free. her 84th year, the right hon. Isabella, school at Minal; the interest of 1001. countess of Egmont, only daughter of for ever, to repair Minal church, on lord Nassau Paulet, third son of Charles, which, during his life, he had expended the second duke of Bolton.

between 1 and 2,0001., and the like to Edward Bartholomew Bancroft, repair that of Collingbourne ; to the M.D. This gentleman was well known by Bodleian Library, such Oriental MSS. some professional works, especially by his and works purchased by him, of the " Experimental Researches concerning descendants of the late professor Po

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