תמונות בעמוד
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mies, through Jesus Christ our The Gospel. S. Luke 11. 14.
Lord. Amen.

Efus was cafting out a devil,
The Epiftle. Ephef. 5. 1. and it was dumb. And it

therefore followers of came to pass when the devil and walk in love, as Christ al. and the people wondred. But so hath loved us,and hath given some of them said, He castech 2 himself for us, an offering and out devils through Beelzebub, za sacrifice to God for a sweet- the chief of the devils. And

smelling favour, Buc fornica. others tempting him, fought tion, and all uncleanness, or co- of him a sign from heaven. Buc vetousness, let it not be once he knowing their thoughts

, laid. named amongst you, as beco- unto them, Every kingdom dimech saints; neither filthiness, vided against it felf, is brought nor foolish talking, nor jefting, to desolationand a house di. which are not convenient; but vided against a house, fallech. rather givin; of thanks. For If Satan also be divided against this ye know, thiat no whore- himself, how shall his kingdom monger, nor unclean person, stand ? because ye say that I

nor covetous man, who is an caft out devils through Beelze. * idolater, hath any inheritance bub. And if I by Beelzebub cast

in the kingdom of Christ and our devils, by whom do your h of God. Let no man deceive fons caft them out ? therefore - you with vain words : for be- fall they be your judges. But | cause of these things cometh if I with the finger of God cast * the wrath of God upon the our devils, no doubt the king. si children of disobedience. Be dom of God is come upon you. • not ye therefore partakers with When a ftrong man armed 1

them; for ye were sometimes keepeth his palace, his goods # darkness, but now are ye light are in peace; but when a strong. x in the Lord : walk as children erthan he shall come upon him,

of light ; (For the fruit of the and overcome him, he takech spirit is in all goodness, and from him all his armour whereI righteousness, and truth ) pro- in he trusted, and dividech i ving what is acceptable unto his spoils. He that is not with o the Lord. And have no fellow- me, is against me : and he that »: ship with the unfruitful works gathereth not with me, scatcer. L of darkness, but rather reprove eth. When the unclean spirit is te them : For it is a shame even gone out of a man, he walketh

to speak of those things which through dry places, secking rest; are done of them in secret. But and finding none, he saith, all things that are reproved, I will return unto my house

are made manifeft by the light: whence I came out. And when 1 for whatsoever doth make ma, he cometh, he findeth it swepo * nifeft, is light. Wherefore he and garnished. Then goech he

faith, Awake thou that neep- and takech to him feven other

eft, and arise front the dead, and spirits more wicked than him. ử Chrif hall give the lighi. selt, and they enter in, and


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dwell there ; and the last state Me which hath an husband. of that man is worse than the Now we, brethren, as Isaac first. And it came to pass as he was, are the children of profpake these things, à certain mise. But as then, lie that was woman of the company lift up born after the flesh, persecuted her voice, and said unto him, him that was born after the Blessed is the womb that bare Spirit; even so it is now. Nethee, and the paps which thou vertheless, what faith the Scrihaft sucked. But he fald, Yea, pture? Caft out the bond-worather blessed are they that hear man and her son, for the son the word of God, and keep it. of the bond-woman shall noc

heheir with the son of the freca The fourth Sunday in Lent. woman. So then, brethren, we 7%e Collect.

are not children of the bund.

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for our evil deeds doe woryhille TEGalile, which is the fea of

mighty God, that we who

Efus went over the sea of be , by the comfort of thy grace may mer- Tiberias.And a great multitude

elo cifully be relieved, through our followed him, because they Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift. faw his miracles which he did Amen.

