תמונות בעמוד

MARRIAGES. ter of Thomas Shrawley Vernon, esq. daughter of Thos. Lane, esq. of Linof the former place.


15. At Knaresborough, by the rev., SEPTEMBER.

E. Dawkins, fellow of All Souls Ox3. The rev. Frederick Manners Sut. ford. lieut. col. Dawkins, M. P. Coldton, eldest son of John Manners Sutton, stream guards, to Emma. eldest esq. of Kilham, Notts, to Henrietta daughter of Thos. Duncombe, esq. of Barbara, third daughter of the hon. Cassgrove, in the county of York. and rev. John Lumley Saville, of Ed- At Edgebaston, Warwickshire, Wilmonstow, in the same county.

liam Jesser Sturch, eldest son of W. At St. James's-church, George Hole, Sturch, esq. of Montague street, Rusesq. of Chumleigh, grandson of the laté sel-square, to Caroline, third daughter Dr. Horne, bishop of Norwich, to Jane, of Timothy Smith, esq. of Ickneildyoungest daughter of R. H Crew, esq. house, near Birmingham. secretary to the hon. board of Ordnance. At St. George's, Hanover-square,

5. George Daintry, esq. eldest son of lieut.-col. Fearon, 31st regiment, to John Smith Daintry, esq.of Foden-bank, Miss Palmer. in the county of Chester, to Elizabeth, At Broadwater, Sussex, sir Thomas eldest daughter of John Hext, esq. of Hesketh, bart. of Rufford Hall, in Restormel-park, Cornwall.

the county of Lancaster, to Miss Louisa At St. Pa ras, Joseph Kirkpatrick, Allamand. esq. jun. banker, Newport, Isle of 18. At Bath, by a Catholic clergyman, Wight, to Maria Isabella, only daugh- and on the 23rd, at GretnaGreen, Charles ter of John Kirkpatrick, es of Paris. Dormer ,esq. to Elizabeth, daughter of

At Worth, Sussex, by the rev. Charles Frederick de Coetlogon, ésq. Samuel Legatt, chaplain of the forces, Charles Marsh Adams, esq. of Coven. Horatio Legatt, esq. of the Royal Ter- try, to Catherine Mary, daughter of the race, Adelphi, to Anna Maria, second late Jacob Turner, esq. of Park-hall. daughter of the rev. Geo. Maximilian 19. Maximilian J. Wolff, esq. of ManBethune, LL.D. of Worth rectory. chester, Jamaica, to Maria, daughter

At St. George's, Hanover square, the of Hymen Cohen, esq. of London. rev. Richard Darch, vicar of Milverton 23. Mr. Henry Carter, of Parliamentwith Longford, in the county of Somer street, to Elizabeth Jane, daughter set, to Isabella Ann, eldest daughter of of the late_Dr. Bourgeois, and third the late captain Elphinstone, R. N. of niece to sir Francis Bourgeois Belair, near Plymouth.

At Leghorn, John Christie, esq. of John Gott, esq. eldest son of Benja- Hoddesdon, Herts, to Caroline, daughmin Gott, esq. of Ārmley house, to Mary ter of John Falconar, esq. his Britannic Anne, daughter of Edward Brook, esą. majesty's consul-general for Tuscany. of Chapel Allerton, both near Leeds. 25. James Bishop, esq. of Woburn

Al Âbinger, in Surrey, John Camp- place, to Emily, daughter of the late bell, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, barrister at rev. Dr. Berkeley, of Writtle, Essex law, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter At Wincanton, Mr. James Helps, of of James Scarlett, esq. M.P. for Pefer. London, to Anne, daughter of the late borough..

rev.James Plucknett, of Balsam-house, 13. At Derby, capt. Batty, of the 1st Wincanton. or grenadier regt. of guards, to Joanna 26. James Pew, esq of the ordnanceMaria, eldest daughter of John Bar- office, Tower, to Miss Catherine Harrow, esq. secretary to the Admiralty. riet Mason, of Camberwell.

Mary-le bone-church, captain 27. J. Hewitson, esq. of Mile End, George Digby, R.N. to Elizabeth, only to Rebecca, daughter of capt. Pinkey, daughter of 'sir John Walsh, bart. of of the West India service. Warfield, in the county of Berks. 28. Thos. Maling, son of col. Welsh,

At Camberwell church, Ed. Lodge of Hertford-street, to Frances Sophia, Ogle, esq. to Elizabeth Frances, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Hunter, esg. daughter of the late J. M. Woodyear, At Leghorn, the hon. Arthur Hill esq. of the Island of St. Christopher. Trevor, son of lord visct. Dungannon,

At St. George's, Hanover square, to Sophia, daughter of Gorges Darcy William Money, esq. of Hanover. Irvine, esqof Castle Irvine (Ferstreet Hanover-square, to Jane, only managh), Ireland.



