תמונות בעמוד

and fidelity ? Have we improved usefully our leisure time? Have our relaxations and amusements been confined within the bounds of Christian moderation ? What mercies have we received; and how thankful have we been for them? What temptations have we resisted? What progress have we gained in overcoming, through divine grace, our sinful passions ? Have we this day cherished a constant sense of the presence and inspection of God, and lifted up our souls to him in devout gratitude, as our Creator, Benefactor, Preserver, and Redeemer ?-Having thus reviewed the state of our minds and our conduct through the day, we should humbly supplicate the forgiveness of God for the sins which we have committed, and render him the glory and praise of all our good and virtuous actions. We should, through divine grace, resolve on better obedience for the future; and should make reparation to our neighbour for whatever injuries.we have done him in his person, property, or character..

Q. What are the great advantages of frequent self-ex-. amination ?

1. The frequent examination of our hearts and lives.makes; us thoroughly acquainted with ourselves, a knowledge of the greatest importance. It prompts us to repentance, as the only remedy for the guilt which, by, our sins, we have contracted. It disposes us to humility, from a lively sense of our frequent errors and miscarriages. It keeps us in a state. of constant preparation for death, by making us careful to avoid all sin, and by exciting us to the practice of those holy graces, and virtues which will prepare us for heaven..

In addition to the foregoing Festivals, and Fasts, the Protestant Bpiscopal Church in the United Stales of America has appointed the first Thursday in November (unless some other day be appointed by the civil authority) as a day of Thanksgiving to Almiglity God, for the fruits of the earth, and all other blessings of his merciful providence. And the Church has prescribed a solemn form of service for the day, every way calculated to excite the sentiments of devout and holy gratitude, and to give expression to them,




The following Devotions may be used in families, in the way of responses, the persons present repeating audibly the parts printed in italics, while the master or mistress of the family, or some other person, repeats the other parts of the Devotion. All these Prayers may also be used by individuals, by changing the plural to the singular number. The following Introductory Devotions* may be used Morning and Evening, immediately before the Family Prayers in the Prayer Book. But on Festivals and Fasts, instead of these Introductory Devotions, the Devotions appointed in this Book for those Festivals and Fasts may be used.



EHOLD the angels assembled in their choirs, and the

blessed saints ready with their hymns; behold the Church prepares her solemn offices, and summons all her children to bring in their praises.

Come, let us adore our God and Saviour.

The King of heaven himself invites us, and graciously calls us into his own presence; he bids us suspend our mean employments in the world, and enter his temple to hold sacred communion with him.

Come, let us adore our God and Saviour.

To him we owe all the days of our lives at least let us, devote this one to his service; a service so sweet and easy in itself, and so infinitely rich in its eternal rewards.

Come, let us adore our God and Saviour.

Let us cheerfully ascend to the house of our Lord, the place he has chosen for our sakes to dwell in ; let us reverently bow before his holy altar, where he comes to meet us and our prayers.

Come, let us adore our God and Saviour.


SUNDAY EVENING. TISIT, we beseech thee, O Lord, this habitation, and.

drive far away all shares of the enemy; let thy holy an.

Sdected and altered from Hickes. Book of Devotions.

gels dwell herein to preseçve us in peace, and thy blessing be upon us for ever,

O our God and Saviour, accept the worship which we have this day rendered to thee.

Forsake us not in the vanishing of our days, but still continue to us thy gracious and fatherly protection; be thou our light and defence through this vale of misery and shadow of death, to that holy hill, where thy honour and our rest dwelleth.

O our God and Saviour, accept the worship which we have this day rendered to thee.

Give us the peace, and comfort, and communion of thy Holy Spirit, that our eyes may see thy salvation, and that we may rejoice in the felicity of thy chosen.

O our God and Saviour, accept the worship which we have this day rendered to thee.

Heartily joining in the worship and service of thy temple and Church on earth, may we, at last, be prepared for joining in the exalted and blissful services of thy temple and Church, eternal in the heavens.

O our God and Saviour, accept the worship which we have this day rendered to thee.


L ET us, with reverence, appear before our God, and

humble ourselves in the presence of his glory; let us bring forth our psalms of praise, and sing with joy to our

great Creator.

Come, let us adore our God who made us.

He made, us, and not we ourselves, and he freely bestowed on us all the rest of his creatures; 10 engage our hearts to love his goodness, and to admire the riches of his. infinite bounty.

Come, let us adore our God who made 48.

Our bodies he framed of the dust of the earth, and gave us a soul after his own likeness; a soul which all created nature cannot fill, nor any thing below his own immensity.

Come, let us adore our God who made us.

For himself he made us, and for his glorious kingdom, that we might dwell with him in perfect bliss, and sing his. praises for ever.

Come, let us adore our God who made without



ROM thee, O Lord, we derive our being, and from the

same goodness our continuance to be; if thou withdrawest thy hand but for a moment, we instantly return to our first nothing.

Come, let us adore our God who preserves us.

From all our enemies thy providence defends us, and covers our heads in the day of danger; thou dost send thy grace to strengthen our weakness, that we may overcome the temptations that threaten to undo 'us.

Come, let us adore our God who prescrdes us.

Here, thy almighty power sustains our life, and mercifully allows us space to repent; that by well employing the time thou dost allot us, we may wisely provide for our everlasting existence.

Come, let us adore our God who preserves.us.

Thou dost constantly crown us with blessings, and shall we neglect our duty to thee? thou dost freely bestow.on us all our time, and shall we refuse to spend a small portion of it in thy service ?

Come, let us adore the God who preserve: 48.



E is our great and Sovereign Lord, the absolute King

of heaven and earth; he sees at once the whole frame of all things, and thoroughly comprehends their various natures.

Come, let us adore our God who governs us.

To every creature he appoints a fit office, and guides all their motions in perfect order; they all are subject to him, to him they all render homage.

Come, let us adore our God who governs up.

All these he governs by his infinite wisdom, and all for the good of them that love him; his counsels are deep and beyond our reach, but all his ways are just and merciful.

Come, let us adore our God who governs us.

He governs his enemies with a rod of iron, and punishes their wickedness with eternal miseries; but his servants he blesses with the privileges of children, and provides for their reward a glorious inheritance.

Come, let us adore our God who governs us.

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