תמונות בעמוד

The Erifle. 2 Cor. 11. 19: Jesus Christ, which is blessed Y line free spolu celles care fie note 7E fuffer fools gladly, Tee- for evermore, knoweth that I ye

*The Gospel. S. Luke 8. 4.

Hen much people were you, of you,

if á mani exalt him- were come to him out of every self, if a man smite you on the city, he spake by a parable, face. I speak as concerning re- A lower went out to low his proach, as though we had been feed: and as he lowed, some weak : howbeit, whereinsoever fell by the way-side, and it was any is bold (I speak foolishly ) troden down, and the fowls of I am bold also. Are they He- the air devoured it. And some brews ? so am I: are they Isra- fell upon a rock, and as soon as elites? so am I: are they, the it was sprung up, it withered feed of Abrahamn ? so am I: are away, because it lacked moi. they ministers of Chrift? (I sture. And some fell among speak as a fool.) I am more : thorns, and the thorns sprang in labours more abundant; in up with it, and choked it. stripes above measure; in pri- And other fell on good ground, fons more frequent ; in deaths and sprang up, and bare fruit oft. Of the Jews five times re- an hundred-fold. And when he ceived I forty ftripes fave one. had said these things, he cried, Thrice was I beaten with rods. He that hath ears to hear, let Once was I stoned. Thrice I him hear. And his disciples suffered shipwrack. A night asked him, saying, Wlrat might • and a day I have been in the this parable be? And he said, deep: in journeying often ; in Unto you it is given to know perils of waters; in perils of the mysteries of the kingdom

in perils by mineown of God: but to others in paracountry-men; in perils by the bles; that seeing they might heathen ; in perils in the city; not see, and hearing they might in perils in the wilderness; in not understand. Now the paraperils in the sea; in perils a. ble is this; The feed is the mong false brethren; in wea. word of God. Those by the riness and painfulness; in way-side, are they, that hear; watchings often ; in hunger then cometh the devil, and ta. and thirst ; in fastings often; keth away the word out of in cold and nakedness; besides their hearts, left they, Mould those things that are without, believe and be saved. They on that which cometh upon me the rock, are they, which when daily, the care of allthe church. they hear, receive the word es. Who is weak, and I am not with joy, and these have no weak ? who is offended, and I root, which for a while believe, burn not? If I must needs glory, and in cine of temptation fal I will glory of the things which away. And that which fell concern mine infirmities. The mong thorns, are they, which God and Father of our Lord when they have heard, go






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forth, and are choked with is not easily provoked, thinketh cares, and riches, and pleasures no evil, rejoycech' not in ini. of this life, and himng no fruit quity, but rejoyceth in the to perfection. But thar on the truth, beareth all things, beliegood ground are they, which veth all things, hopech all in an honest and good heart, things, endureth all things. having heard the word, keep Charity never failech: but wheit, and bring forth fruit with ther there be prophecies, they patience.

Thall fail; whether there be

tongues, they mall cease; whe. The Sunday called Quinquage. ther there be knowledge, it shall

fima, or the next Sunday bc- vanish away. For we know in fore Lent.

part, and we prophesie in part. The Colleit.

But when that which is perfect Lord, who haft taught is come, then that which is in without charity are nothing I was a child, I spake as a child, worth ; Send thy Holy Ghost, I understood as a child, Í and pour into our hearts that thought as a child ; but when I most excellent gift of charity, became a man, I put away the very bond of peace and of childish things. For now we all virtues, without which who- see through a glass darkly; buc soever livech is counced dead then face to face : now I know before thee. Grant this for in part; but then shall I know thine only Son Jesus Christs even asalo I am known. And sakc. Amen.

now abidech faith, hope, chaThe Epistle. 1 Cor. 13. 1. rity, these three; but the greate T Hough I speak with the est of these is charity. tongues of men

