תמונות בעמוד

a son.

making a family of five children in 17 sir R. J. Sullivan, of Thames Ditton, months.

bart. to Arabella Jane Wilmot, only .23. In Southampton-buildings, the daughter of the late V. H. Wilmot, wife of Chas. Philips, esq. barrister-at- of Farnborough, Hants, esq. and of law, a son.

the right hon. lady Dacre. 24. The wife of lieut.-col. T. W. The rev. E. Å. Owen, rector of Forster, of Newport Pagnell, a son. Cound, to Miss Hinchcliffe, grand

26. The wife of C. Raymond Barker, daughter of the late bishop of Peteresq. Blandford-street, a son.

borough, and niece to lord Crewe. 27. At Exmouth. the lady of sir R. Sir Robert Steele, to Emily, Gifford, attorney-general, a son. daughter of the late W. Clarke, esq.

30. At Geneva, the wife of F. D. of Beemister, Dorsetshire. Swann, a son.

9. At Wolverhampton, the hon.

capt. Joceline Percy, R. N. son of the DECEMBER

earl of Beverley, and cousin to his 1. At Bryn, Glamorganshire, the grace the duke of Northumberland, to hon. lady Morris, a daughter. Sophia Elizabeth, third daughter of

At Hargrave rectory. Northampton. Moreton Walhouse, Esq. of Hathershire, the wife of the rev. Wm. Baker, ton, Staffordshire.

Major-gen.Robt. Douglass, to Mary, 2. At Kensington, the wife of Wm. eldest daughter of W. Packer, esq. Wilberforce, jun. esq. a son and heir. formerly of Charlotte-street, Blooms

The wife of Charles Walmesley, bury. esq. of Westwood-house, Lancashire, a Capt. Charles Cunliffe Owen, R. N. daughter.

to Miss Mary Peckwell, daughter of 8. At Woolwich, the wife of James Mr. Serjeant Blosset, deputy recorder Thompson. esq. R. M. a daughter. of Cambridge.

9. Åt Weald-hall, Essex, the wife By the hon. and rev. Richard Cust, of Christ. Thus. Tower, esq. a daughter. at Mary-le-bone church, capt. the

10. At Kensington, the wife of Har- hon. E. Cust, M. P. Equery to his rison Gordon Codd. esq. a daughter. royal highness, prince Leopold, to

11. At Leyton, Essex, the wife of Mary Ann, only daughter of the late Robert H. Innes, esq. a daughter.

L. W. Boode, esq. At Brighton, the wife of captain 18. At Rosehill-house, Hants, by Lempriere, royal artillery, a daughter. special licence, by the bishop of Win

At Edgerton-lodge, near Hudders. chester, J. Cruickshank, esq. eldest field, the wife of rev. H.G. Maddock, son of J. Cruickshank, esq. of Langley

Park, in the county of Angus, to 14. At the earl of Lonsdale's-seat, the right hon. lady Anne Letitia CarCottesmore, Rutlandshire, lady Eleanor negie, second daughter of the earl of Lowther, a son.

Northesk. 16. At Woburn-abbey, the duchess Lately, at Mellendean, Chas. Abraof Bedford, a son.

ham Leslie, esq. eldest son of sir John At Brompton, the wife of William Leslie, bart. of Warder and Findrassie, Horsely, Mus. Bac. of twins.

to Anne, third daughter of Adam 18. At the Hague, the countess of Walker, esq. of Mairhouselaw, RoxAthlone, a daughter.

burghshire. 26. The wife of J. B. Heath, esq. of At Ayr, lieut..col. J. Shaw, late of Bloomsbury-place, a daughter. the 43rd regt. to Mary Primrose, se.

At Ember-Cottage, the wife of Robert cond daughter of David Kennedy, of Taylor, jun. esq. a son.

Kirkmichael. 27. The lady of sir George Clerk, At Inveresk-house, the residence bart. M. P. a son.

of the right hon. lady Seaforth, Joshua'

Henry Mackenzie, esq. advocate, to MARRIAGES.

the hon. Helen Anne Mackenzie,

youngest daughter of the late right JANUARY

hon. lord Seaforth. 3. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the lord bishop of London, the rev.

FEBRUARY. Fred. Sullivan, third son of the late 2. Lord Viscount Cranborn, son of

a son.

MARRIAGES. the marquis of Salisbury, to Miss

MARCH. Gascoigne.