Charlotte, second daughter of gen. 1. Lieut.-col. Sam. Hall, of the Gascoyne, M. P. 89th regt. to Sophia Mary, daughter 16. At St. James's church, John Paul of Charles Lambert, esq. of Fitzroy. Bedford, esq. of the theatre royal, square.

Dublin, to Miss Greene, late of the Mr. Chas. Marmaduke Wilson, of theatre royal Covent Garden. York-street, to Frances Maria, daugh- At Ansley, Warwickshire, John ter of R. W. Elliston, esq. of Strat- Chetwode, esq. eldest son of sir Jo ford-place, and of Drury-lane theatre. Chetwode, bart. of Oakley, Stafford.

2. Major James Hacket, of the East shire, and nephew to the earl of StamIndia service, to Marguerite, daughter ford, to Elizabeth Juliana, eldest of the late colonelo Gledesdale, of daughter of John Newdigate Ludford, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

esq. D. C. L. of Ansley-hall. 3. Lieut.-colonel Darling, to Mrs. At Valleyfield, John Hay, esq.jun. O'Rourke, widow of the late lieut.. of Smithfield and Haystone, to Miss col O'Rourke, and daughter of the Ann Preston, daughter of the late hon. Robert Reid, president of his lieut. col. George Preston, of the royal majesty's council in the island of Do- marines, and niece of sir Robert Pres. minica.

ton, of Valleyfield, bart. At St. James's church, by the rev. At Aberdeen, Wm. Knight, L L. D. Chas. Jas. Hoare, rector of Blandford, professor of natural philosophy in the Dorsetshire, Henry Charles, second institution of Belfast, to Jane, eldest son of Henry Hugh Hoare, esq. of daughter of the rev. Dr. Glennie, proBarn Elms, in the county of Surrey, to fessor of moral philosophy and logic. Mrs. Prince, youngest daughter of the By the rev. J. Mackenzie, D. D. late general Ainslie.

lord'Edward Chichester, second son of H. W. Sober, esq. of White Stanton, the marquis of Donegal, to Amelia Somerset, to Elizabeth, youngest Diana, daughter of Henry Deane daughter of sir John Dashwood King, Grady, esq. of Merrion-square, Dub. bart. M. P.

lin. At St. George's, Hanover-square, 22. At Walthamstow, J. W. FreshHenry Fisher Sloane, esq. of Rock- field, esq. of Stoke Newington, to F. beare-court, in the county of Devon, J. Sims, of Churchhill-house, Walto Sarah, eldest daughter of the late thamstow, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Porter, esq. of Rockbeare- J. Sims, esq. of that place. house, in the same county.

23. At St. James's church, by the At St. John's church, Chester, Mr. rev. Robert Moore, Prebendary of CanRobert Mercer, of Heburne bridge, near terbury, sir W. Johnstone Hope, M. P. Blackburn, to Miss Jemima Níorris, one of the lords of the Admiralty, to of Chester. The parties were to have the right hon. Maria, countess of been married thirty-six years ago; Athlone, sister to sir Robert Eden, the bridegroom has since that period bart. of Windlestone, in the county of been living in matrimony, and has had Durham. eighteen children by his first wife ; and 29. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Mr. what adds to the singularity of this Hamblin, of the theatre royal, Bath, marriage, is, that until the day to Miss Elizabeth Blanchard, daughter previous to its taking place, the happy of Mr. Blanchard, of the theatre royal, couple had not seen each other for Covent Garden. thirty-six years.

30. At Harlow-church, lieut. col. 10. Al Mary-le-bone church, Ben. Johnson, of the 86th regt. to Emma jamin Robert Haydon, esq. historical Julia, second Daughter of W. Sims, painter, to Mrs. Hymon, of Stone esq. of Hubert's-hall, Essex. house, Devonshire.

