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Popes or
Ecclesiasti- i

Remarkable Events,
Bishops of log cal Wri-
- cal & Theo-

Profane | Heretics. and Religious Rites

and Institutions. ters.

The origin of the Palladius Monastic life derived Rutilius. from the austere man-Taurus. ners of Paul the The- Æmilianus. ban, the first hermit. Justin.

Julius CalDioclesian assumes phurnius. the name & honours Arnobius, due to Jupiter, and the Afriorders the people to can. worship him.

Religious rites greatly multiplied in this century; altars used; wax tupers employed.

Public churches, called in Greek Kuglaro, built for the celebration of divine worship.

The pagan mysteries injudiciously imitated in many respects by Christians.

The tasting of milk and honey previous to baptism, and the person anointed before and after that holy rite-receives a crown, and goes arrayed in white for some time after.

The story of the seven sleepers of Ephesus, and the martyrdom of Ursula, and the 11,000 British Virgins, the principal fables invented in this century.



Ecclesiasti- Heretics, Remarkable Events,
| Popes or
ccal & Theo

Profane "real or repu- and Religious Rites

es Authors. Rome.

ted. I and Institutions. I ters.

Bishops of logical Wri

Roman Em- Marcellinus Lactantius The Mani- | The tenth persecu- Ælius Donaperors. 1 i 304 Firm. 1 cheans, \tion continued. | tus.

A. D. Marcellus Lucius Cæ- disguised The Athanasians Servius.. Dioclesian &

309 cilius. 1 under the or Othodox persecu-Helladius. Maximian Eusebius · Dorotheus, denomina- ted by Constantius, Andronicus abdicate

311 bishop of tions of who was an Arian, Nonius. the em- Melchiades / Tyre. Encratites, and by Valens, who Marcellus. pire in the 313 Eusebius, Apotactics, ordered 30 of their Sext. Aure

year 305 Sylvester | bishop of Sacchophori, deputies, all ecelesi- lius Victor. Galerius 311 3 35 Cesarea. Hydroparas-astics, to be put on Maximus of Constantius Mark 336 Constantinel tates, and board a ship to which Smyrna,

300 Julius 352 the Great. Solitaries. fire was set as soon as who is supConstantine Liberius 367 Eustathius, Arius, & his it was got clear of posed to the Great | bishop of followers, the coast.

have taught 337 A schism be- Antioch. who were The Christians per- the emperor His adversa- tween Li-Commodia divided secuted by Sapor. Julian ma

ries, Max- berius and nus. into Eu- | The supposed con-gic.

imin 313 Felix. Alexander, ' nomians, version of Constan- Oribases. Maxentius . Damascus bishop of Serniarians. tine the Great, by a Eutropius, 312 384 Alexand.

vision representing a Libanius. Lucinus 325

Juvenchus. Eusebians, fiery cross in the air. Ausonius. Constantine A new Athanasius, Homoious- / First general coun- Pappus, the

II. 338 schism be- bishop of ians, orcil. It was held at famous maConstantius tween this Alexand. Aacacians, Nice in 325. In it thematician.

361 pontiff & Antonius, and Psathy- the opinions of Arius Prudentius. Constans350 Ursinus. 1 who with rians. were condemned, and Rufus FesJulian, the Syricus 398 Paul the Photinus, the popes declared tus. Apostate

hermit. Apollinari- equal in dignity with A vienus. 363

was the 1 us, Father other Christian bish-Themistius. Jovian 364 first insti- and Son. lops.

Flavius Ve Valentinian

tutor of Macedonius. A second generall getius. 375

the mo. Anthropo- council is held in the Hierocles. Valens 378

nastic life. morphites, year 381, at Constan-Julian. Gratian 383

Priscillian, tinople, in which the Ammianus Valentinian

Marcellus, lAndeus, ' \errors of Macedonius Marcellinus. II. 392

bishop of Messalians, are condemned. Symmachus. Theodosius

Anovia lor Euchites. Remarkable pro- Lactantius. the Great

Theodore, Collyridi- gress of the Christian Jamblichus.

bishop of ! ans. religion among the Ælius LamThe division

Heraclea. Eustathians. Indians, Goths, Mar-i pridius. of the Ro.

