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Bishops of Canter-

Archbish- Ecclesias- lucratic
Jous of Itical and theretics, Remarkable Events Profane

ry-Religious Rites. Authors. bury. Writers.

Theolog. puted.


Emperors of Silvester Aluric or Dithmar, Berenger, The Crusades are Leo, the the East. | II. 10031 Alfric | bishop of famous carried on with all Gram

A. D. John XVII. 1006| Merse | for his op- the enormities that| marian. Basilius III. 100.Elphe- bourg. | position usually attend a Adel. 1025 John g us, mas- Leo the to the blind, extravagant, bord.

XVIII. sacred by Gramma- monstrous inhuman zeal. Michael Constantine 2009 the Danes rian. doctrine | Godfrey of Bouil- Psellus. VIII. 1028 SergiusIV. in the Aimon. of Tran- lon, takes possession Anselm,

1012 year 1012 Fulbert, | substan- of Jerusalem in the ArchRomanus II. Benedict Livingus bishop of tiation. year 1099.

bishop Argyr. VIII. 1020 Chartres. Roscelin, A contest between of Can1034 1024 Agelmoth Adelbold, a Trithe-the Emperors and terbury.

A schism 1038 bishop of ite. Popes, in which the Gui Are. Michael IV. between Eadsinus Utrecht. A sect of latter discover a most tine, the Paphl, Gregory 1050 Alexius, French arrogant and despotic inventor 1041 and Ben- Robert Patriarch Manichæ- spirit.

of Mu| edict. Gemetic of Con- ans, con- The dignity of Car- sical Michael V. John XIX. 1052 stanti- demned in dinal is first institu- notes. Calaphates 1033 Stigand nople. the councilsted in this century. Wippo.

1051 Benedict 1069 Berno, of of Orleans. The Moors are dri- JohnScy. | IX. 1044 Lanfranc Augs

ven by degrees from litzes. Constantine A schism 1089 burg.

several parts of Spain; AvicenIX. | between Anselm. (Ademar.

hence arose the divi- na, an Monomach. the two

The Bru

sion of that country Arabian 1051 Johns &


Jinto so many little philoso| Benedict. Lanfranc,

kingdoms. Theodora Gregory


į Mathilda, daughter Stephen, 1056 VI. 1046

op of

of Boniface, Duke of the first Clement Canter

Tuscany, leaves all ChristiMichael VI. II. 10481


her possessions to the an king · Strat. Damasus


church of Rome, in of Hun1057 11. 1049

nes Cera

consequence of her gary. Leo IX. meus.

passionate attach-|Alphes, a Isaac I.


ment to Hildebrand, Jew. Comen. Victor II.


otherwise known by Josippon, 10591057


the papal name of or the Stephen Psellus.

Gregory VII. with false JoConstantine IX. 1059


whom she lived in a sephus. X. Ducas Benedict


licentious commerce. Ferdousi, 1067) X. 1059


| Sicily, Castile, Po- a PerNicholas Simeon,

land, and Hungary, sian Romanus II. 106


are erected into king-poet. III. Dio- A schism


Roscelin. genes between


The kingdom of John, the · 1071 Nicholas

lact, a

Burgundy and Arles philosoNinephorus 1. and


is transferred to the pher. | Benedict rian.

Emperor Conrad II. John Cuotoniates Alexander


by Rodolphus king of ropala1081 11. 1073


ta, one lexius I. A schism

Petrus Da

Several of the of the Comnen. between


Popes are looked Byzan-

upon as Magicians ;| tine hisEru verors II. and


as, in these times of torians. of the Cadalous.


darkness, learning, West. Gregory


and more especially tho III. VII. 1086

op of

philosophy and math1002 A schism


ematics, were looked | between

upon a9 magic.

I bury.

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Sovereign Bishops of Canter

Popes or Archbish- Ecclesias-,

Ecclesias- Heretics, Remarkable od ops of tical and

per real or re-Events--Religious Antho Rome. bury. Writers. V puted.





William the


or 1087 William Rufus


Kings of

1003) Malcolm II.

1033| Donald VII.

by some called Duncan

1040) Macbeth

1057 Malcolm

III. 1093 Donald

VIII. dethroned

1094 Duncan II.

1096 Donald again


Benno of

of Me-
Philip the

Jothlon of

Gui Are-


pus. Dominic

of Grado. Guitmond. Alberic. Osmond, al Monk of Canterbury.

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Popes or

Archbish-Ecclesias- Heretics, 1 Remarkable Bishops ops of tical and

na real or re- Events-Reliof Rome.

Rites. | bury. Writers.


Profano Authors.