31. At Walcol-church, Bath, by the 13. At Llannorthe, Monmouthshire, hon. and rev. James St. Leger, John Hawkins, esq. of Balams, Herts, Richard Smith, esq.of Ballinatre, high to Maria Anne, daughter and co-heiress sheriff of the county of Waterford, to of the late Chas. Dodd, esq. of Piggot's the hon. Harriet St. Leger, daughter End, Herts.

of the late, and sister to the present At Atterdon church, Kent, the hon. viscount Doneraile, of Donerailecaptain Campbell, R. N.-M. P. to house, in the county of Cork.

MARRIAGES. At St. Andrew's Auckland, capt.Clut. Parsons, youngest daughter of the late terbuck, of the 65th regt. of foot, son of J. Parsons, esq. John Clutterbuck, esq. of Workworth, Charles Henry Pilgrim, esq. of Ken, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of sington, to Miss Holford, daughter of the late hon. Thos. Lyon, of Hutton- Charles Holford, esq. of Hampstead. house, near Durham.

15. At St. Pancras-church, lieut. col. Lately, In Westphalia, his serene A. Hogg, of the hon. E. I. company's highness, the duke de Croy, prince of service, to Agnes, daughter of W. Dinthe empire, peer of France,

andgrandee widdie, esq. of Burton crescent. of Spain, to Miss Maria Dillon daugh. Al St. George's, Hanover-square, ter of the hon. colonel Henry Dillon, John William Thomas, esq. to Mary and first cousin of the present viscount Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W, Dillon.

Yems, esq. of Clapham. At the Protestant church, Caen, by At Mary-le-bone-church, the rev, the rev. W. Jesse, Gustave D’Escri. Geo. Ernest Howman, of Shiplake, Oxvieux, capitaine au corps royal de fordshire, to Jane Sarah Wightwick, l'etat major, and aide de camp to eldest daughter of the late John Wightgeneral Baron de Puthod, to Jane, wick Knightely, esq. of Offchurch eldest daughter of Richard Moore, esq. Bury, Warwickshire.

At Thun, by the dean of Raphoe, 20. At Hackney, Alex. Hutchison, Edward Cromwell Desbrowe, esq. his esq. of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, to Britannic majesty's chargé d'affaires to Anne, eldest daugther of Alex. Hutchithe Swiss confederacy, to Anne, eldest

son, esq. of Lower Clapham. daughter of the hon. Robt. Kennedy. At Melksham, by the rev. Charles

Al Paris, at the British ambassador's Tufnell, Henry, youngest son of the chapel, the baron de Gavedele Geanny, hon. colonel Seymour, to Charlotte, to Eliza, widow of George Dering, son youngest daughter of the late sir of the late and uncle of the present sir Samuel Whitcombe. Edward Dering, bart. of Surrenden 21. At St. Lawrence, in the isle of Dering, Kent.

Thanet, the rev. James Volant Vashon, At Brussels, at the British ambas- son of admiral Vashon, to Mary Ann, .sadors chapel, col. Berrington to Mrs. daughter of the late Christopher Dickinson.

Mayhen, esq. of Ramsgate, and niece of

Thomas Garret, esq. of Nether court. NOVEMBER

At Edinburgh, by the rev. bishop 3. At St. James's church, the rev. Sandford, wm. Herriesker, esq. to Charles Crook, rector of Bath, to Char. Madaline, daughter of the late colonel lotte Mary, eldest daughter and co- Riccart Hepburne, of Riccarton. heiress of the late Charles Worthington, At Edinburgh, captain Alex. Gordon, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, and Lansdown- R. N. to Mary Elizabeth, only daughcrescent, Bath.

ter of the laté sir Ernest Gordon, bart. 6. Al Croom-church, by the rev. of Park. Edward Nash, Hugh Massy, esq. eldest At Tangshiny.church, in the county son of the hon. G. E. Massy, of Rivers- of Longford, sir George Ralph Fetherdale, to Mary Anne, only daughter of stone, bart. M. P. for that county, to Robert Harding, esq. of Cherry-grove, Francis Elizabeth Solly, eldest daughin the county of Limerick.

ter of Mrs. Jessop, and of the late 13. At Carlisle, sir Frederick Triese Richard Solly, esq. of York-place, BedMorshead, bart. of Derwent-lodge, ford-square, London. and grand-daughCumberland, to Jane, second daughter ter of sir F. Flood, bart. of Robert Warwick, esq. of Warwick- Capt. George Goslin, R. N. to Felicia hall, in the same county.

