תמונות בעמוד

Therefore if thine enemy hun- shall come from the east and


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Zbe third Sunday after the Epiphany. them, Fill the water-pots with him drink: for in so doing, thou . It water. And they filled them thalt hcap coals of fire on his wor up to the brim. And he faith head: Be not overcome of evil, okrunto them, Prawout now, and but overcome evil with good. Et bear unto the governor of the The Gospel. S. Match: 8. 1. feaft

, And they bare it. When Hen he was come down

water that was made wine, great multitudes followed him. and knew not whence it was, And behold, there came a le. (but the servants which drew per and worshipped hiin, fay.. the water knew) the governor ing, Lord, if thou wilt, thou". of the Feaft' called the bride. canst make me clean. And legroom, and faith unto him, kus put forth his hand, and Every man at the beginning touched him, saying, I wil, be doth sec forth good wine, and thou clean. And immediately when men have well dránk, his leprosie was cleansed. And then that which is worse : bút Jesus faith unto him, See thou thou hast kept the good winę tell no man, but go thy way, until now. This beginning of Thew thy self to the priest, and miracles did Jesus in Cana of offer the gift that Moses come Galilee, and manifested forth manded for a testimony unto his glory, and his disciples be- them. And when Jesus was Jieved on him.

entred into Capernaum, there

came unto him a centurion beThe third Sunday after 'slie Epi- feeching him, and saying, Lord, Phang.

my servant licch at home sick The Collect.

of the pallie, grievously corLmighty and everlasting menţed. And Jesus faith unto A . on our infirmities, and in all The centurion answered and our dangers and neceffities, said, Lord, I am not worthy ftreteh forth thy right hand to that thou shouldst come under help and defend us, through my roof; but speak the word Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, only, and my féryant shall be

The Epiftle. Rom. 12. 16. healed. For I am a mar, under BE

not wise in your own authority, having soldiers w conceits. Recompense to der me:and I say unto this man, no man evil for evil. Provide Go, and he goeth ; and to an things honeft in the fight of all other, Come, and he comech; men. If it be possible, as much and to my servanc, Do this, and as lieth in you, live peaceably he doch it. When Jelus heard with all men. Dearly beloved; it, he marvelled, and said to avenge not your selves, but ra them that followed, Verily I say ther give place unto wrath, for unto you, I have

not found 1 it is written, Vengeance is mine; great faith, no not in Israel I will repay, faith the Lord, And I say anco you, that many ger, feed'him if he thirst, sive west, and Thall fit down witë



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Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob evil. Wherefore ye must needs in the kingdom of heaven. But be subject, not only for wrath, the children of the kingdom but also for conscience säke. shall be cast out into oucer For, for this cause pay you tri. darkness: there shall be weep- bute, also,; for they are Gods ing and gnalling of teeth. ministers, attending continualAnd Jesus said unto the centu, ly upon this very thing. Ren. rion, Go thy way, and as thou der therefore' to all their dues; "haft believed, fo beic done un- tribute to whom tribute is due, to thee. And his servant was custom to whom custom, ftar healed in the self-fame hour. to whom fear, honour to whom

honour. The fourth Sunday after the E. The Gospel, S. Matth. 8. 23. pipbany. The Calloit.

A into

a thip, his difciples be let in the midft of so there arose a great tempest in many and great dangers, that the sea, insomuch that the flip by reason of the frailty of our was covered with the waves : nature we cannot always stand but he was asleep. And his di'upright ;

Grant to us such sciples came to him, and awoke strength and protection, as may hiny, saying, Lord, save us, we support us in all dangers, and periíh. And he faith unto Tarry

. us through all temptati- them, Why are ye fearful, O ons, through Jesus Chrift our ye of littie-faith? Then he a. Lord. Amen."

rose, and rebuked the winds and The Epiftle. Rom. 13. 1. the sea, and there was a great L