1. By special licence, at St. George's, 3. Thomas Jones, esq. of Llidfar, Hanover-square, by the rev. Hen. Machynleth, Montgomeryshire, to Penruddocke, Wyndham Wadham Emma Anne Owen, daughter of the Wyndham, esq. M. P. to Anna Eliza, late major-general Owen, and sister daughter of lieut..gen. Slade, of Manof sir Wm. Owen, bart.

sell-house, Somersetshire. 5. Thos. Tayler, esq. of Trinity 4. At the palace of Canino, near College, Oxford, to Miss Fanny Man. Rome, Thomas, son of T. Wyse, esg. sel, daughter of the late bishop of of the manor of St. John, near WaterBristol, and master of Trinity College. ford, to Letitia, daughter of Lucien

The rev. John Fitz Moore, "of Buonaparte, prince of Canino. Ivinghoe, Bucks, to Mrs. Halsey, of 5. At St. James's church, by the very Gaddestone Park, Herts.

rey, the dean of Canterbury, James 6. Al Kensington, the rev. Dr. Fitzgerald, esq. third son of the rev. Crigan, rector of Marston, and son of Gerald Fitzgerald, D.D. (late vice the late bishop of Sodor and Man, to provost of Trinity College, Dublin) Mary, third daughter of col. Smelt, and nephew to the bishop of Limerick, lieut.-governor of the Isle of Man. to Miss King, of North Petherton,

At Dover, capt. Rob.. Deans, R.N. Somersetshire. second son of the late admiral Deans, 6. At Brighton, by the dean of to Mary, daughter of the late Rich. Hereford, George, youngest son of Clay, esq. of Gloucester-place, Port- Thos. Harrington, esq. of Brighton, man-square.

to Lucy Catherine, only daughter of 9. Wm. Parry Richards. esq. son Thos. Hill, esq. of the same place. of the right hon. lord chief justice, to 8. At Everton, near Liverpoo Frances Eliza, youngest daughter of Arthur Latham, esq to Susanna, third the late Jonathan Darnett, esq. daughter, and John Wallis, esq. to

10. At Mary-le-bone Church, capt. Eliza, youngest daughter of Geo. Robl. Garrett, of Ellington, to Mrs. Roach, esq. of Everton, formerly of Devaynes, widow of the late Wm. Lisbon. Devaynes, of Updown, in the Isle of 10. At the Abbey-church, Bath, Thanet.

lieut..col. James Johnstone Cochrane, 12. Mr. J. P. Carry, of Berne, 3rd regt. of guards, to Charlotte, Switzerland, to Sarah

Johanna. daughter of John Wiltshire, of Shockdaughter of J. Browning, esq. of erwick-house. Purslow Hall, Salop. 13. G. W. Sanders, esq. of Lincoln's

APRIL Inn, barrister, to Georgiana Frances, 5. John Warburton, M.D. of Clifeldest daughter of Thos. Griffith, esq. ford-street, Bond-street, to Anne, Pall-mall.

eldest daughter of John Abernethy, 21. At Longford, by the right hon. esq. of Bedford-row. and rev. the earl Nelson, T. Bolton, At Cirencester, by the bishop of esq: (nephew and heir presumptive Norwich, the right hon. the earl of to his lordship), to Miss Eyre, daughter Dartmouth, to lady Frances Charlotte and sole_heiress of the late John Chetwynd "Talbot, daughter of his Maurice Eyre, esq. of Longford-house. excellency earl Talbot, lord lieutenant

22. At Beddington, by the rev. J. of Ireland. H. B. Mountain, A. M. the rev. G. R. At Clewer, James Brooks, esq. of Mountain, vicar of North Kelsey, and the county of Devon, late capt. in the third son of the lord bishop of Quebec, 29th regt. to Catherine, daughter of to Katherine, youngest daughter of lieut.-colonel Basset, of Windsor. the late T. Hinchliff, esq. of Mitcham, 7. Wm. Hayes, esg. of SouthamptonSurrey.

place, to Maria, third daughter of w. 26. At Florence, viscount Tulla. J. Reeves, esq. of Woburn-place, more, only son of the earl of Charle. Russel-square. ville, to Miss Beaujolois Campbell, 12. At St. Paul's Covent-garden, daughter of the late col. Campbell, of Samuel Platt, esq. of BrunswickShaw field, and niece to the duke of square, to Elizabeth, daughter of Argyll.

Charles Gomond Cooke, esq. of SouthVol. LXIII.


MARRIAGES. ampton-street, and of Upper Pool. 15. Capt' Long. late of the Royal house, near Hereford.

