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Sovereign Bishops canter: Theolog. puted.

Archbish- Ecclesias- Heretics. | Remarkable

Popes or ops of tical and real or re- Events-Reli-
Princes. Le Canter: Theolog.
for kome.bury. Writers,

I gious Rites.

Profane Authors,

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Emperors of Boniface Thomas John Huss. The Wall The Moors and Laurenthe East. IX. 1404 Arundel Jerome of denses. Jews are convert- tius Valla,

A. D. Innocent 1413 Prague. TheWick-led in Spain by the great Manuel II. VII.1406'H.Chich-Paulus | lifhtes. Iforce.

restorer of 1425 Gregory | ley 1443 Anglicus. TheWhite In the year 1492. Latin eloJohn VI. | XIŤ. de- John John Ger- Brethren. Christopher Co-cution. Palæologus posed Stafford son. The Men slumbus opens a Leonard

1948 · 1409 1452 Herman of under-passage into Ame- Aretin. Constantine Alexan- John de Petra. standing rica, by the disco-Gasparini. Palæologus der V. | Kemp Theod, de who were very of the island: Wm. Lynso far down 1410 1453 Niem, headed lof Hispaniola,Cu.wood. as the year John Thomas | archbish- by Ægi- ba, and Jamaica. Alexander

1453, XXII. Bour- op of | dius Can- Constantinoplel Chartier. when Con- deposed chier Cambray. tar and taken by the Gob. Perstantinople! 1417| 1486 Tho. Val- | William Turks in the year sona. was taken Martin V.J. Morton densis. of Hilder-1453.

Fr. Frezzi. by Maho- 1431 1500 Fope Alex- nissen. | Letters flourish Christine met II. Eugenius į ander V. Picard, an in Italy under the of Pisi. IV.1447

John Ca- Adamite. protection of the Paul de Emperors of A schism.

perolus. | 'The fol- house of Medici Castro. the West. The

Peter de llowing de- and the Neapoli-Poggio of Robert 1410 council

Anchara-serve rath-tan monarchs of Florence. Judocus, not of Ba.

no. er the de- the house of Arra- John Foracknow. / sil de.

Nicholas nomina- gon. ledged. pose Eu

de Clem-tion of Re- The calamities high Sigismund 1 genius,

ingis. formers of the Greeks, un- chancel1437) and elect

Theod. than Here-der the Turkish lor of Albert II. of Amade

Urias. tics, viz. government, con- England. Austria us, first

Alphons. John Huss. duce to the ad-Theod. 1439! Duke of

Tostat. Jerome of vancement of Gaza. Frederic III. Savoy,

John, Pa- Prague. learning among Bart. Fa1493) who as

triarch of

the Latins. | cio. Maximilian sumes

Antioch. | Branches! The council of DluglosI. the title

Mark of of theHus- Constance is as- sus, a Poof Felix

Ephesus. sites. sembled by the lish hisKings of IV.

Cardinal The Ca- Emperor Spain, i. e. Eugenius

Sigis- torian. Bessarion. lixtines. [mond in the year R. Sanc. de of Leon and Castile. however G. Scho. Orebites. 1414.

Arevallo. triumphs

larius. Orphans. | John Huss and Laon. Henry III. s in the

G. Gemis-Tarbo. Jerome of Prague GalcondiJohn II.

tius. | rites are committed to las. cholas

John de 1454

Bohemian [the flames by a J. Savona4 v. 1455

| Turrecre- Brethren.decree of that rola.
mata. | As also council.

III. 1458

George of JohnPetit.! The council of Ficinus. Ferdinand Pius II.

Trape. John Wel- Basil is opened in John Picus in right of 1464

zonde. lus. the year 1431, and de Miran

Peter Os- in it the reforma- dula. Kings of 1471

John Ca- | ma, Ition of the church Marc. France. SixtusIV.

pistran. Matth. Jis attempted in Coc. SaCharles VI. 1484 Lauren- Grabon. Ivain.

| bellicus, Charles VII. Innocent


Horrible enor-Forrestus. John of

mities committed Ant. BonLewis XI. 1492


by the popes in sinius Jo1483 Alexan

Franc. de

this century, and| vian. Charles der VI.

la Place.

more especially Pontanus. VIII. 1498

by Alexander VI. Leonard. Lewis XII.!

Justinian VOL. IV.


1406 issue.

Henry IV. Callistus


Paul II.

1461 VIII.

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Kings of
Henry IV.

