תמונות בעמוד

work of redemption, but the work of faith in the heart. Paul's audience on the stairs of the castle, when he spake of the power and grace of God in his conversion, drew very melancholy and dreadful conclusions; crying out, “ Away with such a fellow from the earth, for it is not fit that he should live."

Quot. The language of this text, “ I will go in the strength of the Lord God,” &c. is the universal experience of all Christians.

Answ. The last use that was made of this text was, that Christians should read their characters in it to the world's end. But now the language of David, in this resolution, contains the universal experience of all Christians; so that, to go in the strength of the Lord, and to make mention of his righteousness, is at once to grasp the universal experience of all saints and all souls. Thus Timothy has wound up the whole skein into one ball: however, the Christian will want to experience some light as well as support, and some comfort as well as strength; strength will make the Christian stand, but love will make him run, fight, and con

quer too.

Quot. Though they are hoping, that such strength as their necessities call for, shall be afforded them, yet they find as absolute a necessity to apply to God for assistance, to help them to lay hold on a promise, as strength to go through the difficulty.

Answ. Here Timothy tells us, that they want



AM willing to comply with your request: but as the text never struck my mind till last night going to bed, it could not be supposed that I could be very concise in the delivery of so long a subject; nor can it be expected, as I could not sit down immediately to pen the subject while it was fresh on my mind, but was obliged to preach another discourse before I began to write this, that I can retain, by strength of memory, every particular of a discourse nearly two hours long, so as to express it verbatim as it was delivered. I believe you will have the substance of it, with a little more conciseness or method, and with a good deal less power.

However, I shall confine myself as much as I possibly can to my text. I shall use plain dealing; and, such as it is, I hope you will receive it from one who serves you in Christ Jesus, with as much or more satisfaction than you can express yourselves to be served, by so unworthy a servant as

W. H.

Quot. Those only are wise who are jealous over their own hearts.

Answ. They are wiser by far, who know the pardon of their own sins. The former are wise to suspicion, the latter are wise to salvation.

Quot. That knowledge which the believer has of the impossibility of his standing in his own strength, is not mere theory, but a real sense of his weakness, and that frequently dearly bought, by ignorantly attempting to go in his

in his own strength.

Answ. And he must have a sense of God's power as well as of his own weakness, or else Satan will hold him captive. I wish our friend Timothy's sense of feeling were but as keen as my eyesight; for I am sure that I can see his weakness, but I doubt he never felt it; if he did, I think he would never attempt to preach or write again. However, as yet he has come forth in his own strength, to all intents and purposes; for there is not the least weight of God's power, either in truth or argument, nor any description of it, as ever felt or experienced by Timothy. His doctrine runs one way, and he another: he is enforcing divine power, by arguments that are pregnant with nothing but human weakness; and, while he is debasing human frailty in his Christians, he exhibits nothing but human frailty in himself.

Quot. This is not to be wondered at, if we consider, that such men are wholly ignorant of the

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