Horse Guards (Blue),to Mary,daughter AL Eversby, W. H. T. Hawley, of Edward Daniel, esq. barrister at esq. of West Green-house, Hants, to law. Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of The rev. Carey Chas. Alfred Sabocapt. Broughton, R. N. of Eversby. nadiere, to Sophia, daughter of the

14. At St. George's Hanover-square, very rev. D. F. Durand, dean of by the bishop of Lincoln, the rev. W. Guernsey. Pegus, to the countess dowager of Wm. Lister Fenton Scott, esq. of Lindsey.

Wood Hall, to Charlotte, daughter of 21. Geo. Rose, esq. of Lincoln's the late sir R. V. B. Johnstone, bart. Inn, to Anne, daughter of the late of Hackness, both in Yorkshire. capt. Robert Pouncey, of the hon. John Parkinson, esq. his majesty's East India Company's service. consul at Pernambuco, te Miss Pe

Capt. Baghott, of the Soth regiment, nelope Page, of Ivy House, Richto Charlotte, daughter of the late col. mond, daughter of Wm. Page, esq. Sloper, of Tetbury, formerly of the of Southampton. Royal Horse Guards (Blue).

John Tidd Pratt, esq. of the Inner 23. Right hon Heneage, earl of Temple, to Anne, daughter of the Aylesford, to lady Augusta Sophia late major Thomas Campbell. Greville, sister to the earl of Warwick.

24. At Crawley, Hants, John Latham, 25. The rev. H. B. Lennard, son esq. Fellow of All Souls, Oxford, of sir T. B. Lennard, bart. of Bell. eldest son of John Latham, M. D. House, Essex, to Hebe Dorothy, Harley-street, and of Bradwall-hall, daughter of E. Prideaux, esq. late of Chester, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest Haseworthy, Cornwall.

daughter of the late hon. Mr. Justice 26. At St. Paul's, Covent-garden, Dampier. sir Wm. Dick, bart. to Caroline, relict 28. At St. George's, Hanover-square, of lieut. col. Alex. Frazer, of the 76th Thomas Baldock, esq. to Charlotte, regt. of foot.

youngest daughter of the late lieut. 30. At St. George's Hanover-square, col. Ross, of the royal marines. sir Charles Grey, one of the judges 31. At Chichester, the rev. Rowland of the supreme court at Madras, to Grove Curtois, chaplain of the forces, Elizabeth, daughter of sir Samuel to Louisa Georgina, eldest daughter Clerk Jervois, bart. of Tasworth Park, of major-general Widrington. Hants.

At Paddington Church, by the

bishop of London, the rev. Dr. GoodMAY.

enough, head-master of Westminster 1. At St. George's Hanover-square, school, and youngest son of the lord by the bishop of St. Asaph, lieut.-col. bishop of Carlisle, to Frances, youngest Cooper (groom of the bed-chamber to daughter of Samuel Pepys Cockerell, H. Ř. H. the duke of Clarence), to esq. of Westbourne-house. Miss Baker, daughter of the late sir At St. Pancras, sir Stephen Shairp, Geo. Baker, bart. and only sister to of Russell-place, to Harriot, widow the present baronet sir Frederick. of the late Edward Astle, esq. of

The hon. Chas. Lang lale, third son Prince's-court, Westminster. of the late lord Stourton, to Mary, Lately at St. Alban's, the rev. sir eldest daughter of the late M. C. Max- John Filmer, bart. of Langleybury, well, esq. of Everingham Park. Herts, to Esther, daughter of the late

Lately, the rev. Christopher Capel, Mr John Stow, of Tenements of St. of Prestbury, near Cheltenham, to Stephen. Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the

JUNE. late sir Wm. Forbes, of Cragievar, 2. Sir R. Gresley, bart. to lady North Britain.

$. Coventry, youngest daughter of 7. At St. George's, Hanover-square, lord Coventry. by the dean of Carlisle, sir Henry L. H. Desanges, esq. of Finsbury Lambert, bart. to Anna Maria, youngest square, to Elizabeth, third daughter of daughter of the late hon. Edw. Foley, the rev. Dr. Dakins, of Dean's Yard, and sister to Edw. Foley, esq. of Westminster. Stoke Edith Park, Herefordshire. 21. At St. George's, Hanover-square, MARRIAGES. J. Roberts, esq. of Great Coram-st., 4. at Chatteris, Samuel George to Margaret Esther, sister to Wm. Smith, esq. second son of Samuel Rothery, esq. of Vernon-place, Blooms. Smith, esq. M. P. of Woodhall-park, bury-square.