The Gospel. S. Luke 18. 31. angels, and have not charity, Hen Jesus took unto him or a tinklin; cymbal. And them, Behold, we go up to Je. though I have the gift of pro- rufalem, and all things that are phecy, and understand all iny; written by the prophets con. fteries, and all knowledge, and cerning the Son of man fhall though I have all faith, so that be accomplished. For he mall I could remove mountains, and be delivered unto the Gentiles, have no charity, I am nothing. and shall be mocked, and spice And though I bestow all my fully entreated, and spiced on.

goods to feed the poor, and And they shall scourge him and QI though I give my body to be put him to death; and the third

burned, and have not charity, day he shall rise again. And

it profiteth me nothing. Cha. they understood none of these marity suffereth long, and is kind; things: and this faying was hid

charity envieth not ; charity from them, neither knew they I vaunteth not it self, is not puff. the things which were spoken. 2 ed up, doth not behave it self And it came to pass, that as he 4 unseemly, seeketh not her own, was come nigh unco Jericho, a


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certain blind man fat by the For the Epiffle. Joel 2. 12.

Urn ye even me, the multitude pass by, he asked the what it meant. And they told heart, and with fasting, and him, chat Jesus of Nazareth with weeping, and with mourn palleth by. And he cried, say. ing. And rent your heart, and ing, Jesus, thou Son of David, not your garments, and turn have mercy on me. And they unto the Lord your God : for which went before rebuked he is gracious and merciful, him, that he should hold his Now..to anger, and of great peace : but he cried fo much kindness, and repentech him of the more, Thou, Son of David, the evil. Who knoweth if he have mercy on me. And Jesus will return, and repent and stood and commanded him to leave a blessing behind him, be brought unto him: And even a meat-offering and a when he was come near, he drink-offering unto the Lord asked him, saying, What wilt your God? Blow the trumpet thou that I should do: unto in Zion, fanctifie a fast, call 2 thee? And he said, Lord, that solemn affemtıly, gather the 1 may receive my fight. And, people, sanctifie the congrega. Jesus said unto hini, Roceive thy tion, assemble the elders, gasight; thy faith hath saved ther the children, and thole thee. And immediately he re- that sick the breasts ; let the ceived his fight, and followed bridegroom go forth of his him, glorifying God : and all chamber, and the bride out of the people when they saw it, her closet; let the priests, the gave praise untu God. ministers of the Lord, weep bed

tween the porch.and 'the altar The fort day of Lent, commonly and let them say, Spare th called Ahmednesday. people, O Lord, and give not

The collect. thine heritage to rep: oach, that Lmighty and everlasting the heathen Mould rule over that thou hast made, and doft - say among the people, Where forgive the sins of all them that is their God? are penitenț ;. Create and make The Gospel. S. Matth. 6. 16. that we worthily lamenting our fins, and acknowledging our countenance for they disfiwretchedness,, may obtain of gure their faces, that they mayti thee the God of all mercy, appear unto men tú fast. Veriperfect remiffion and forgive- ly" I say unto you, they have ness, through Jesus Christ our their reward. But thou, when Lord. Amen.

thou fastest, anoint thine head,

and wash thy face, that thou S Tris Collezt is to be read every appear not unto men to fast,

day in Lens, after the Collect but unto thy. Father which is appointed for the day. in secret ; and thy, Father


in us new and contrite hearts: W the hypocrites, of a fad

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hich setth in secret, shall re- by knowledge, 'by long-suffer: ard thee openly. Lay not up ing, by kindness, by the Holy or your selves treasures upon Gloft, by love unfeiğned, by arch, where moth and rust the word of truth, by the pow. oth corrupt, and where chieves er of God, by the arinour of reak through and steal. But righteoufness on the right hand ay up for your selves treasures and on the left, by honour and n heaven, where neither móch dishonour; by evil report and

or ruft doch corrupt, and good report; as deceivers, and where thieves do not break yer true; as unknown, and through nor steal. For where yet well known ; as dying, and your treasure is, there will your behold, we live; as chastned, neart be also.

and not killed ; as forrowful,

yet alway rejoycing as poor, The first Sunday in Lent. yet making many rich; as haThe Collet.

