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PROMOTIONS. 3rd Guards-Lieut.-colonel Rooke to resignation of the right hon. lord be lieut.-colonel ;

Stowell Lieut.-colonel Clitherow to be first The rev. William Smyth, to the major;

vicarage of South Elkington, Lincoln. Ånd lieut. colonel Cochrane to be shire. second major.

The rev. Charles Spencer, vicar of (All with the rank of colonel). Bishop-Stortford, to be domestic chap

Ist Foot - Lieut -colonel Plender lain to the marquess of Aylesbury. leath to be lieut.-colonel.

The rev. J. Scobell, B.A. of Baliol 9th-Colonel Blackwell to be lieut.. college, Oxford, instituted to the reccolonel.

tory of All Saints, Lewes, by the bishop 14th-Lieut.-colonel Maclaine to be of Chichester. lieut,-colonel.

The rev. John Nelson Clerk, A.B. 18th-Colonel sir W. P. Carrol to be instituted to the rectory and parish lieut.-colonel.

church of Winterton, with the chapel 38th_Colonel sir A. Campbell to be of East Somerton, Norfolk. lieut-colonel.

The rev. J. Jefferson, archdeacon of 49th-Lieut.-colonel Brereton to be Colchester. has been collated by the lieut.-colonel.

bishop of London, to the vicarage of 58th Lieut-col. John to be lieut.. Witham, in Essex, void by the death colonel

of the rev. A. Downes, resident upon 61st - Brevet major Green to be that benefice upwards of 40 years. major.

The rev. Edward Ballman, rector 64th-Lieut.-colonel Battersby to be of Helmingham, and Pitaugh, Suffolk, lieut.-colonel.

appointed chaplain to the countess of 67th, lieut -colonel Mackay to be Dysart. lieut.-colonel.

The rev. D. F. Pryce, D.D. to the 72nd-Lieut.-colonel Calvert to be perpetual curacy of Ashfield, with lieut-colonel.

Thorpe, Suffolk. 75th-Lieut.-colonel sir J. Campbell The archbishop of Canterbury has to be lieut.-colonel.

been pleased to institute the rev. W. 81st_Major Sutherland to be major. Hurne, M.A. of Gore court, formerly 84th-Captain M’Neal to be major. fellow of St. Mary Magdalen college,

89th-Lieut.-colonel Mallet to be Oxford, to the rectory of Otham, in lieut.-colonel.

Kent. 90th-Lieut.-colonel sir F. Stovin to His majesty has presented the rev. be lieut.-colonel.

Robert Crockett, M.A. to the rectory 92nd-Lieut-colonel Neynoe to be of Nelston, Alias Nayleston, in the lieut.-colonel.

county of Leicester, and diocese of 93rd-Brevet lieut.-colonel hon. sir C. Lincoln, vacant by the death of the Gordon to be major.

rev. Lambton Lorraine.

Also the rev. Charles Richard SumMEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. ner, M.A. to the vicarage of St. Helen,

Aug. 11. King's County-Lord Ox- in Abingdon, and the chapels of Radley town, vicc Parsons, esq. who has ac- and Drayton, Bucks, and the diocese cepted the office of judge of the In. of Salisbury, vacant by the death of 'solvent court in Ireland.

the rev. Lawrence Canniford. Oxford University. — R. Heber, esq. vice sir Will. Scott, now lord Stowell.


17. His majesty in council declaring EccLEsiASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. his intention of going out of the king

The archbishop of Canterbury has dom for a short time, nominated the been pleased to appoint James Henry following to be lords justices for the Arnold, LL.D. to be his grace's vicar- administration of the government : general, and Maurice Swabey, LL.D. The duke of York, the archbishop of to be commissary of the city and Canterbury, the lord chancellor, the diocese of Canterbury, and dean lord president, the lord privy seal, and commissary of the peculiars of the master of the horse, the duke of South Malling, Pagbam, and Terring; Wellington, the marquis of Winwhich offices became vacant by the chester, the marquis of Cholmondeley, PROMOTIONS. the marquis of Londonderry, earl Ba- The rev. L. J. Boor, to be master of thurst, earl Talbot, the earl of Liver- the Free Grammar school, at Bodinin. pool, viscount Melville, viscount Sid- The rev. John Jacob, to the head mouth, lord Maryborough, the right mastership of the Dock classical and hon. N. Vansittart, the right hon. c. mathematical school, at Plymouth Bathurst, and the right hon. F. J. Ro- dock. binson.

