תמונות בעמוד


Plan of the Military Constitu- Proclamation of the King to tion of the German Confede

the Neapolitans

595 ration

563 Proclamation of General FriSpeech of the King of Spain at

mont, Commander in Chief the opening of the Cortes on of the Austrian Army, to the the 1st of March, 1821 565 Neapolitans ....

596 Speech of the King of Spain at Act of Abdication by the King the Prorogation of the Cortes,

of Sardinia

597 and the Reply of the Pre

Act confirming the Act of Absident


dication by the King of SarLetter of General Morillo, in


598 justification of his Conduct

Circular Dispatch addressed by at Madrid, on the Night of the 20th August, 1821..

the Sovereigns of Austria, 572

Russia, and Prussia, to their Representation of the Members Ministers at Foreign Courts 399 of a Patriotic Club in the

Regulations issued by Order of City of Valladolid, and of other Citizens, to the King of

the Emperor of Russia for

the Trade of the Aleutian Spain

Islands, &c.....

605 Speech of the King of Spain at

Letter from the Grand Vizir to the Opening of the Extraor

Count Nesselrode

606 dinary Cortes, on the 28th

September, 1821.... 576 Reply of the Sublime Porte to Second Part of the Report of

Baron Strogonoff's Note.... 608 the Special Committee of Message of the President of the Cortes, appointed to take

the United States, to Coninto Consideration the King's


614 Message of the 25th Nov...

577 Representation of the Provin

HISTORY AND BIOcial Deputation, the Magis

GRAPHY trates, and the National Mi

litia of Cadiz, to the Cortes. 581 Memoirs of some parts of the Speech of Count de Sampayo Life of the Right Hon. Wm. on the Installation of the

Pitt ...

626 Portugueze Cortes

584 Biographical Sketch of Her Discourse which the King of late Majesty, Queen Caroline 636

Portugal caused to be read Sketch of the Life of Bonaparte, by his Secretary in the Sitting

with a List of his principal of July 4th, in Answer to


650 that which had been ad

Narrative of Schill's Resistance dressed to him by the Presi

652 dent of the Cortes, on the

to France, in 1809 ... Occasion of his taking the

Authentic Anecdotes of the late Oath to the Bases of the

Rev. Dr. Barrett, ViceConstitution


Provost of Trinity College,

656 Instructions of his Majesty the

King of Portugal, relative to Biographical Notice of Mrs. the Government of Brazil


660 during his Absence in Europe 588 Manifesto of the Government TRAVELS, MANNERS, &c. of the two Sicilies ...

....... 589 Instructions from the Regent to


Ascent of Mont Blanc

662 General Pepe

953 | Fate of the Last Remnant of




the Vardarelli Band of New Carrot

703 Robbers 672 Cork Tree

703 French Guiana 675 New Plant

703 Æthiopa 677 Spinage


On promoting the early Pu-
NATURAL HISTORY. berty of Apple and Pear Trees

when raised from Seed

704 Thibet Goats 680 The Golden Pippin

704 The Leech of Ceylon ·

680 Rain of Silk....




TURES. American Spider

681 Dugong


New Style of Engraving on Phosphorescence of Marine Copper.......

705 Animals

682 Rocket Experiments in India.. 707 The Unicorn


Application of the Congreve Moving Bog of Kilmaleady 683 Rocket in the Whale Fish

eries ...

708 GEOGRAPHY, ASTRO- Improvement in Aerostation 709 NOMY, &c. Mechanical Inventions


Method of Saving Lives in New Shetland


Cases of Shipwreck or Fire . 709 Gelatinous Meteor at Amherst in Massachusets

New Optical Machine

710 687 The Compass

Picture-cleaning ........

710 688 Nocturnal increase of Sounds.. 690

Improved Barometer

710 Propagation of Sound in Elastic


710 Fluids 691 Improved Carmine .......

711 Formation of Mists in particular

Lacker for Brass-work

711 situations.

691 Mr. Timbrell's Improvement

in the Rudder and Steerage
of Ships

Cleaning of Medals

712 Magnetic Phenomena belong

On the Application of Mineral ing to the Voltaic Apparatus 692

Colours to Stuffs, by M.

712 On the Action of Salts on the


713 Chloruret of Gold

700 Hyoscyamia

701 New Metal

701 ANTIQUITIES AND MIS. Vegetable Alkali: Daturium... 701 CELLANEOUS LITERAInstitute




State of the English Newspaper


Education in Italy
New Species of Clover


in France Culture of Opium in Great

Lost Classic Authors Britain ..

703 Cicero

723 723 724 724

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730 731

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Greek MSS.


POETRY. North American Antiquity 725

To the Rainbow Nismes


Verses addressed by Lord Byron Egyptian Obelisk


to Mr. Thomas Moore New Life of Cervantes


to Lady Holland Lady of the Lake


The Newdigate Prize PoemItalian Literature

727 Pæstum The Dying Gladiator


Schill Antique Glass

728 The God and the Bayadere Canova's Statue of Washington 728 Eruption of Vesuvius

732 733 734 737



For the Year 1821.




Opening of the Session of Parliament-Speech from the Throne- The Address-Mr. Wetherell's Motion for the Production of Documents relative to the Omission of the Queen's Name from the Liturgy-Addresses to the Queen - Loyal Addresses-Proceedings in Hampshire, Cheshire, and the County of Dublin-The Address of the Presbylery of Langholm voted a Breach of Privilege-Lord A. Hamilton's Motion on the Inexpediency of the Omission of her Majesty's Name from the Liturgy-Mr. Wetherell's Argument on the Illegality of that Measure-The Attorney General's Reply-Message from the Queen to the Commons-Motion for the Grant of an Annuity to her -Lord Tavistock's Motion condemning the Proceedings against her -The Speeches of Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Tierney, The Statements of Lord Castlereagh and Mr. Brougham-Mr.J. Smith's Motion for the Restoration of the Queen's Name to the Liturgy-Lord A. Hamilton's Motion on the Infringement of the Privileges of the Church of ScotlandT'he Lord Advocate's Explanation The Queen's Annuity Bill, and her Majesty's Acceptance of the Grant.

N Tuesday, the 23rd of Ja- quainting you, that I continue to

nuary, his majesty pro- receive from foreign powers the ceeded in state to the House of strongest assurances of their Lords, where he opened the ses- friendly disposition towards this sion of parliament by the follow. country. ing speech :

“ It will be a matter of deep « My Lords and Gentlemen; regret to me, if the occurrences “ I have the satisfaction of ac- which have lately taken place in Vol. LXIII.


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