on them that“, were diseased. The Epistle. Gal. 4. 21, AndJesus went up into a moun. "Ell me, ye that desire to be tain, and there he sat with his

under the law, do ye not disciples. And the passover, a hear the law? for it is written, feast of the Jews, was nigh. that Abraham had two sons, thé When Jesus then lift up his one by a bond-maid, the other eyes, and saw a great company by a free-woman. But he who come unto him, he faith unto was of the bond-woman, was Philip, Whence shall we buy born after the flesh; but he of bread that these may eat? (And the free-woman, was by pro- this he said to prove him; for mise. Which things are an he himself knew what he would allegory : for these are the two do.) Philip answered him, covenants ; the one from the Two hundred peny-worch of mount Sinai, which gendreth bread is not sufficient for them, to bondage, which is Agar. that every one of them may. For this Agar is mount Sinai take a little. One of his disci. in Arabia, and answereth to ples, Andrew, Simon, Peters Jerusalem which now is, and is brother, saith unto him, There in bondage with her children. is a lad' here which hath five But Jerusalem which is above barley-loaves, and two small is free; which is the mother of fishes: but what are they among us all Foritis written, Rejoyce, so many? And Jesus said, Make thou barren that beareft nor the men sit down. Now there break forth and cry, thou that was much grass in the place. travailest not : for the desolate So the men sat down, in num. hath many more children than ber about five thousand. And


and above unto thein that had. Jesus caith me of finz And if

men, when

Jesus took the loaves, and when the blood of Christ, who he had given thanks, he diftri- through the eternal Spirit, of

buted to the disciples, and the fered himself withoui fpor to - disciples to them that were ser God, purge your conicience +7 down, and likewise of the fishes from dead works to serve the

as much as they would. When living God? And for this cause they were filled he said unto he is the Mediator of the new his disciples, Gather up the testament, that by ineans of

fragments that remain, that no. death, for the redemption of the a thing be loft. Therefore they transgressions that were under

gathered them together, and the first teitameni, they which filled cwelve baskets with the are called might receive the fragments of the five harley- promise of eternal inheritance.

The Gospel. S. John 8. 46.

Efus said, tacen. Then those they had seen the miracle that I say the truth, why do ye not Jesus did, said, This is of a believe me? He chat is of God, truth that Propher that should heareth Gods words; yetherecome into the world.

fore hear them not, because ye

are not of God. Then answered The fifth Sunday in Lent. the Jews, and said unto him, The Coller.

Say we not well, that thou art E beseech thee, Almigh- a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

ty Gud, mercifully to Jesus answered, 1 lave not a look upon thy people; that by devil; but I honour my Father,

thy grcat goodness they may be and ye do difhonour me. And s governed and preserved ever- I seek not mine own glory ;

more, both in body and soul, there is one that reekech and through Jesus Christ our Lord. judgeth. Verily verily I say Amen

unto you, If a man keep my The Epistle. Hehr. 9. 11. saying, he shall never see death. Hrift

being come an high Then said the Jews. unto him, priest of good things to Now we know that thou hast á come, by a greater and more devil.' Abraham is dead, and perfe&t tabernacle, not made the prophets; 'and thou layit,

with hands, that is to say, not If a man keep my saying, he į of this building ; neither by shall never taste of death. Art

the blood of goats and calves; thou greater than our father > but by his own blood he en- Abraham, which is dead ? and 3 tred in once into the holy the prophets are dead : whom ? place, having obtained eternal makeft thou thy self? Jesus an

redemption for us. For if the swered,. If I honour-my self, blood of bulls and of goats, my honour işnothing; it is my

and the ashes of an heifer Father that honoureth me, of Esprinkling the unclean, fancti- whom ye say, that he is your e fieth to the purifying of the God; yer ye have not known flesh; how much more thald him ; but I know him: and if I



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Nliould say, I know him not, I which is above every name; shall be a liar like unto you ; that at the Name ot Jelus every but I know him, and keep his knee should bow, of things in saying Your father Abraham heaven, and things in earth and rejoyced to see my day, and he things under the earth; and law is, and was glad. Then that every tongue should con, faid the Jews unto him, Thou fess that Jesus Christ is Lord, art not yet fifty years old, and to the glory of God the Father. halt thou leen Abralian ? Jesus 7'he Gospel. S. Matth. 27. 1.