ving nothing, and yet poffefling, didit fast forty days and The Gospel. S. Matth. 4. I. orty nights, give us grace to "Hen was Jesus led up of the afe such abstinence, that our fpirit into the wilderness, desh being subdued to the Spi- to be tenipted of the devil. it, we may ever obey thy göd- And when he had fafted forty y motions in righteousness and days and forty nights, he was

Tue holiness, to "thy 'honour afterward an hungred. And and glory, who liveft and reign- when the tempter came to him, ist with the Father and the he faid, If thou be the Son of Holy Ghost, one God, world God,command that these stones without end. Amen.

be made bread. But he anThe Epiftle. 2. Cor. 6.1. swered and said, It is written, E

ther with him, beseech alone, but by every word that you also, that ye receive not the proceedeth out of the mouth Brace of God in vain: (For he of God. Then the devil tafaith, I have heard thee in a keth him up into the holy city, stiine accepted, and in the day and setceth him on a pinnacle of of salvation have I succoured the temple, and faith unto him,

thee : behold, now is the ac. If thou be the Son of God, calt nepred time behold, now is thy self down; for it is written, mhe day of salvation) Giving He Niall give his angels charge po offence in any thing, that concerning thee, and in their the ministry be not blained; hands they mall bear thee up, but in all things approving our left at any time thou dash thy

selves as the ministers of God, foot against a stone. - Jesus said in much patience, in affli&tions, unto him, It is written again, in necessities, in distresses, in Thou shalt nöt tempt the Lord stripes, in imprisonments, in thy God. Again the devil tatumults, in labours, in watch- keth him up into an exceeding fings, in fastings; by purenessy high mountain, and thewerhi

him all the kingdoms of the because that the Lord is the a. world, and the glory of them ; venger of all such, as we also and láith unto him, All these have forewarned you, and tethings will I give thee, if thou ftified. For God hath not calle wilt fall down and worship me. ed us unto uncleanness, but unThen faith Jesus unto him, Get to holiness. He therefore that thee hence, Satan; for it is despiseth, despiseth not man, written,, Thou Male worship but God, who hath also given the Lord thy God, and him on. unto us his Holy Spirit. ly shalt thou serve. Then the Ilie Gospel. S. Matth. 15. 21. devil leaveth him, and behold. JES

Esus went thence, and de.

parted into the coasts of to him.

Tyre and Sidon. And behold,

a woman of Canaan came out The second Sunday in Lent. of the same coasts, and cried The Collect,

unto him, saying, Have mercy that we have no power vid, my daughter is grievously of our selves to help our felves; vexed with a devil. But he anKeep us both outwardly in swered her not a word. And his our bodies, and inwardly in our disciples caine and besought souls, that we may he defend him, saying, Send her away, for ed from all adversities which decriech after us. But he anmay happen to the body, and swered and said, I am not sent from all evil thoughts which but unto the lost sheep of the may assault and hurt the soul, house of Israel. Then came through Jesus Christ our Lord. she and worshipped him, faye Amen.

ing, Lord, help me. But he an. The Epistle. » Theff. 4. I. swered and said, It is not meet

and exhort you by the to cast it co dogs. And the said, , Lord Jesus, that as ye have Truth, Lord; yer the dogs eac received of us how you ought of the crumbs which fall from to walk, and to please God, so their masters cable. Then Jesus ye would abound more and answered and said unto her, more. For ye know what com- woman, great is thy faith : be mandments wegave you by the it unto thee even as thou wilt. Lord Jesus. For this is the will And her daughter was made of God, even your fan&tificati- whole from that very hour. on, that ye Diould abstain from fornication, that every onc of The third Sunday in Lent. you should know how to pos

The Colleft. Tefs his veffel in fan£tificati.

ty. of concupiscence, even as the hearty defires of thy humble Gentiles which know not God; servants, and stretch forth the that no man go beyond, and de right hand of thy Majesty to be trand his brother in any matter, our defence against all our ene

on and honour ; not in the cute WE beseech thee

, Almigh

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