Jahrbuch für romanische und englische Literatur [afterw.] Sprache und Literatur herausg. von A. Ebert, כרכים 11-12

כריכה קדמית
Adolf Ebert

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עמוד 428 - Containing nearly Two Thousand of the Best Pieces in the English Language. With Sketches of the History of the Poetry of our Country, and Biographical Notices of the Poets.
עמוד 433 - La casa di Dante Alighieri in Firenze, relazione della Commissione istituita dalla Giunta municipale del 17 marzo 1866 per compimento delle ricerche storiche sulla medesima.
עמוד 298 - Spit a de sky, he sa fall a you' face. Hazlitt, 541. Who spits against heaven, it falls in his face. Christy, 2 : 304. He who spits above himself will bring it all in his...
עמוד 3 - Farai un vers de dreyt nien Guillem de Peiteus Farai un verse de dreyt nien: Non er de mi ni d'autra gen, Non er d'amor ni de joven, Ni de ren au, Qu'enans fo trobatz en durmen Sobre chevau. No sai en qual hora-m fuy natz: No suy alegres ni iratz, No suy estrayns ni sui privatz, Ni no-n puesc au, Qu'enaissi fuy de nueitz fadatz, Sobr
עמוד 425 - Charles Dickens: a Sketch of his Life and Works. By FB Perkins.
עמוד 435 - Dante Alighieri und die Göttliche Komödie. Eine Studie zur Geschichte der Philosophie und zur Philosophie der Geschichte. Von HK Hugo Delff. Leipzig, Teubner. 1869. 8°. VIII, 160 pp. Die Idee der Göttlichen Komödie. Eine Studie von HK Hugo Delff. „Dante Alighieri und die Göttliche Komödie.
עמוד 419 - With short Notes by W. CHAPPELL, Esq., FSA, author of " Popular Music of the Olden Time,"' etc.. etc., and with copies of the Original Woodcuts, drawn by Mr. RUDOLPH BLIND and Mr. WH HOOPER, and engraved by Mr. JH RIMBAULT and Mr.
עמוד 421 - The Works of Daniel Defoe. Carefully selected from the most authentic sources ; with Life of the Author.
עמוד 418 - Henry VIII. Notes on Characters in Macbeth and Hamlet. Persons and Places, belonging to Warwickshire, alluded to in several Plays.
עמוד 164 - Quant li douz teuz et la sesons s'asseure que biaus estez se raferme et esclaire, et tote riens a sa droite nature vient et retret se n'est trop de mal aire, chanter m'estuet, car plus ne m'en puis taire, por conforter ma cruel aventure , qui m'est tornee a grant mésaventure.

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