Lolius, bish Colluthus. lcomanni, & Iberians. Eusebius of nhan Em

op of Helvidius. The famous dona- Cesarea. pire into

Rome. Bonosus. tion of Constantine Jul. Firmithe East

ul. Firm. Vigilantius. in favour of the Ro- cus Naern and Maternus. Three

man See-a mere fa- ternus. Western Pachomius. schisms of ble.

Chalcidius. Empires.

Eusebius, 1 the Mele- The miraculous de-Pomponius.

bishop of, tians, Lu- feat of Eugenius by Festus. The VisiEmessa. ciferians, Theodosius.

Quintus goths set

Serapion. and Dona- Julian's attempt to Curtius. tle in Gaul Cyril, bish tists.

invalidate the predic- Macrobius, and Spain

op of Je

tions of the prophets, about the


by encouraging the latter end Hilarius,

Jews to rebuild the of this

bishop of

temple of Jerusalem, century


defeated by an earth-
quake and tiery ernp.


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į Popes or Ecclesiasti-m

Remarkable i | Bishops of|cal & Theo

Profane Rome. logical Wri. Heretics, Events, and Reli

gious Rites and In- Authors. ters.


Bp. of

John Chry-


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Emperors of Anastasius Gaudentius, Vigilantius. Foundation of the Anienus. est.

402 bishop of Pelagius, French monarchy Martianus A. D. Innocent 417 Bresse. Celestius. by Pharamond, or Capella. Honorius 423 Zozimus 418 Sulpitius Julian. rather by Clovis. Claudian. Valentinian Boniface I. Severus. authors of An earthquake Eunapius.

4551 423 Palladius. what is call-which swallows up Macrobius Maximus 455 A schism be- Heraclides. sed the Pela-several cities in Pa- OlympioAvitus 456 tween this Innocentius. gian Heresy. lestine.

dorus. Majoranus 461] pope and Polybius. John Cas- | A third general Orosius. Severus 4651 Eulalius. Pelagius. 1 sian, council heid at Peutinger Anthemius 472 Celestine I. Cælestius. Faustus, Ephesus, at which Rutilius Olybrius 472 432 Theodore, Gennadius, Nestorius was de- Claudius. Glycerius de- Sixtus III. | bishop of Vincent of sposed in the year Numantiaposed in 474 440 Mopsues- Lerins, 431.

nus. Julius Nepos Leo the ta." Semi-Pela- | A fourth general Servius Hodeposed in Great 4611

Igians. council held at noratus. 475 Hilarius 467 Polychro-,

Chalcedon, against Sidonius Romulus Au- Simplicius nius. Nestorius. Eutyches, in the Apollinagustulus, whol 483 Nonnus. Theodoret. year 451.

ris. reigned till the Felix III. Synesius. Theodore of Progress of Chris-Candidus, 23ů of August, 492 Isidore of 1 Tarsus, tianity among the the Isauwhen Odoacer Gelasius 496 Pelusium. Theodore of Franks and Ger- rian. took the title of Anastasius Cyril of Mopsus, mans.

Zozimus, King of Italy, II. 4981 Alexan- Nestorians. The conversion the Histoand put an end Symmach. I. dria.

of the Irish to the rian. to the Western A schism be

Eutyches. Christian faith at-Idacius. Empire. tween him Orosius. Dioscorus. tempted in vain by Quintus, or

and Lau- Marius. Į The Ace- Palladius, but ef- Cointus. Kings of Italy.' rentius. Mercator. phali. \fected by St. Pa-Priscus. Odoacer 493

Maximus, Monophy- trick, whose origi- Musæus. Theodoric.

bishop of sites. nal name was Suc-Proclus.

Turin. Jacobites.cathus, who arri. Simplicius. Emperors of

Theodoret. L-Arme- ved in Ireland in the East.

Cassian. nians. the year 432. Arcadius 4081

Peter Chry--TheopasTheodosius II.

sologus. | chites. I Terrible perse450

Hilarius. Predesti- cutions carried on Marcianus 457

Philostor narians. against the ChrisLeo I. 474

I gius, Coelicolæ.ltians in Britain, byl VOL. IV,


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