Etevery foul bé lubject un calm. But the men marvelled,

to the higher powers; for saying, What manner of man there is no power but of God: is this, that even the winds and the powers that be are ordained the sea obey him? And when of God. Whosoever therefore he was come to the other side 1 tefifteth the power, refifteth into the country of the Gergethe ordinance of Cod:and they renes, there met him two poco that resist shall receive to them- sessed with devils, coming out felves damnation. For rulers of the tombs, exceeding fierce, are not a terror to good works, so that no man might pass by but to the evil. Wilt thou then that way. And behold, they not be afraid of the power ? do cried out, saying, What have that which is good, and thou we to do with thee, Jesus, thou fhalt have praise of the fame : Son of God ? are thou come for he is the minister of God to hither to torment us before the thee for good. But if thou do time? And there was a good that which is evil, be afraid ; way off from them an herd of for he beareth not the sword many íwine, feeding. So the iš vain : "for he is the minister devils befought him, saying, If of God, a revenger to execute thou caft us out, fitffer us to go wrath upon him that doth away into the herd of Twine.



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And he said unto them, Go. all wisdom, teaching and admo.
And when they were come out, nishing one another in psalms,
they went into the herd of and hymns, and spiritual songs,
swine : and behold; the whole singing with grace in your
herd of swine ran violently ltarts to the Lord. And what.
down a steep place, into the soever 'ye do in word or deed,
fea, and perified in the waters. do all in the Name of the Lord
And they that kept them fled, Jesus, giving thanks to God
and went their ways into the and the Father by him.
city, and cold every thing, and The Gospel. S. Matth. 13. 24.
Fehled was befallen iso the poolThieme como of them wnicis
hold, the whole city came cut lowed good feed in his field.
to meet Jesus : and when they But while men heps his ene.
saw him, they besought him my came and lowed cares de
that he would depart out of mong the wheat, and went his
their coasts.

way. But when the blade was

sprung up, and brought forth The fifth Sunday after tlc Epi- fruit, then appeared the cares

also.' So the servants of the The Collect.

housholder came and said unto keep thy Church and good feed in thy field ? from houshold continually in thy whence then hath it tares ? He true religion, that they who do said unto them, An enemy hath lean only upon the liope of thy done this. The servants said heavenly grace, may evermore unto him, Wilt thou then that be defended by thy mighty we go and gather thenr up? But power, through Jesus Christ he said, Nay; left while ye ga. our Lord. Amen.

ther up the tares, ye root up The Epifle. Col. 3. 12, also the wheat with them. Let Ucon therefore (as the elet both grow together until the

of God, holy and beloved) harvest; and in the time of hasa howels of mercies, kindness, veft I will fay to the reapers, humbleness of mind, meekness, Gather ye together first the long-suffering, forbearing one tares, and bind them in bundles

another, and forgiving one ann. to burn them : büt gather the 5j ther, if any man have a quar- wheat into my barn. Prel against any; even as Chrift,

forgave you, so also do ye. The sixth Sunday after the Epi. And above all these things, put phany. on charity, which is the hond

The Collelt.. of God rule in your was manifefted, that he hearts, to the which also ye are might destroy the works of the be called in one body, and be ye devil, and make us the sons of

thankful, Let the word of God, and heirs of eternal life go Chrift dwell in you richly in Grant us, we befeech thee, that,


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having this.hope, we may puri. For there fhall arise falfe fie ourselves even as he is pure; Christs, and falfe prophets, and that when he shall appear a. fhall the great signs and" gain with power and great glo- wonders; insomuch that (ific Ty, we may be made like unto were possible ) they Oall de. him in his eternal and glorious ceive the very ele&t. Behold, I kingdom, where with thee, 0 have told you before. Where. Father and chee, O Holy Ghost, fore if they all say unto you, he liveth and reigneth ever one Behold, he is in the defert, go God, world withoutend. Amen. not forth : behold, he is in the The Epistle. 1 S. John 3., 1: fecret chambers, belieye it not.