1413 Henry V.

14221 Henry VI. dethroned in 1461 Edward IV.

1482 Edward V.

1483 Richard III.

14851 Henry VII.

Reginald; bishop of St. Asaph. Antonin, archbishop of Florence. Nicholas de Cusa, bishop of

Brixen, & | Cardinal. Thomas á

Anton. de

Bened, de

Accoltis. Guill. de Aoupelande. James Paradise, an English Carthusian. Æneas Syl.

vius. Picolm. Pope Pius

Kings of
Robert III.

1406 James I.

1437) James II.

1460 James III.

1488) James IV.

The council of G. GemisConstance re- tus. move the Sacra- J. Alvarot. mental cup from Guarino the laity, and de-de Verone. clare it lawful to J.Juv. des violate the most Ursins. solemn engage-Maff. Vements when made gio. to Heretics. Flavio Bi

The war of the ondo. Hussites in Bohe-J. Argyromia.

puleus. Institution of Dr. Thos. the Order of the Lynacre. Golden Fleece. The Stroz

The Moors and zi. Jews driven out Bon. Monof Spain.

britius. The massacre P. Callim. of Varnes, in the Esperiyear 1444. lente.

The Order of Jul. PomMinimes institu- pom. Læted by Franc, de tus. Pauls..

Angel. Exploits of the Politian. Maid of Orleans. Fulgosi.

The art of print- A. Urceus ing, with movea- Codrus. ble wooden types, Mich. Mais invented by rullus. Coster at Harlem; Oliver de and the farther laMarche. improvements of Caiado. this admirable art Abarbaare owing to nel. Gensfleich and Calepin. Guttemberg of Bebel. Mentz, & Schoef-Martial de fer of Strasbourg. Paris.

The Universi- Phil. de sities of Leipsic, Comines. Louvaine, Fri. Al. Achilbourg, Rostock, lini.. Basil, Tubingen, Scipio CarWurtzburg, Tu-teromaco. rin, Ingolstadt, John BapSt. Andrews in tiste PorScotland, Poic- to. tiers, Glasgow, Aldus MaGripeswalde in nutius. Pomerania, Pisa, Cherefed|Bourdeaux, Tri- din Ali, a Jers, Toledo, Up- Persian sal, Mentz, Co- Historian. penhagen, found-Arabed in this centu schah, an ry.



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Leon Jus

tinian. John Gobelin. Alphonso

de Spina. Greg. de Heymbourg. Theod.

Henry of

J. Ant.
Alex. de


J. Perez.
P. de Nata-

B. Platina.
P. Niger.
John de

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Ottoman Emperors. Bajazet ta ken prisoner by Tamerlane in

1402 Solyman

1410 Mousa 1413 Mahomet 1.

14211 Amurat II.

14511 Mahomet II. who takes Constantinople in

1453) and dies in

1481 Bajazet II.


Michael of

Andr. du
St. Sixte.

John Tri-

John Pic. of
Ant. de Le-

J. Reuchlin,
called Cap-

Nicholas Si-
Claude de

Simeon of


Henry of


Vincent Fer-

Nich, Tu-
deschus, or


of Bologn.

Marcus Eu-



Gen. of the

Emperors of

reigns in the
of these
princes an
degree of
confusion, 1
suitable to
the barba-
rism of that
nation. In
the year
1732, they
began to
publish at

Th. Little

ton. Ant. of Pa.

lermo. Constant.

Lascaris. A. Barba

tius. Christ.

Persona. Bern. Jus

tiniani. Dieb.

Schilling. RalphAgri

cola. J. Andræa. Ermol.

Barbaro. Alex. ab.


Sovereign Princes,

Archbish-| Ecclesias- \Heretics. [Remarkable Popes or

tical and Bishops of Canter:

real or re- Events-ReRome.

| Theolog." bury. Writers.

puted. lligious Rites.

Bishops of louis of

Profane Authors.

George Co

dinus. Onurph. Panvinius. Gabriel | Biel. John Nau

clerus. John Nieder.

a series of their Sovereigns, beginning with Duke Ruricke, who is supposed to have reigned in the ninth century. From that time downwards, all is darkness and perplexity, until we come to the reign of John Basilowitz I. who, in the fifteenth century, shook off the yoke of the Tartars,and assumed first, the title of Czar, after having conquered the kingdom of Casan. We therefore begin with this Prince, & shall follow the Chronology observed by the authors of the Modern Uni. versal History, in their History of Russia.

The reader may, however, consult the TablettesChronologiques de l'Histoire Universelle of LENGLET,who places this Prince in the sixteenth century. Jolin Basilowitz.