The archbishop of Canterbury has War-office - The king has been collated the rev. George Randale, M.A. pleased to remove major.general sir R. and student of Christ church, Oxford, T. Wilson from his majesty's service. to the vicarage of Eastry with Worth,

23. 141h Light dragoons - Brevet near Sandwich, Kent. major Townsend to be major.

The rev. John Latey, to the rectory 3rd Foot guards-Brevet major San- of Rede, Suffolk. dilands to be captain of a company, The rev. Henry De Foe Baker, M.A. and lieut.-colonel.

to the vicarage of Greetham, in the 3rd Foot - Major Wall to be major. county of Rutland.

33rd ditto — Major Fogarty to be The lord chancellor has presented major.

the rev. John Singleton to the rectory 35th ditto-Major Sutherland to be of Sutterby, near Spilsey, Lincolnshire. major.

The rev. William Vernor to succeed 29. Their excellencies the lords jus- to the prebend of north Newbald, in tices met at the council chamber, the county of York, vacant by the Whitehall, on the 26th instant, and death of the rev. C. Wheeler. opened their commission; when they were pleased to appoint W. Hamilton,

OCTOBER Henry Goulbourn, and H. Hobhouse,

20. Royal Artillery-Lieut.-general esqrs. secretaries to the lords justices. and colonel sir E. Howarth, K.C.B. Major-general Askew knighted.

to be colonel commandant; brevet co

lonel and lieut-colonel Pritchard to MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT.

be colonel; brevet lieut. colonel and Sept. 18. County of Louth.—The right

major Webbe Tobin, to be lieut.. hon. Thomas Henry Skeffington, of Oriel colonel ; and brevet major and captain temple, county of Louth, vice right

Brome to be major. hon. John Foster, now baron Oriel. Queen's County -Sir Charles Henry

MEMBER RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. Coote, of Ballyfyn, Queen's County, bart. vice right hon. W. W. Pole, now

Oct. 9. Shaftesbury.-R. Leycester, lord Maryborough.

jun. esq. v. hon. E. Harbord, now lord


The rev. D. H. Saunders, to the EcclesiaSTICAL Preferments, &c. living of Amblestone, in Pembrokeshire, The rev. T. Erskine, A. M. son of by the archbishop of Canterbury. J. F. Erskine, esq. of Mar, and chap

The rev. Thomas D'Eye Betts, clerk, lain to the right hon. lord Abercromby, B.A.instituted to the rectory and parish instituted to the vicarage of Beighton, church of Colney, Norfolk, on the in the county of Derby, vacant by the presentation of Jehoshaphat Postle, death of the rev. Richard Morton, on esq. of Colney-hall.

the presentation of the right hon. earl The rev. Robert Crockett, M.A. of Manvers. Brasennose college, Oxford, to the The rev. Henry Wray Whinfield, rectory of Nailston-cum-Normanton, to the rectory of Battlesdon-cum-PotLeicestershire.

grove, Northamptonshire. The rev. James Edwards, to the The rev. Charles Mackie, M. A. to rectory of Lanmadoc, Glamorgarıshire. the rectory of Quarley.

The rev. Thomas Mills, A.B. of Christ The rev. B. Crutwell, LL.B. to church, Oxford, to the rectory of the rectory of Sparksnall, Suffolk. Stutton, Suffolk

The rev. L. Brown, B. A. to the The rev. Edward Combe, to the rectory of Thorrington, Suffolk. rectories of Earnshill and Donyatt, The rev. W. Cockburn, to the Somerset.

rectory of Tilbridge, Devon.