Herts, to Eugenia, third daughter of Charles, second son of William the rev. Robert Chatfield, LL.D. vicar Tooke Robinson, esq. of Waltham- of Chatteris. stow, Essex, to Harriet, eldest 9. At Mary-le-bone church, Godfrey daughter of John Cayley, esq. of St. Thornton, esq. Grenadier Guards, Petersburgh.

eldest son of Stephen Thornton, esq. 23. At St. George's, Hanover-square, of Moggerhanger-house, Bedfordshire, Alex. Hamilton Leonard Earle, esq. to Susanna, eldest daughter of the son of the late col. Earle, of Tweed- late John Dixon, esq. of Cecil-lodge, house, Northumberland, to Sophia, Herts. only daughter of the late H. Parry, 10. At St. Mary-le bone church, esq. of Bath. The bride was given capt. Evelyn, to Miss Massey Dawson, away by field-marshal lord Beresford. daughter of J. H. Massey Dawson,

26. Isaac Freyer, esq. of Wimborne esq. M. P. of New Forest, county of Minster, Dorset, to Mary Anne, eldest Tipperary, Ireland. daughter of Thos. Moulden, esq. of ii. At Wakerly, Northamptonshire, Slatenborough-house, Kent.

lieut. col. Read, Grenadier Guards, 27. At Bow, John Julin, esq. to of Leadenham, Lincolnshire, to the Emilia, second daughter of the late right hon. lady Susan Sherard, sister rev. Dr. Lindsay.

to the earl of Harborough. Osborn Markham, esq. comptroller 12. John Cookney, esq. of the Mau. of the barrack department, to Miss ritius, to Tabitha, fifth daughter of Jervis, daughter of the late capt. the late rev. Wm. Parkins, of Twy. Jervis, R. N. and great niece of the ford, Bucks, and Kingsbury, Somerearl of St. Vincent.

setshire, chaplain in ordinary to his 29. At St. George's Hanover-square, majesty, &c. &c. Herbert Barrett Curtis, esq. M. P. Thos. Spencer, esg. of Gower-street, for Sussex, to Carolinę Sarah, second Bedford-square, to Catherine, daughter daughter and coheiress of the late of the late John Gardner, esq. of Robert Mascall, esq. of Peasmarch- Stamford. place, Sussex, and Ashford, in Kent. 14. At Cheltenham, Wm. Augustus

James Holmes, esq. of Montague. Orlebar, of Charlotte-st. Bedford sq. street, Russell-square, to Miss Roberts, son of the late Rich. Orlebar, esq. of of Harrow Weald.

Hinwick-house, Bedfordshire, to Mary At St. Mary-le-bone New-church, Caroline, second daughter of the late T. Dunbar, esq. second son of the late Ben. Longnal, esq. of Bath. sir G. Dunbar, bart. to Clementina, At Southampton, J. Dickson, esq. only daughter of Sam. J. Trickey, of the 67th regt. to Fanny Carolina, esq. Upper-Charlotte-st. Fitzroy-sq. youngest daughter of the late Charles

30. At St. George's Bloomsbury, Bacon, esq. of Moor-park, Surrey, and by the rev. Hen. Pepys, Ch. Pepys, of Grosvenor place, Bath. esq. of Lincoln's Inn, second son of Lieuto-col. "Bell, deputy quarter.

Wm. Weller Pepys, bart. to Caro- master-general, at the Cape of Good line Elizabeth, second daughter of Hope, to lady Catherine Harris, Wm. Wingfield, esq. of Lincoln's Inn. daughter of the late earl of MalmsMARRIAGES. of Grange House, Monmouthshire, to of Henry Villebois, esq. of GloucesterAnna Dorothea, daughter of John place, Portman-square. Vaughan Lloyd, esq. of Tyllwyd, 9. Wm. Stuart, esq. M. P. son of high sheriff of Cardiganshire.

bury. JULY.

16. At St. George's Hanover-square, 2. Col. Hugh Bailie, of Mortimer- capt. Hyde Parker, R. N. to Caroline, street, Cavendish-square, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late sir youngest daughter and co-heiress of Frederick Morton Eden, bart. the late Thomas Smith, esq. of Castlea 17. At St. George's, Hanover-square, ton-ball, Lancashire.

by the dean of "Carlisle, Wm. Sam. 3. At Ealing, Spencer Perceval, esq. Best, esq. eldest son of the hon. Mr. eldest son of the late right hon. Spencer Justice Best, to Jane, youngest Perceval, esq. to Anne Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Thoytes, daughter of the late general Macleod, esq. of Sulhampstead-house, Berks. of Macleod.