Hen say you, Before

come, all the chief was, I am. Then took they up prieits and elders of the people stones to cast at him: but Jesus took counsel against Jesus co hid himself, and went out of put him to death. And when the temple.

they had bound him, they led

him away,and delivered him to The Sunday next before Easter. Pontius Pilate the governor. The Collect.

Then Judas who had betrayed God, who of thy tender condemned, repented himself, love towards mankind, haft sent and brought again the thirty thySon our Saviour JerusChrift, pieces of silver to the chief to take upon him our flesh, and priests and elders,saying, I have co suffer death upon the cross, sinned in that I have betrayed that all mankind Thould follow the innocent blood. And they the example of his great humi- said, What is that to us? ree lity ; Mercifully grant, that we thou to that. And he cast down may both follow the example the pieces of silver in the temof his patience, and also be ple, and departed, and weni made partakers of his resur- and hanged himself. And the rection, through the same Je- chief priests took the silver pie. sus Christ our Lord. Amen. ces, and said, It is not lawful

The Epistte. Phil. 2.5. for to put them into the treafu.
Er this mind be in you, ry, because it is the price of

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Jesus : who being in the form and bought with them the potof God, thought it not robbery ters field, to bury strangers in. to be equal with God: but made Wherefore that field was called, himself of no reputation, and The field of blood unto this took upon him the form of a day. (Then was fulfilled that servant, and was made in the which was spoken by Jeremy likeness of men ; and being the prophet, saying, And they found in fashion as a man, he took the thirty pieces of silver, humbled himself, and became the price of him that was vaobedient unto death, even the lued, whom they of the childeath of the cross. Wherefore dren of Israel did value, and God also hath highly exalted gave them for the potters field, him, and given him a Name, as the Lord appointed. me.


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And Jesus stood before the go- that he could prevail nothing, vernor; and the governor ask- but that rather a tumult was ed him, saying, Art thou the made, he took water and washKing of the Jews? And Jesus ed his hands before the multifaid unto him, Thou layst. cude, saying, I am innocent of And when he was accused of the blood of this just person : the chief priests and elders, he see ye to it. Then answered answered nothing. Then faith all the people, and said, His Pilate unto him, Heareft thou blood be on us, and on our not how many things they wit- children. Then released he Ba. ness against thee? And he an- rabbas unto them: and when fwered him to never a word, he had scourged Jesus, he deinsomuch that the governor livered him to be crucified. marvelled greatly. Now at that Then the soldiers of the goverfeast the governor was wont to nor took Jesus into the com. release unto the people a priso- mon hall, and gathered unto ner, whom they would. And him the whole band of fol. they had then a notable priso- diers. And they stripped him,. ner, called Barabbas. Therefore and put on him a scarlet robe. when they were gathered to- And when they had platted a gether, Pilate said unto them, crown of chorns, they put it Whom will ye that I release upon his head, and a reed in unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus; his right hand and they bow. which is called Chrift? For he ed the knee before him, and knew that for envy they had mocked him, saying, Hail, king delivered him. When he was of the Jews. And they spit up. set down on the judgment-Sear, on him, and took the reed, and his wife sent unto him, saying, smote him on the head. And Have thou nothing to do with after that they had mocked that just man : for I have fuf- him, they took the robe off fered many things this day in a from him, and put his own dream because of him. Bnt the raiment on him, and led him chiefpriests and elders perswa. away to crucifie him. And as ded the mulţitude that they they came out, they found a should ask Barabbas, and de- man of Cyrene, Simon by ftroy Jesus. The governor an- name: him they compelled to fwered and said unto them, bear his cross. And when they Whether of the iwain will yé were come unto a place called that I release unto you? They Golgotha, that is to say, a

fáid, Barabbas: Pilate faith un place of a skull, they gave him I to them, What shall I do then vinegar to drink, mingled with

with Jesus, which is called gall: and when he had tasted El Chrift? They all say unto him, thereof, he would not drink. * Let him be crucified. And thé And they' crucified him, and

governor said, Why, what Evil parted his garments, cafting hatli he done? But they cried lots : that it might be fulfilled out the more, saying, Let him which was spoken by the probe crucified. When Pilate saw phet, They parted my gara


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