The Works of Cornelius Tacitus: With an Essay on His Life and Genius, Notes, Supplements, &c, כרך 5

כריכה קדמית
Edward Earle. William Fry, Printer., 1813

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עמוד 404 - Pretty ! in amber to observe the forms Of hairs, or straws, or dirt, or grubs, or worms ! The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.
עמוד 269 - Who knows but He whose hand the lightning forms, Who heaves old ocean, and who wings the storms, Pours fierce ambition in a Caesar's mind...
עמוד 322 - Looking tranquillity ! It strikes an awe And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chilness to my trembling heart.
עמוד 131 - Egyptians worship various animals, 70and also certain symbolical representations, which are the work of man; the Jews acknowledge one God only, and him they see in the mind's eye, and him they adore in contemplation, condemning, as impious idolators, all who with perishable materials, wrought into the human form, attempt to give a representation of the Deity. The God of the Jews is the great governing mind (»'), that directs and guides the whole frame of nature, eternal, infinite, and neither capable...
עמוד 277 - In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and rested the seventh day : wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it.
עמוד 169 - A voice from the east, a voice from the west, a voice from the four winds, a voice against Jerusalem and the holy house, a voice against the bridegrooms and the brides, and a voice against this whole people!
עמוד 390 - The ancient Icelandic mythology calls him " the author of every thing that existeth; the eternal, the ancient, the living and awful Being, the searcher into concealed things, the Being that never changeth.
עמוד 136 - On the death of Herod, a man of the name of Simon, without waiting for the authority of the emperor, seized the sovereignty. He, however, was punished for his ambition by Quinctilius Varus, the governor of Syria; and the nation, reduced to submission, was divided in three portions between the sons of Herod.
עמוד 219 - For this purpose a number of milkwhite steeds, unprofaned by mortal labor, are constantly maintained at the public expense, and placed to pasture in the religious groves. When occasion requires, they are harnessed to a sacred chariot, and the priest, accompanied by the king or chief of the state, attends to watch the motions and the neighing of the horses. No other mode of augury is received with such implicit faith by the people, the nobility, and the priesthood. The horses upon these solemn occasions...
עמוד 223 - The chief must show his liberality, and the follower expects it. He demands at one time this warlike horse, at another that victorious lance imbrued with the blood of the enemy. The prince's table, however inelegant, must always be plentiful : it is the only pay of his followers.

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