Peaceful Canyon, Golden River: A Photographic Journey Through Fabled Glen Canyon

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Colorado Mountain Club Press, 2002 - 95 עמודים
An amazing historic reference of the explorations of the Glen Canyon before it was drowned under Lake PowellDammed in 1956, the Glen Canyon made Lake Powell the second largest man-made reservoir in the western hemisphereThe Glen Canyon was once the living heart of the Colorado Plateau, disappearing in 1963130 full-color photos, 13 maps, CD-ROM for PC includedIn June of 1949, authors David and Gudy Gaskill pushed off into the Colorado River above fabled Glen Canyon to experience for themselves a journey that Edward Abbey has called the ultimate Homeric voyage. They found a mystical world of soaring sandstone cliffs, raging rapids, fern-decked alcoves, and haunting solitude. Before this national treasure disappeared beneath the waters of Lake Powell in 1963, the Gaskills, family, and friends made numerous trips down Glen Canyon, including its maze of narrow side canyons, recording on film their experiences.Now this priceless archive is available just as the controversy heats up about dismantling some of the great dams in the West. Inspiring writings from a century of river runners--from John Wesley Powell to Wallace Stegner to the irrepressible Edward Abbey-accompany stunning full-color images. Detailed maps show both the old river-miles and modern buoy markers, so that today's recreationalists on Lake Powell can place the treasures that lie beneath the waves. Centuries of human history are documented as the Gaskills record Native American rock art, carved signatures of famous travelers, the dreams of lonely settlers and prospectors, and the building of the dam. As a bonus, an accompanying CD-ROM extends the experience with the sounds, sites, and maps of some of Dave Gaskill's favoritespots. Armchair travelers, lake enthusiasts, and preservationalists will find this a valuable historic reference.

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