The Essentials of Prayer

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Gideon House Books, 7 באוק׳ 2016 - 100 עמודים
Edward M. Bounds takes us on a journey deep into the heart of active, powerful, life-giving prayer. He invites us to pray in such a way that involves and touches our entire being: mind, soul and body. We have all heard stories of great men and women whom God used to change the world as they wrestled with Him on their knees. This book uncovers the secrets to their devotion and gives practical ideas and advice for entering into a more intimate and powerful life with God through prayer.

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This was a great book on prayer! As the Preface to the book states: "For almost a century E. M. Bounds's books on prayer have been classic works, stimulating and inspiring Christians to become prayer ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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Prayer Takes In The Whole
Prayer And Humility
Prayer And Devotion
Prayer Praise And Thanksgiving
Prayer And Trouble
Prayer And Trouble Continued
Prayer And Gods Work
Prayer And Consecration
Prayer And A Definite Religious Standard
Prayer Born Of Compassion
Concerted Prayer
The Universality Of Prayer
Prayer And Missions
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