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Sovereign Bishops Canter-
Princes. lof Rome. bury.

Archbish- Ecclesias- 1 Heretics. | on Popes or

Remarkable Profane " ops of tical and

a real or re-Events--Religious




Kings of
Lescus V.

1203 Uladislaus

III. 1226 Boleslaus

V. 1279 Lescus VI.

1289 Boleslaus, Henry, & Uladislaus take the title of Go! vernors. Premislaus

1296 Uladislaus

IV. deposed in

1300 Winceslaus,

king of Bohemia.

tion of the Hans
| The Dominicans,
Franciscans, Ser.
vites, Mendicants,
and the Hermits of
St. Augustin, date
the origin of their
orders from this

The fables con-
cerning the remo-
val of the chapel
of Loretto; the
Vision of Sim. Sto-
chius ; the Wan-
dering Jew; and
St. Anthony's obli-
ging an ass to adorel
Ithe sacrament, are
invented about this

The Festivals of
the Nativity of the
blessed Virgin, and
of the Holy Sacra-
ment or Body of
Christ instituted.
1 The present
House of Austria
take their rise in
this century.
| Wales is conquer-
\ed by Edward, and
united to England.

There is an unin-
terrupted succes-
sion of English par-
liaments from the
year 1293.

Kings of
Sancho I.

1212 Alphonso II.

1223 Sancho Il.

1246 Alphonso

Ill. 1294 Dennis.


Bishops of Canter


Archbish- Ecclesias- Heretics, le

Popes or
Flops of tical and

real or re

5. Remarkable Events Profane Princes. Rome.


Religious Rites. Authors.


bury. Writers. Emperors of Boniface Robert Nicepho- Walden Fruitless attempts Dante, the East. | VIII.1303 Winchel- rus. ses, Pala- made to renew the the prinA. D. Benedict sey 1313 Calistus. mites, He- Crusades.

cipal reAndronicus | XI. 1314 Walter (Raymond sychasts, & Christianity encou-Istorer of

II. 1332 Clement Raynold | Lully. Quietists, raged in Tartary and PhilosoAndronicus / V. 1316 1327 Matthæus three dif- China; but loses phy and the Young. John XXI. Simon Blastares. ferent ground toward the Letters,& er 1341 1334 Mepham Barlaam. names for end of this century. also one John Canta-) A schism .1333 Greg. one sect. The Lithuanians, of the cuzenus between J. Strat. | Acindy- Spiritual and Jagello, their most su. usurps the Peter and ford 1348| nus. Francis- \prince, converted to blime Po. government John. Thomas JohnCan- cans. · the Christian faith in ets of under John Benedict Bradwar- tacuzenus. Ceccus As- the year 1386. modern Palæologus, XII. 1342 din 1349 Nicepho- culanus, Many of the Jews times. and holds it Clement Simon rus Greg. who was are compelled to re- Petrarch. till the year! VI. 1352 Islip 1365 John Duns burnt at ceive the Gospel. Boccace.

1335 Innocent Simon Scotus. Florence Philosophy and Chaucer. John VI. | VI. 1362 Lang. Andrew of by the In-Grecian literature Matthew Palæol. Urban V. ham 1374 Newcas- quisition, are cultivated with of West

1390 1372 Simon tle. for making zeal in this century. (minster. Andronicus A schism Sudbury Francis some expe. The disputes be-Nicholas

IV. 1392 between 1381 Mayron. riments in tween the Realists & Triveth. Emanuel II. Urban and W.Court. Durand of mechanics Nominalists revived. Nicepho

Clement. ney 1396 St.Portian. that ap- Philip the Fair, rus GreEmperors of Gregory Thomas Nicholas peared mi- king of France, oppo-goras, the the West. | XI. 1378 Arundel. de Lyra. raculous to ses with spirit the compiler Albert 1. The

John Ba- the vulgar. tyrannic pretensions of the By1308 death of

con. Echard. of the pope to a tem-zantine Henry VII. Gregory

William Johan de poral jurisdiction History. Luxen. 1313|ix. occa

Occam. Mercuria. over kings and prin-Theodore Lewis V. sioned that

Nicholas Beghards, ces, and demands a MetochiBav. 1347 violent

Triveth. and Be- general council to ta. Charles IV. schism that|

Andrew guines. depose Boniface VIII. Guillau1378 threw the

Horne. As to the whom he accuses of me de Winceslaus Western

Richard Cellites or Heresy, Simony, and Nangis, 1400 church


Lollards, several other enor- Historiinto the utWalter they can- mities.

an. Kings of most con- 1. Burley. not be es. The papal autho-Henry Spain, i. e. fusion.