G. Merula.
M. M. Bo-
i jardo.
A. Manci-

nelli. Rob. Ga

guin. Bern. Co

rio. Gabr. Alti

lius. Gul. Ca.

oursin. J. Nanni. Al. Ranuc

cini. P. Crinitus. Molines. Cettes. John Mur mellius. Mark Mu| surus. Jason Mai

nus. Pandolph Collenucio.. R. Langius. John Col

let. Pietro Co.

simo. Abraham Zachut.

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Emperors. J Alexander Henry John Slei-Schwenck. The Reforma- British

A. D. IV. 1503] Dean | dan. feldt. tion is introduced Authors. Maximilian Pius III. 1502 William Andr. Osi- into Germany by Sir Thos.

1. 1519 1503 W. War- | Budæus. / ander. Luther, in the | More. Charles V. Julius II. ham 1532 Desiderius Stancarus. year 1517; into Thomas abdicates | 1513 Thomas | Erasmus. Adiapho- France by Calvin Linacre. the empire Leo X. Cranmer Martin rists. about 1529; into S.Purchas. in 1556 1521 1555 Luther. Interim Switzerland by Thomas and dies in Adrian VI. Reginald Ph. Me. ists. Zuingle in 1519. Elliot.

15581 1 523 Pole 1558) lancthon. Igricola | Henry VIII. of Hect. BoeFerdinand Clement Matthew John Bren- of Isleben, ngland, throws thius.'

1564. VII. 1534 Parker tius. the chief off thePapal yoke, J. Leland, Maximilian Paul III. 1575 Martin of the An- and becomes su- the Anti

II. 15761 1549 Edmund Bucer. ftinomians. preme head of the quary. Rodolphus. Julius III. Grindall Ulric. Zu- George church.

Ed. Wot- 1555 1583) ingle. Major. Edward VI. en- ton. Kings of Marcellus John Peter Ga. N. Ams- courages the Re-J. ChristoSpain. | II. 1555), Whitgift. latin. dorff. \formation in Eng- phorson. Ferdinand (Paul IV.

Fr. Xime-Synergists land, and invites Cuth.TonV. surnam. 1559)

| nes. M.Flacius. Martin Luther & stal. ed the Ca. Pius IV.

Thomas Crypto- other eminent di- R. Astholic, king 1566

More. Calvinists. vines over, to fin- cham. of Arragon, Pius V.

John Anabap- lish that glorious J. Kaye. in conse1572 Whitgift, tists. work.

Thomas quence of Gregory

archbish- Mennon- | The reign of Smith. his marriage XIII. 1585)

op of lites. Queen Mary re-George Buwith Isabel. Sixtus V.

Canter- Theoph. stores popery, and chanan. la, becomes 1590

bury. Paracel- lexhibits a scene Alex. Arking of Cas- Urban VII.

John sus. of barbarity and buthnot. tile; and 1590

Fisher. Postellus. persecution that Sir Phil. the king. Gregory

John David shocks nature. Sidney. doms of Ar-XIV. 1591

| Oecolam- Georgius. The name of John Fox. ragon and Innocent

padius. Franc. Pu- Protestants given Fr. Wal. Castile re- | IX. 1592

And. Ca. I cius to the Reformed singham. main uni. Clement

rolostadt. Desid. at the diet of Ed. Grant. ted. | VIII.

John Tili-| Erasmus, Spire, in 1529. Ed. AnderIsabella

gius. Agrippa. The league of son. dispossess

James Fa-Cassander Smalkald is form- John Dee. ed 1504

ber. and Wi-led in 1530. Thomas Ferdinand

Matthew | celius. l The Reforma- Craig. 1516

Flacius. Conr. Vor-/tion introduced G. CreighPhilip I. of

John Cal- stius. Tinto Scotland by ton. Austria

| vin. Sam. Hu- John Knox, about Ed. Brere. 1506

Martin berus. the year 1560; & wood. Jane 1516

Chem- Mich. Ser-linto Ireland by Charles I.or)

nitz. vetus. George Brown, French Au. V. 1558

James An-Valent. about the same thors. Philip II.

| dreas. | Gentilis. time; into the William 1598

|David Lælius So- United Provinces Bude. Philip III. 1

Chytræus. cinus. about the year Clement
William Faustus 1566.

Marot. N.B. Philip

Farel. Socinus. ' Gustavus Eric-Fr. RabeII. seizes

Theodore lQuintin, son introduces the lais. upon Portu

Beza. I the chief Reformation into Ja. Dubois gal, which

Faustus of the Sweden, by the (Sylvius.) remains in

Socinus. Libertines. ministry of Olaus Pierre Gilthe posses.

Ben. Arias

Petri, in 1530. les. sion of the Montanus.

Or. Finee.

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