תמונות בעמוד

sage in the Bible during the lecture. The children who are thus instructed, being of the age of fifteen, it is taken for granted that they have from the earliest period at which the understanding begins to develope itself, been made gradually but fully acquainted with the Scriptures, up to that period when these lectures are to commence; which lectures are on no account to be considered as a task, but as conveying friendly advice, which affection and the anxious wish for their welfare here and hereafter can alone suggest.

It is hardly necessary to add, that the holy Bible is the book that has been chiefly consulted in the arrangement of the matter contained in this volume. The first part consists almost entirely of extracts from Bishop Porteus's Lectures, and from Mr. Leslie's short and easy method with the Deists, abridged and published in a small collection, called the “ Pleiad." And the following publications have also been more immediately consulted and extracts made from them, viz.:

The Reverend Hartwell Horne's Introduction.

Cruden's Concordance.

The Harmony of the Four Gospels, by Archbishop Newcome.

The History of the Apostles' Creed, by Peter King, 1702.

Dr. Townson's works.

Should the writer have borrowed any ideas from other writings, which he has omitted to quote, he begs herewith most thankfully to acknowledge the assistance he has derived from them.


ERRATA. The reader is particularly requested to take notice of the following inaccuracies in reading The MANUAL. Title Page, in the quotation from Psalm xc. 12, for heart

read hearts; and in that from Psalm xcii. 6, for no, read

not. Contents, page 4, line 3, for o, read of. Page 10, line 8, from the bottom, for Transactions, read

26, 2, for impostor, read imposture.
37, 9, for these, read there.

1, for vol, üiiread vol. ii.
45, 2, from the bottom, for imposter, read im-

postor. 84, in the margin, for Livit. read Levit. 111, line 9 and 13 from the bottom, v stands here for

verse. The same thing occurs in pages 146, 147, 148, 150, and 151, and where

ever it does not refer to the 5th Chapter. - 120, 9, from the bottom, and in pages 142, 148,

172, 202, 268, for dependence, read de


13, for his, read this.
143, 5, for Matt. iv., read Matt. v.

[ocr errors]

157, in the margin, for 280, read 250. — 159, line 8, from the bottom, for neighbours, read

neighbour. - 175, 10, after save, insert only. - 176, 10, from the bottom, for 1 Col. read 1 Cor. - 183, 1, a comma instead of a period. 188, 12, for care,

read case. 212, 12, from the bottom, after no, insert such. 248, 1, for on, read in. 251,

4, for in, read of.

10, after that, insert the. · 260,

4, for women, read women's. - 306, Question 331, for the Sacrament, read this Sacra





[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

Page 19, line 9, for narration read narrative.

23, 3 from the bottom, after the, insert two.
73, 2 from the bottom, for out of, read into.
73, 5 from the bottom, for Reuben, reud Judah.

11, for ten, read two.

1, run the pen through 34. 95, 1 from the bottom, for 1 Kings iv., read 1 Kings vi. 102 and 103, for Esdras, read Ezra. 102, line 8, for Jerubbabel, read Zerubbabel. 106, 3, for dessention, read dissension. 172, 5 from bottom, for he, read it. 184, 2, for a Jew was free, read Son of God he might be

said in his words to Peter, to be free, yet as man. 188, 6 from bottom, for inculcate, read inculcates. 194, 14, for them, read you.

49th question, after the, insert two. 122nd

Instead of the question as it stands, substitute the following, How were the Israelites saved from being destroyed by the Egyptians who fol

lowed them? 123rd

erase the words then and even. 258th

Instead of the question as it stands, it ought to run thus, Give an example of the manner in which the Jews perverted the fifth commandment.

in your name at your baptism: and may
God in his infinite


you, and give you grace so to understand and to do his will, that the merits of his blessed Son our Saviour, who died for our sins, may not plead in vain in your behalf, when you appear before your Creator in the world to



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