21. Charles Arthur Pritchard, esq.

the lord Primate of Ireland, to Hen23. Alexander Hamilton Leonard rietta, daughter of admiral sir C. Pole, Earle, esq. son of the late col. Earle,' bart. of Tweed House, Northumberland, The right hon. lord Charles Somerto Sophia, daughter of the late Henry set, governor, and commander of the Parry, esq. of St. Catharine's-court, forces at the Cape of Good Hope, to and New King-street, Bath.

the right hon. *lady Mary Poulett, At Arborfield, the rev. H. Hodgkin- daughter of the late, and sister of the son, domestic chaplain to lord Bray- present earl Poulett. brooke, rector of Arborfield, Berks, Evan Baillie, jun. of Dochfour, to and of Shaddingfield, Suffolk, to Sarah Charlotte Augusta Baillie Hamilton, Jametta Crignan, youngest daughter daughter of the late rev archdeacon of Claudius, late lord bishop of Sodor Charles Baillie Hamilton, and the right and Man

hon. lady Charlotte Baillie Hamilton. 25. John Moor Cave, son of John 11. John Bishop, esq. of Doctors' Cave, esą, of Brentry, Gloucester- Commons, son of the late C. Bishop, shire. to Isabella Langley, daughter the king's proctor, to Miss Caroline of William Havelock, esq: and grand. Gordon. daughter of the late 'sir Thomas 13. The rev John Kendrick, M.A, to Langley, bart.

Lætitia, daughter of the rev. C. Well27. Lieut. col. sir T, Noel Hill, beloved. bart. KCB. of the Grenadier Guards, 16. At the duke of Northumberland's, son of sir John Hill, bart. of Hawk- in St. James's-square, Fred. Thomas, stone, to the hon. Anna Maria Shore, son of major-gen. Buller, of Pelynt daughter of lord Teignmouth. and Lanreth, Cornwall, to the right

28. John, son of sir John Wrot- hon. lady Agnes Percy. tesley, bart. of Wrottesley Hall, to · The baron Stanislaus Choudoir, of Sophia Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas of the empire of Russia. to Lucy, Giffard, esq. of Chillington, both in daughter of sir. Alex. Crichton, M. D). Staffordshire.

F. R. S. first physician to the emperor 30. Henry William Stephens, esq. to and dowager empress of Russia. the right hon. lady Frances Bentinck. 23. At West Wratting, Richard

Greaves Townley, esq. jun. eldest AUGUST.

son of Richard Greaves Townley, of 1. The rev. Rich. Boyse, of Little Fulburne, in the county of Cambridge, Hadham, Herts, to Winifred, daughter to Cecil, second daughter of sir Charles of the late sir Thomas Berners Plestow, Watson, bart. of Wratting-park, in the of Watlington Hall, Norfolk.

same county. The rev. Edward Luard, of Mor- 27. At Conway, North Wales, sir ley, Derbyshire, to Julia D'Aranda, David Erskine, bart. of Cambo, Fifedaughter of the late Edward Coxe, shire, grandson of the earl of Kellie, esq. of Hampstead Heath.

to Jane Silence, only daughter of the 4. The right hon. viscount Kelburne, late Hugh Williams, esq. of Conway. to Miss Hay Mackenzie, daughter of the 29. At Putney, by the right rev. late Edward Hay Mackenzie esq. of the lord bishop of Nova Scotia, the rev. Newall and Cromarty.

W. C. Brant, of Putney-heath, to 7. Sir Fred. Watson, K.T.S. to Isabella Anne, youngest daughter of Sophia Anne, daughter of the late the late Rev. Geo. Wright, of Halifax, Wm. Thoytes, esq. of Sulhamstead- N. S. house, Berkshire.

30. At Mary-le-bone church, major 8. Stephen Lushington, esq. LL.D. sir Hen. Floyd, bart. of the 8th light M. P. for Ilchester, and fellow of All dragoons, to Mary, eldest daughter of Souls-college, Oxford, to Sarah Grace, Wm. Murray, esq. of Bryanstoneduughter of 1 hos. Wm. Carr, esq. of square, and of the Island of Jamaica. Fregnal, Middlesex.

At Astley, in the county of WorSn Francis Sykes, bart. of Basildon cester, Robert Bolton Waldron, esq. of Park, Bucks, to Henrietta, daughter Feckenham, to Lucy, youngest daugh.

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