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| Heretics, Popes or cal & Theo

| real or re- Remarkable Events. Philosophers, Bishops of llogical WriRome. Tters.

Learned Men,


and Poets.

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Kings of Symmachus Cæsarius, Deuterius. Several nations con- Justinian. Italy, A.D. 5141 bishop of Severus, verted to Christianity. Boethius. Theodoric Hormisdas Arles. leader of the

Procopius. 526

Acephali. | The canon of the Treboniana Athalaric John I. 526 Fulgentius, | Themis- mass established by Agathias,

534 Felix IV. | bishop of tus, chief of Gregory the Great. I who conAmalasun- 1 529 Ruspa. the Agno.

tinued the tha 534 Boniface II.

ites, who 1 The benedictine or history Theodatus 531 Boethius. maintained der founded.

composed 536) A schism Timothy, of that Christ

by ProcoVitiges 540 between Constanti- was ignorant Forty benedictine pius. Ildebald 541 Boniface and nople. of the day of monks, with Augustin Jornandes. Totila 553 Dioscorus.

judgment. (at their head, are sent Gregory, of, Tejas 554 John II. 535 Ennodius.

into Britain by Gre- Tours. Agapetus I. Severus. Barsanians, gory the Great, in the Marius, Bp. Emperors of 536 Cassiodorus.or Semi-du- year 596, who con- of Avran

the East. Sylverius Procopius. lites, who vert Ethelbert, kingi ches, an Anastasius

540 Peter, the maintained of Kent, to the Chris- eminent 518 A schism Deacon. that Christ tian faith.

I historian, Justin I. 527 betweenSyl

had suffered

. Menander, Justinian verius and Maxentius,a only in ap- | The kingdom of the the histo

565 Vigilius 555 Scythian pearance. Ostrogoths is destroy- rian. Justin II.578 Pelagius I. | Monk.

ed by Justinian, who Stephen, of Tiberius II.

558 Dionysius, Jacob Zan- becomes master of Byzan586 John III. | the Little. zale, the Mauritius. | 572 Fulgentius chief of the

Magn. AureGothic kings Benedict I. Ferrandus. Jacobites, or The Lombards in- lius Cas. of Spain. 1 587)

Monophy“ vade Italy in the year| siodorus. Alaric 507 Pelagius II. Marcellinus. sites. 568, and erect a new Dionysius, Gesalric 512 590

kingdom at Ticinum. the Little. Amalaric Gregory 1. Zachary,the John Philo531

School. Jponus, the | The Christians are Theuda 548


chief of the persecuted in several Theudisilla

Tritheites. places. 548

Hesychius. Agila 552


Damianists. / The Orthodox are

Damianists. The Ortho Athanagilda

Hermian. Origenists. oppressed by the 567

Pope Vigi- Corruptico- emperor Anastasius, Linva 568

| lius. | læ. Thrasemond, king of Leunigild Rusticus, a

the Vandals, Theodo

Roman Acometæ. ric, king of the OstroRichared.

deacon. The Arians, goths, &c. These

Junilius. Nestorians, princes were

(Victor of Eutychians, Female convents are masters also


& Pelagians, greatly multiplied in of Narbonne

Primasius.' continued to this century. & Aquitain.

Jornandes. raise trou.

İLiberatus. (bles in the Litanies introduced Kings of

Victor, the church. into the church of England.


The third

The Arians are dri.
Saxon king-


ven out of Spain. dom is found

tus. ed in EngAnastasius,

| Superstition of the land by Čer

of Mount

Stylites introduced by dic in 514,

Sinai, af

Simeon, the head of and is called!


that crazy sect, who

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the kingdom
of the West

The fourth,
even that of
the East
Saxons, by
in 527

The fifth, that of Northumberland, by Ida, in 547

The sixth, that of the East Angles, by Uffa, in

575 The seventh, that of Mercia by Cridda, in

5821 Thus was successively formed the SAXON HEPTARCHY.

Kings of

France. Clovis 1.511

The king. dom is divi. ded between his foursons, viz. Thierry, Metz 534 Clodomire, Orleans 524 Childebert, Paris 558 Clotaire, Soissons 562

A second division of the kingdom between the four sons of Clotairel. viz. Cherebert, Paris

566 Gontran, Orleans 593 Chilperic, Soissons 584

Sovereign Bishops of logical Wri-

Popes or

Learned Men, - lcal & Theo-.