PROMOTIONS, The rev. J. Wetherall, LL. B. ap- BREVET. Lieut.-gen. F. baron pointed one of the prebendaries of Hompesch to be a general in the army. Hereford cathedral.

24. Sir James Saumarez to be vice The bishop of Bristol has appointed admiral of the United Kingdom ; lord the rev. S. Seyer rural dean of his Northesk, rear-admiral of the United diocese.

Kingdom; and the 61st Foot to hear The rev. H. Law, B. A. fellow of on their colours and appointments, St. John's, Cambridge, and son of the the word “ Talavera.” bishop of Chester, has been collated 19th Light Drag.–Capt. sir J. R. by his lordship to the vicarage of Eustace to be major. Childwall , Lancashire.

27. 20th Foot-Col. James MaitOxford. The rev. Geo. W. Hall, land, to be lieut.-colonel. D.D. master of Pembroke college, 33rd-Brevet major Chas. Knight, after being previously nominated by to be major. the right hon. lord Grenville, chan. 38th-Brevet lieut-colonel Samuel cellor to the University, to be vice- Hall, to be lieut-colonel. chancellor for the year ensuing, was 54th-Brevet lieut-colonel Colqu. invested with that office, in full con. houn Grant, to be lieut.-colonel vocation ; after which he nominated 89th-Brevet major James L. Bashis pro-vice-chancellors, viz. the rev. dett, to be major. Thomas Lee, D. D. president of 27. Whitehall. - Earl of Wilton and Trinity college, the rev. Frodsham viscount Grey de Wilton, second son Hodson, D.D. principal of Brazennose of the earl of Grosvenor, by Eleanor college; the rev. Richard Jenkyns, his wife, only surviving child and heir D. D. master of Balliol college; and of Thomas earl of Wilton, deceased, the rev. John Collier Jones, D. D. to take and use the surname of rector of Exeter college.

Egerton only, and also bear the arms Cambridge.-William Joseph Bayne, of Egerton only. esq. B. A. of Trinity college, elected a fellow of that society.-The circum- MEMBER RETURNED TO PARLIAMENT. stance of there being only one vacancy Nov. 3. Salop.-R. Hill, esq. vice at the annual election of fellows, has John Cotes, esq. deceased. not happened before for upwards of 30 years.


The rev. Mr. Champney, to the NOVEMBER

living of Badsworth, near Pontefract, 13. 18th Light Dragoons -Capt. vacant by the death of the rev. sir T. George Luard, to be major.

Horton, bart. 17. 2nd Dragoons-Brevet lieut.- The rev. C. Miller, M. A. of Magcol. T. P. Hankin, to be lieut..colonel; dalen college, Oxford, appointed chapand capt. J. Grey, from the 10th lain to the countess of Roden. Light Dragoons, to be major.

The rev. J. Fayrer, late of Clare Ist Foot-Lieut. col. R. Armstrong, Hall, Cambridge, collated to the from the half pay, to be lieut.-colonelvicarage of St. Teath, Cornwall, by

13th-Lieut. col. M. M'Creagh, the bishop of Exeter: from the half pay, to be lieut.-colonel. The rev. C. Kingsley, LL. B. vicar

21st– Major J. T. Leahy to be of North Clifton, appointed chaplain lieut-colonel.

to the marquis of Exeter. 55th-Major Skerrett, from the The rev. George Harvey Vachell, 76th Foot, to be lieut.-colonel.

B. A. of St. Peter's, Cambridge, ape 92nd Lieut..col. D. Williamson, pointed one of the marquis of Salisfrom half pay of the 4th Foot, to be bury's domestic chaplains. lieut-col.

The rev. Thomas Pickthall, curate STAFF.-Major F. Russell, from the and lecturer of Waltham Abbey, 12th Light Dragoons, to be inspecting Essex, collated by the lord bishop of field officer of Militia in Nova Scotia London to the vicarage of Broxbourn, (with the rank of lieuto-colonel in the Herts. armay); and capt. J. L White, from The rev. Valentine Ellis, rector of the 55th Foot, to be sub-inspector of Barnardiston, Suffolk, to the living of Militia in the lonian Islands.