Jane, daughter of rev. Charles JohnAt St. Alban's, Wood.street, the rev. son,

Prebendary of Wells. George Edward Beckwith, to Eliza. At Mary-le-bone, and afterwards at beth Jane, only child of J. Hanbury, the French ambassador's, Cæsar esq. of Laytonstone, in the county of Moreau, esq. attached to the French Essex.

consul-generalship in Great Britain, to 14. At Felbridge-park, Sussex, by Mary, daughter of the late Robert pecial licen the hon.

neral Fre.

Wemys Spearman, esq. of county derick St. John, to Caroline Elizabeth Durham.

PROMOTIONS. Rev. Edward Rogers, M. A. vicar of Lincoln's-inn, to Louisa, daughter of Constantine, Cornwall, and preben- rev. John Lloyd, of Barnack, Northdary of Salisbury, to Catherine, daugh- amptonshire, ter of John Boulderson, esq. of Maw- Captain James A. Murray, R. N. nam, Cornwall.

nephew to the duke of Athol, to 23. John viscount Glenorchy, only Harriet, daughter of late Wm. Coupson of the earl of Breailalbane, to Elizá, land, esq. of shrewsbury. daughter of G. Baillie, esq. of Jervis- John William Birch, esq. Inner. woode, Scotland.

Temple, to Diana Eliza, daughter of William Robert Keith Douglas, late Jas. Bouchier, esq. of Little Berkesq. brother of the marquis of Queens- hamstead. berry, to Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Faux, esq. of ThornbyWalter Irvine, esq Luddington-house, lodge, Northamptonsire, to Miss CharSurrey.

lotte Moulsey, of Barton-under-NeedCaptain George Harris, R.N.-C.B. wood. to Anna Maria, daughter of John 14. John Nicholl, esq. of MerthyWoodcock, esq. of Fern Acres, Bucks. mawr, son of sir John Nicholl, to Jane

The earl of Wilton, second son of Harriett, daughter of late Thomas the earl and countess Grosvenor, to Mansell Talbot, esq. of Margan and lady Mary Stanley, eldest daughter of Penrice castles, both in Glamorganthe earl and countess of Derby.


15. Francis, son of Joseph Wigg, DECEMBER.

esq. of North-place, to Elizabeth Anne, 2. At Paris, Jacob Emilius Irving, daughter of Thomas Edward Sheresq. of Jamacia, formerly of 10th light wood, esq. of Lewisham, Kent. dragoons, to Catherine, daughter of sir 17. William, only brother of sir J. Homfray, of Boulogne.

Francis Sykes, bart of Basildon park, Lieut. Bague, R. N of Folly-house, Berks, to Miss Gattey. daughter of Ipswich, to Miss Yarrow, of Jermyn: Edward Gattey, esq. of Exeter. street.

18. Joseph Watts Toosey, esq.

hon. 3. At Petworth, Mr. William Henry East India company's civil service, to Witherby, of Birchin-lane, to Jane Mary, daughter of William Deane, esq. Frances, eldest daughter of Wm. Hale, of Alton-håll, Suffolk. esq.

20. Lieut. col. sir Henry Watson, Edward Stanley, esq. Ponsonby. C.T.s. and brigadier-general in the hall, Cumberland, to Mary, daughter service of Portugal, to Anna Rosetta, of late W. Douglas, esq.formerly judge daughter of the late W. Thoytes

, esq. of the court of Adawlat, at Dacca, in of Sulhamstead house, Berks. the East Indies.

5. James Wadmore, esq. of Chapel. street, Paddington, to Miss Henrietta

PROMOTIONS. Robinson, ot Maida-place. 6. John Weller Lacey, son of W.

JANUARY Weller, esq. of Amersham, Bucks, to 6. 16th Foot-Brevet lieut.-colonel Maria, daughter of H. Foot, esq. of Shaw to be major. Clapham.

20th-Lieut-col. Ogilvie to be lieut.8. Robert Whitmore, esq. of Lin- colonel. coln's-inn, to Eliza, daughter of 22. Brevet-major Hewett, and major Joseph Kaye, esq. of Bank buildings. Broomfield, to be majors.