Historians, real or re- Remarkable Events. Philosophers, Rome.

and Poets. puted. ters.


Metz 570

Kings of the
Vandals in

523 Hilderic 530 Gilimec, defeated and taken prisoner by Belisarius, in the year 534

By this event Africa became again subject to the emperors of the East.

Kings of the Lombards, who entered into Italy in the year 568 Alboinus571 Clephis 573 Antharis590 Agiluf.

Exarchs of

Ravenna. Longinus

583 Smaragdus

5881 Romanus

598 Callinicus.

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Emperors of Sabinianus John Philo- The an- An extraordina- The author the East. A. D. 605 ponus. cient Here-ry progress is made of the AlexMauritius 602 Boniface III. John Mal- sies were in the conversion of andrian Phocas 610

606 ela. Istill in vi- the English. Chronicle, Heraclius 641 – IV. Hesychius, gour during The archbishop- Isidore of Constantinelll. 614 of Jeru- this century;rics of London and Seville,who

641 Deodatus salem. Kto these York are founded, besides his Heraclianus

617 Theophy- were added with each twelve Theological 642 Boniface V. lact. Simo- the Paulici- bishoprics under productions, Constans11.668

625catta. ans, Mono. lits jurisdiction. composed a Constantinelv. Honorius I. Antiochus. thelites. The archbishop- history of 685 638 Modestus.

(ric of London is the Goths & Leonitus 698 Severinus I. Cyrus, of

translated to Can- Vandals, and Tiberius III. 639 Alexand.


a work, en703 John IV. 641 Jonas.

titled, EtyJustinian II. Theodorus I. Gallus.

The gospel is mologicon 648 John Mos

propagated with ScientiaKings of the Martin I. chus.

success in Holland, rum, in Goths in 655 Andreas.

Friesland, & Ger- which he Spain. Eugenius 1. Damasce


gives an acVicteric. 656 nus.

count of the Gondemar Vitalianus George Pi.

The schism be- origin and . Sisebut 621 671 sides.

tween the Greek nature of the Recarede II. Adeodatus Eligius.

& Latin churches, different sci621 676 The two

commences in this ences. Suinthila 631 Domnus 678 Theodores.

century. Sinenand 636 Agatho 682 Paulus.

In this cenChintila 640 Leo II. 684 The Emp.

The rise of Ma-tury comTulga 642 Benedict II. | Heraclius.

homet, and the ra- menced that Cindevind 649 685 Maximus

pid progress of his long period Recesuinthe John V. 686 Conf.

religion, which is of ignorance 672 Conon 687 Theodore,

propagated by fire & darkness Vamba 680 Sergius I. the Monk.

and sword. which reErvige 687 701 The Emp.

mained until Egica. A schism Constans

The Mahome- the light of occasioned II.

tan era, called the the reformaKings of by the pre- Martin,

Hegira, commen- tion arose. France. Itensions of bishop of

ces with the year Clotaire II. 628 Theodore & Rome.

of Christ 622. Dagobert 638 Paschalis. Maurus, of Sigibert II, 654


The destruction Clovis 660


of the Persian moClotaireIII.668

a Monk-A

narchy under the Childeric II.

Rom. Presb.

reign of Isdegerdes

Dagobert II.
Hisp. Peter,

Boniface IV. re-

ceives from that Theodoric III.

litan of

odious tyrant Pho-

cas, (who was the Clovis III. 695


great patron of the Childebert III.

popes, & the chief The race of Julian Po

promoter of their the Idle Kings


grandeur) the fabegins with


mous Pantheon, Theodoric III.

John, of

which is converted and ends with


into a church. Childeric III.


Here Cybele was

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