Walton, county of Buckingham. Vol. LXIII.


PROMOTIONS. The rev. Henry Fardell, of St. BREVET.-Capt. Robert Simpsort, John's Cambridge, and prebendary of town major of Portsmouth, a major in Ely, to the rectory of Tyd, St. Giles, the army. in the Isle of Ely, vacant by the death 18. Major-general Fitzgerald, and of the rev. Timothy Matthews. Henry Brooke, of Cole Brooke, Ferma

The rev. J. H. Rose, M. A. of Trinity nagh, created baronets. Sir John Croft college, Cambridge, and of Maresfield, permitted to wear the insignia of Sussex, presented by the archbishop tower and sword. of Canterbury, to the vicarage of Horsham, vacant by the death of the

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. rev. Mr. Jameson. Cambridge.-The rev. J. Hallowell,

Rev. H. K. Bonney, to the Arch. M. A. fellow of Christ's college, is ap- deaconry of Bedford. pointed pro-prætor for the ensuing Rev. J. T. Hurlock, D. D. to the year.

prebend of Husborne and Burbage, at The rev. Wm. Russell, of St. John's, Salisbury. admitted M. A.

Rev. John Moore (Archdeacon of Dr. John Clarke Whitfield, organist Exeter), to a prebend in Exeter of Hereford cathedral, and formerly cathedral. organist of Trinity and St. John's Rev. W.H. White, St. Mary Bredin colleges, elected professor of Music, in V. Canterbury. the room of the late Dr. Hague.

Rev. T. Watson, Thurlton R. Nor


Rev. C. Penrice, Little Plumstead 5. Whitehall. Alexander MʻInnes, R. with Witton & Brundall annexed, lieut. 2nd Life Guards, in memory of Norfolk. his maternal uncle, lieuto-gen. Robert Rev. H. Wilson, Collingburn Ducis Nicholson, to take and use the sur- R. Wilts. name of Nicholson only.

Rev. R. Skinner, Sampford Peverell BREVET.—Major Disbrowe, Grena- R. Devon. dier Guards, to be lieut.-colonel.- Rev. T. Tattershall, St. Matthew's Major hon. A. J. H. F. De Roos, to be perp. cur. Liverpool. lieut.-colonel.

Rev. Dr. Wylde, Waltham R. 8. 55th Foot-Capt. hon. E. Cust to Norfolk. be major.

Rev. J. Hodgkinson, Leigh R. 56th-Brevet-major Prichard to be Lancashire. major.

Rev. W. Wilkinson, Sowerby Cha91st-Maj. Macdonald to be major. pelry, near Thirsk, Yorkshire.

BREVET.-Colonel count Bentinck Rev. C. Ford, Billingford R. Norfolk. de Rhone to be major-general on the Rev. H. Dawson, Bunwell R. Nor. continent of Europe only.

folk. STAFF.—Lieut. col. Cotton, extra Rev. John Jenkyns, Horsmonden R. aide-de-camp to the king, with rank Kent. of colonel.

Rev. J. Hurt, Beeston V. Notts. 11. The marquis of Wellesley to be Rev. J. Jacob, St. Aubyn perp. cur. lieut.-general and general governor of Plymouth Dock. Ireland

Rev. C. Boyle, Tamerton Folliot The duke of Montrose, to be lord V. Devon. chamberlain, vice marquis of Hertford, Rev. J. Hodgkinson, Leigh V. Lanresigned; the marquis of Conyngham cashire. to be lord steward of the household, Rev. H. T. Grace, Westham V. vice marquis of Cholmondeley, re

Sussex. signed; and the duke of Dorset to be Rev. Henry Comyn, Monathon, master of the horse, vice the duke of otherwise Manacan V. Cornwall. Montrose, promoted as above. The Rev. John Jeffery, D. D. Exton R. duke of Dorset, the marquis of Somerset. Conyngham, and H. Goulburn, esq. Rev. H. Boulton, Sibsey V. Lincoln. sworn of his majesty's privy council. shire.