the Father hath bestowed out of the eart, and thineth upon lis, that we should be call- even unto the 'weit: ro Thall ed the fons of Gnd : therefore also the coming of the Son of the world knoweth is not, be- man be. For wheresoever the cause it knew him nor.Beloved, carcasë is, there will the eagles now are wethe sons of God,and be gathered together. Imme. it doth not yer appear what we diately after the tribulation of Thallbe:but we know that when those days, shall the fun be he shall appear, we shall be like darkned, and the moon- shall

for we fall see him as he not give her light, and the stars is. And every man that hath fhall fall from heaven, and the this hope in him, purifieth him- powers of the heavens shall be self; even as he is pure Who- inaker. And then fliall appear foever committech fin, trans- the sign of the Son of man in grefsech also the law : for fin heaven : and then shall all the is the transgression of the law. tribes of the earth mourn, and And ye know that he was ma. they shall see the Son of man nifefted to take away our sins; coming in the clouds of heaven and in him is no fin: Whoso. with power and great glory. ever 'abideth in him, finneth And he shall send his angels not: whosoever sinneth, hath with a great sound of a truma poc seen him, neither known pet, and they shall gather tohim. Littlechildren, let no man gether his elect from the four deceive you he that doth winds, from one end of heaven righteousness is righteous, even to the other. as he is righteous. He that committech fin, is of the devil: for The Sunday called Septuagesia the devil linneth from the be.

ma, or the third Sunday, bez ginning. For this purpose the fore Lent. Son of God was manifested, that The Colle:7: le miehet, destroy the works of Lord; We berechi thee The Gospel. S. Matth. 24. 23. prayers of thy, people, that we Then "Hen if any man (r.alt lay who are justly punified for our

unto you, Lo, here is offences, may be mercifully de Christ, or there: believe it not. livered by thiy-goodness, for the

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glory of thy Name, through Je- Go ye also into the vineyard, sus Christ our Saviour, who li- and whatsoever is right, diat vech and reigneth with thee shall ye receive. So when even and the Holy Ghost, ever one was come, the Lord of the God world without end. Amen, vineyard faith unto his stew. 7 be Epille. I Cor.9.24 ard, Call the labourers, and Now ye not

that they give them their hire, beginall, but one receiveth the prize ? first. And when they came So run that ye may obtain, that were hired about the ele. And every man that striveth venth hour, they received evefor the mastery, is temperate ry man a pény. But when the in all things: Now they do it first came, they supposed that to obtain a corruptible crown, they should have received but we

an incorruptible. 1 more; and they likewise retherefore ro run, noc as un- ceived every man a peny. And certainly; fo fight 1, not as one when they had received it, that beateth the air : buc I keep. they murmured against the under my body, and bring it in- good-man of the house, saying, to subje&tion, left that by any These last have wrought but means when I have preached to one hour, and thou haft made others, I my felf mould be a them equal unto us, which have cast-away:

born the burden and heat of The Gospel. S. Matth. 20. I. the day. But he answered one

He kingdom of heaven is of them, and said, Friend, I do housholder, which went out agree with me for a peny? early in the morning to hire take that thine is, and go thy labourers into his vineyard. way: I will give unto this last And when he had agreed with even as unto thee, Is it not thé labourers for a peny a day, lawful for me to do o what I will he sent them into his vineyard. with mine own? Is thine eye And he went out about the evil, because I am good ? So the third hour, and saw others last Thall be first, and the first standing idle in the market- ļaft : for many be called, but place, and said unto them, Go few chosen. ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right, I will give The Sunday called. Sexagesimas you. And they went their way. or the second Sunday before Agairi he went out about the Lenta fixth and ninth hour, and did

The Collet. likewife. 'And about the ele


Lord God, who seest that

we put not our trust in found others standing idle, and any thing that we do ; Merci.

faith unto them, Why stand ye fully grant that by thy power there all the day idle? They say we may be defended against all Tunto him, Because no man hath adversity, through Jesus Chrift - hired us. He saich unto them, our Lord. Amen..


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