On Art in the Ancient Near East: Of the First Millennium B.C.E.

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Irene Winter
BRILL, 2010 - 640 עמודים
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This volume of Collected Essays brings together for the first time the range of Winter's pioneering studies related to Neo-Assyrian relief sculpture and seals, Phoeician and Syrian ivory and bronze production, and inter-polity connections across the various cultures of first millennium B.C.E. from the Aegean to Iran. Consistent threads are an emphasis on the potential for art historical analysis to yield 'history' in the broadest sense; the importance of making the theoretical frame of interpretation explicit; and the necessity of textual evidence being brought to bear on upon elements of formal analysis and archaeological context.

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The Royal Image and
Scale and Meaning
Chapter Four Ornament and the Rhetoric
Chapter Five Phoenician and North Syrian Ivory Carving
Chapter Seven Is There a South Syrian Style of Ivory
Chapter Eight North Syria as a Bronzeworking Centre
Chapter Eleven Perspective on the Local Style
Chapter Fourteen Carchemish ša kišad puratti
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IRENE J. WINTER, Ph.D. (1973), Columbia University, New York, is William Dorr Boardman Professor, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University. Her first degree was in Anthropology (Barnard College); her MA in Near Eastern Studies (University of Chicago), her PhD in Art History and Archaeology. Not surprisingly, her extensive publications have tended to be inter-disciplinary in nature.

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