13. The earl of Huntingdon ap- Rev. R. T. Meade, Marston Bigot pointed governor of Dominica.

R. Somersetshire,

DEATHS. Rev. P. George, Aycliffe V.Durham. .verian by birth, but latterly a re

Rev. J. Miller, a minor canon in sident in America. He distinguished Durham cathedral.

himself some years ago by planning Rev. E. Day, Kirby Bedon St. the escape of La Fayette, which was Andrew R. Norfolk.

however without success. In Ame. Rev. J. Spurway, Pitt Portion R. in rica Dr. B. applied himself to mercanthe church of Tiverton.

tile, and scientific pursuits; among Rev. W. J. Birdwond, Holme V. the latter chemistry and political ecoDevon.

nomy were his favourite branches of Rev. George Coke, Aylton R. Here. study. He was possessed of the secret fordshire.

of rendering platina malleable. Died Rev. William Nourse, Clapham R. at Jamaica, of the yellow fever, DeSussex.

cember 9th. Rev. John Webb (minor canon of Bridel, Louis, Preacher in the Gloucester), Cardiff v,

French church at Basle, and proRev. M. Vicars, Allhallows R. fessor of oriental languages at the Exeter.

academy of Lausanne. Bis principal Rev.John Strode Foot, Liskeard V. works are, French Translations of the

Rev. Joseplı Ashbridge, Heath V. Book of Job, of the Psalms, and of Derbyshire.

the Fifth Canto of Dante's Inferno; Rev. H. H. Milman, M.A. of Brasen- an Essay on the Jewish Chronology, nose college, Oxford, to be professor and a variety of papers in Le Conser. of Poetry, vice Rev. J. Conybeare, vateur Suisse. Died at Lausanne, in resigned.

the month of February, in his 6lst year.

Fick, J. C. professor of history and DEATHS.

geography, and teacher of the English

language at the university of Erlangen. DISTINGUISHED FOREIGNERS, Born 12th Oct. 1763, died at Erlangen.

26th June. Chiefly Literary and Scientific Mer. Fiorillo, Domenico, the author of

Geschichte der Zeichnenden Kunste, Achard. A learned naturalist, di. &c. His History of Italian Painting, rector of the physical class in the aca. although serviceable as a work of redemy of sciences at Berlin, and ference, contains but little originality member of several foreign academies. or deep research, being principally a Died at Kunern, April 22, aged 69. compilation from the numerous Italian

Bartsch, Adam. Knight of the order writers on art. As an artist, he was of Leopold, aulic counsellor, and di- entitled to but little praise either for rector in chief of the imperial library the composition or the execution of at Vienna. This indefatigable con. his subjects ; nor did he avail him. noisseur was well known to all print self, as he might have done, of his collectors by his valuable work, Le long residence in Italy. Died Sept. Peintre Graveur, in 20 volumes, 8vo. 10th, in his 74th year. which is a valuable addition to the Fontanes, M. de, a distinguished literature of that branch of the fine French litterateur, born at Niort, of arts to which he more particularly de- a noble family, 1761. At the age of voted his time and talents. Just 21, he published a translation of Pope's before his death he had completed an- Essay on Man, which he afterwards other useful publication, in two vo- revised and corrected. He produced lumes, 8vo. Anleitung zer Kupfer- also many poetical works, and at the stichkunde (Introduction to the Study commencement of the Revolution puband Knowledge of Engravings); a lished a Journal entitled the Modework that may be considered as an rator. Afterwards another called the excellent grammar of the art, and as Memorial, in conjunction with M. La affording much information within a Harpe, which was suppressed in Sept. small compass.

His own etchings 1799, and all the parties concerned amount 505. Born August 7, in it obliged to escape. On this occaDied August 21.

sion Fontanes came to England, where : Bollmann, Dr. Erzick, was an Hano. he became acquainted with M. Cha

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