Richard teemed as rity declines. Stero, Leon and The

Hampole. Heretics. The residence of Histori. Castile. church of

Robert ' The fol- the popes removed to an.
Ferdinand Rome had
Holkot. llowers of Avignon.

Dinus IV. 1312 two popes,

Thomas John Wick- The Universities of MugellaAlphonso XI. one resi

Bradwar- Jliff de- Avignon, Persia, Or- nus. 1350 ding at

din, Arch- serve an leans, Florence, Ca. Evrard, Pedro the Rome, the

bishop of eminent hors, Heidelberg, HistoriCruel 1369 other at

Canter. place with Prague, Perpignan, an. Henry II. Avignon.

bury. their lead-Cologne, Pavia, Cra. Hayton, 1379

John Jer, in the covia, Vienna, Gene- an Arme. John I. 1390 At Rome.

| Wickliff. reforma- va, Orange, Sienna, nian His. Henry III. Urban VI.

Thomas tion. Erfurt,Angers,found-storian. 1389 Stubbs. Nicholas ed.

Albertino Kings of Boniface

John de of Cala- The rise of the Mussato. France. IX.

Burgo. bria. Great western Orderick Philip the At Avig

William " Martin schism, which de- de Forli. Fair 1314| non.

„J Wolfort. Gonsalve. stroyed the unity of Lupold, Lewis X. Clement

The last Reghard. the Latin Church, &{tishop of Hatin 1316 VII. not thirteen all


Archbish- Ecclesias- Heretics, , Remarkable Sovereign Bie lops of tical and

real or re- Events--ReliPS. Canter- Theolog. In

puted gious Rites.

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English Bartoldus (placed at its head Peter of Authors | de Ror- two rival popes. DuisPeter Aul bach. John Wickliff bourg, an

reolus. The Dan-opposes the Monks, Historian. John Bas- cers. whose licentious-Albert of solis.

ness and ignorance Strasburg, Bernard

were scandalous, fan Histor. Guido.

and recommends Barlaam Alvarus

the study of the of CalaPelagius.

Holy Scriptures. bria, masTheopha

A warm contest ter of Pe. nes, bish

arises among the trarch. op of

Franciscans about Joinville.

the poverty of Peter de Philo

Christ and his apos- Apono, theus.


Physician Antonius

Another between and AstroAndreas.

the Scotists and nomer. Herveus

Thomists, about|Marsilius Natalis.

the doctrines of of Padua, Thomas of

their respective a famous Strasburg.


Lawyer. Raynerius

1 Pope Clement V. John Anof Pisa.

Jorders the Jubilee dre, an John of

which Boniface had eminent Fribourg.

appointed to be Jurist. Pope Cle

held every hun-Leontius ment VI.

dredth year, to be Pilato, one Thomas

celebrated twice in of the reJoysius

that space of time.storers of John of

1 The Knights learning. Naples.

Templars are seiz-Gentilis de Albert of

ed and imprisoned; Foligno. Padua.

the greatest part of Ismael Michael

them put to death, Abulfeda, Cesenas.

and their order an Arabian Gregory

suppressed. prince. Palamas.

The rise of the Peter of Androni

Roman Empire in Ferrara. cus.


Arnold of
Peter of

The GoldenBull, Ville-

containing rules for neuve. bourg.

the election of an William Ludolf

Emperor, and a Grisant, Saxon.

precise account of an English Cardinal

the dignity and MathemaCajetan.

privileges of the tician. James of

electors, is issued Homodei Viterbo.

Jout by Charles IV. of Milan. Cardinal

Pope Clement Albergotti Balde.

(VI. adds the coun- of Arezzo. George of

ty of Avignon to Philip of Rimini.

the papal territo- Leyden. Pope Ben


Baldus de edict II.

The Emperor Ubaldis. Gui of

Henry VII. dies, & Froissard, Perpig

is supposed by a French nan.

some authors to Historian. Nicholas

have been poison| Cabasil.

ed by a consecrated

Sovereign Popes or Archbishops Ecclesiasti-
Princes. Bishops of Canter. cal & Theo Heretics,


Remarkable | Profane Events, &c. Authors.




Kings of

- re-ascends
the throne,
and dies in

1333 Casimir III.

1370 the last of the Piasts. Lewis, king of Hungary 13811 Interregnum. Uladislaus Jagellon, duke of Lithuania. Kings of Portugal Dennis

1325 Alphonso

iv. 1357 Pedro the Justiciary

- 1367

John I.

The an-
cient histo-
ry of the
Turks ex-
tends from
the begin-
ning of the
Seventh to
the end of
the Four-
teenth cen-
tury. The
about the
of the Four.
teenth cen.

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