Canter. Theolog. puted.

gious Rite


· 1035 Harold 1040 Hardicanute

1041 Magnus 1048 Sweyn II.

1074 Harold VII.

1085 St. Canute

1086 Olaus III.

1086 Eric III. Kings of Poland. Boleslaus first

king 1025 Micislaus

10341 Interregnum. Casimir 1058) Boleslaus II.

1079) Ladislaus.

Kings of jeal rusalem. . Godfrey, chosen king in 1099, dies

in 1100. Baldwin I.



& Princes.

Popes or Archbishoj

Ecclesias- Heretics, ! Remarkable

i cal and so Bis:ops oi oi Canter

"real or re- Events-Reli

Theolog. In
Rome. bury.


· puted. I gious Rites.

Profane Authors.

Emperors Anti-popes, Anselm 1109 Gilbert, The Bo- The Sclavoni- Robert of the East. Paschal II. Rodulphus Abbot of gomiles ans and the in- Bacon.

A.D. 1118 1122) West- and Ca- habitants of the Anselm Alexius I. Clement, Al- William Cor. minster. tharists island of Rugen of Laon. Comnen. brecht, The- beil 1136 Guibert. were a receive the light Vaccari

1118 ore, and Theobald Sigibert kind of (of the Gospel, & us. John II. Maginulph. 1168 of Gem. Mani- their example is Leoninus, Comnen. Gelasius II. |Thomas | blours. | chæans. followed by the the supe

1143 1119 Becket Peter Al-The Pasa- Livonians and posed in. Emanuel Calistus II.

1170 phonso. I ginians Finlanders. troducer Comnen.

1124 Richard Todo of were al The state of of Latin 1180 Honorius II. 1183 Orleans. kind of affairs in Asiatic Rhymes. Alexius II.

L 1 130| Baldwin Godfrey | Arians, Tartary changes Roger Comnen. Innocent II.

1191 of Ven. who also in favour of the Hoveden. 11831 1143 Reginald | dosme. | discover-Christians, by John of Andronicus Celestine II. Fitz-joce- Rupert of ed a the elevation of SalisbuComnen.

1144 lin 1191| Dyits. / strange Prester John. I ry. 1185 Lucius II. Hubert

Baldric. attach- The Crusade William Isaac II. Ang

1145) Walter.

Arnulph, ment to is renewed.. of Som1195 Eugenius[II.

bishop of the cere- The kingdom erset. Alexius III.1 1153

Lisieux. monial of Jerusalem is John ZoAng. or Anastasius

Bernard law of overturned, and naras. Comnen. IV. 1154),

of Clair. Moses. Ithe affairs of the George Adrian IV.

val. Eon, a Christians in Pa. CedreEmperors of 1159

Abelard. madman lestine decline. nus. the West. Alexander

Æthelred. rather | A third Cru- John CinHenry IV. | III. 1131

Baldwin, than a sade undertaken. namus. 1106 Lucius III.

Archbp. heretic. / The three fa- Silvester Henry V. T. 1185

of Can. The same mous militaryl Girald, 1125 Gregory

terbury. thing orders instituted, bishop of Lotharius Vill. 1188

Euthymi- may be viz. The Knights St. DaII. 1138 Clement III.

usZigab. said of of St. John of vid's. Conrad 111. 1191

William Tran- Jerusalem--The Godfrey 1152 Celestinelli.

of Som- quillin Knights Tem. of ViterFrederic I. 1199

erset. nus. plars-the Teu bo. surnamed

John of As to Ar- tonic Knights of William BarbaSalis- nold of St. Mary

of Newrossa 1190

bury. Brescia, The original burgh, Henry VI.

Thomas the Petro- MS. of the fa- an Eng1197

Becket, brussians, mous Pandect of lish HisPhilip.

Archbp. Henrici- Justinian is dis- torian.

of Can- | ans, Wal-covered in the Pelagius, Kings of

terbury. denses, ruins of Amal- bishop of Spain, i. e.

Gervais,a and Apo-phi, or Melfi, Oviedo. Leon and

Monk of stolics, if when that city John, of Castile,

Canter. | allow- was taken byLo- Milan, Alphonso

bury. | ance be ltharius II. in author of VI. 1109

Nicepho- made for 1137, and this the poem Alphonso

rus of some few emperor makes called VII. 1137

| Brienne. points, la present of it to Schola Alphonso

Anselm, they ra- the city of Pisa, SalerniVIII. 1157)

| bishop of ther de- whose fleet had tana. Sancho III.

Havelb. serve the contributed, in a Robert 1158

Jo. Zona-' title of particular man- Pullein, Ferdinand

ras. | REFOR- ner, to the suc- an EngII. 1175

Mich. MERS &cess of the siege. lish CarAlphonsolX. | Glycas. WIT


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