10. Henry Ř Morgan, late of Jamaica, 29th-Brevet lieut. col Horge to be to Eliza, daughter of James Dawson, lieut.-col., and brevet major Gell to be esq. of Lawn-house.

major. Lieut.-col. Packe, Grenadier guards, to 13. This Gazette notifies the issuing, Eliza, daughter of the rev. Vere Isham. of a new commission for the Board of

At Wynyard, Durham, the seat Control, in which Mr. C. B. Bathurst of lord Stewart, sir Henry Hardinge, is substituted for Mr. Canning. K. C. B. and M. P. for the city of Dure 20. 55th Foot-Major Mill, from ham, to Emily Jane James, sister to the half-pay of the 27th foot, to be the marquis of Londonderry:

major. 13. W. Lawrence Bicknell, esq. of

65th Major Dumas, from the half

PROMOTIONS. pay of the York Chasseurs, to be the order of the bath; and A. Wood, major.

esq. knight commander of the order 23. H. Beard, esq. appointed to be of St. Michael, and St. George of the lieut.-governor of Berbice.

Ionian Islands, knighted. 27. Brevet. - Major Dawes, 22nd 27. John Webb, esq. director-geDragoons, to be a lieut-colonel; and neral of the Ordnance medical depart. capt. Middleton, 22nd Dragoons, to be ment at Woolwich, knighted. a major.


Jan. 23. County of Roscommon— Compton Cavendish, esq. vice Dudley Arthur French, of Frenchpark-house, North- Chiltern Hundreds. esq. vice Arthur French, esq. deceased, County of Wicklow-James Grattan,

Borough of Yarmouth, Hants-- Theo- of Tennehink, co. Wicklow, esq. vice dore Henry Lavington Broadhead, Parnell, deceased. of Berkeley-square, Middlesex, esq. 27. New Ross-F. Leigh, esq. of vice Theodore Henry Broadhead, esq. Rosegarland, co. Wexford, vice Carroll, deceased.

Chiltern Hundreds. 27. St. Alban's-H. W. Wilson, vice Plympton Earle–W.G. Paxton, esq. Robarts deceased.

of Watford-place, Herts, vice Boswell,

Chiltern Hundreds. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. DumbartonJ. Buchanan, esq. of Ar Rev. James Coles, chaplain to the doch, vice Colquhoun, deceased. earl of Tankerville, Michaelstone Viddw R. Monmouthshire.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. Hon. and Rev. Charles George The rev. J. Watts, M.A. Fellow of Perceval, Calverton R. Bucks. the University College, Oxford, ap.

Rev. Wm. Stocking, Tuddenham pointed domestic chaplain to the earl St. Mary R. Suffolk.

of Besborough.

The rev. A. Wheeler, D.D. headFEBRUARY.

master of the college school, Wor3. Dr. A. Halliday, knighted. cester, to the rectory of Broadway.

Lord Combermere appointed go- The rev. Mr. Heath, son of Dr. vernor of Sheerness, v. general Gwyn, Heath, head-master of Eton school, deceased.

to the valuable rectories of West Dean 1st Drag. Guards-Gen. Cartwright and East Grinstead, near Salisbury. to be colonel, v. general Gwyn, de- The rev. Edward Colman Tyson, ceased.

B.A. Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cam3rd Light Dragoons — Lord Com- bridge, elected second master of the bermere to be colonel, v. Cartwright, royal mathematical school at Christ promoted.

hospital. Brevet.—Lieuto-col. Reynett to be The Bishop of Lincoln has instituted colonel on the continent only.

the rev. E. Fane, rector of Fulbeck, 10. Lord Beresford appointed go

to the Prebend of Clifton. vernor of Jersey, and sworn a member The duke of Hamilton has presented of the Privy Council.

the rev. Mr. Proudfoot, minister of Sir H. Warde appointed governor of Shorts, to the church and parish of Barbadoes; and sir T. Brisbane, go- Strathhaven, Presbytery of Hamilton. vernor of New South Wales.

Oxford.-On February 10, the fol13th Light Dragoons—Brevet major lowing degrees were conferred. BaMacalester to be major.

chelor in divinity, the rev. Ellis 20 Vice Admiral sir G. Martin to Ashton, Fellow of Brazennose. be a knight grand cross, of the order of Masters of Arts; the rev. W. Salmon the bath; and Mr. R. Donkin, jun. Bagshaw, of Worcester, and the rev. Hanoverian consul at Mount's Bay, Charles S. S. Depuis, of Pembroke. co. Cornwall

Bachelors of Arts, Fras. Lipscomb, 24. Marquis of Graham sworn of of University college, and H. J. B. the Privy Council ; and sir R. Brown. Nicholson, of Magdalen-hall. rigg and sir G. Martin, invested with Cambridge. The subject for the the ensigns of knights grand cross of Seatonian prize poem for the yeart is

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