תמונות בעמוד


Except the Lord


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heart and


Help Lord

ATABLE for the whole number of PSALMS.
A Psalm



LL Laud and praise30 My soul give 103 Thy prais: alone 65

All people hearken49 My soul praise the 104 Truly the Lord
Attend my people

78 My soul praise 146 To thee, O God
Among the Princes 82

Ot unto us IIS To all that now in 76
All people that 100

Now Ifrael 124 Thou Shepherd that 80

81 Lord how are 3 Thou hart been
B Blenied are they


O God that art 4 Thiat city thall
Blerted art thou 128 O Lord my God 7. To fing the mercies
Behold and have 134 O God our Lord 8 Thou, Lord, hat been 90
Bleit be the
144 O Lord give ear

17 The Lord doth
O not o God
8} O God my

18 The Lord doch

O Lord how joyful 21 The Lord doch reign

127 O God my God

22 The Lord ali say 110
O Lord I put

31 The 12.1 is bleit 112
Ive to the
29 Our ears have
44 Those that de place

Grudge not 37 O Lord conlider Si Thce will I praise

Great is the

48 O God give ear SS Thce will I laid 145
God save me
54 O Lord thou


Nto the Lord God142
Give fraises
105 O God my God

Give thanks

O Lord unto my

64 TV7Hy did the
Give laud
148 o God to me

12 o God the Gentiles 79. What is the cause
How long
13 O Lord thou

94 Within thy tabernacle IS
Have mercy
Si O come let us

95 Why doit thou igrant
Have mercy on me só o sing ye now 98 Why art thou

Have mercy on us
67 O God my heart

108 With heart I do III
How pleasant is 84 O all ye Nations 117 When Israel by 114
He that within giO give ye

118 When that the

Hear thou my
102 Othou that
123 When we did fit

Ncline thine

Oft they, now 129 E righteous in 33
In God the
ií O Lord I am

131 Ye people all 42
In trouble
20 O what a happy 133 Ye rulers that

25 O praise the

135 Ye men on earth 66
I will give

34 o laud the Lord 136 Ye children which I13
I said I will
39 O Lord thou
139 Yield unto God

I waited long

Judge and defend

ut me not to


106 These ye shall have after
It is a thing
92 Praise ye the


the Pfalms.
In God the

100 Praise ye the
I mercy will

In speechless
I love the

59 Te Deum laudamus.
In trouble
120 Save me o

69 Benedi&tus.
I lift my eyes

121 Sing ye with 98 Magnificat anima mea:
I did in heart

122 Such as in God 125 Nunc dimitris.

Ord in thy 6 Sing ye unto 149 The Lords Prayer, or Pater
Lord keep

He man

Lord be my
26 There is

14 The Ten Commandments.
Lord plead
35 The heavn's

19 The Prayer after them.
Like as the
42 The Lord is

23 Quicunoue vuit.
Let God arile
68 The earth is

24 The Twelve Articles of the
Lord give thy

72 The Lord is both 27 Christian Faith.
Lord bow thy
86 Thou art

28 APrayer to the Holy Ghoft.
Lord God of

88 The man is bleft 32 AThanksgiving after Receia
Lord unto thee
130 The wicked by 36

ving the Lord's Supper,
Lord save me

140 The man is blest 41 The fuit of a sinner.
Lort hear my
143 The Lord is our

46 The lamentation of a sinner
V Mepherd 23. The mighty God So The Lamentation

My ticart doth 4$ The God of gods so vinite, exultemus
My foul to God 62 The foolith man 53 Preserve us Lord.
My Lord ray
71 Take pity for

S7 Gloria Patri.



i lift my

40 O Lord upon

43 P Praise


I with my

R homembet David's132 Veni Crescor.



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hcavenly For pafied this night, grant (o edit them by thy just judgment:yet though
A Form of PRAYER to be used in private
Houses every Morning and Evening.

Morning Prayer.
Lmighty God and most merciful almuch as they cannot believe except they
Father, we do not present our hear,n or cannot hear but by preaching, and
selves here before thy Majoty, none can preach except thuy be tent, ihere.

truitin, in our own merits or fore, O Lord, raise up faithful distributers of worthinels, but in thy manifold murcies, thy nyiteries, who letting apart all worldly which huit promited to hear our prayers, relpects,may both in their life and do&trine and grant our requeits which we mali only lock thy glory. Contrarily, confound make to rhee in the Nine of thy beloved Satan and Antiche it, with all hirelings, Son le.is Chriit our Lord, who also hath whom thou dixit already cait or into a re: cominandes us to afeinble our felves toge. probate sente, that they may not by lets, ther in his Name, with full aflurance that fchifmas, kerelies and crrours, ditquiet chy so be our Mediatour

and Advocate o wards fillen into the latter days, and dangerous thy Majeity, that we may obtain all things times, wherein ignorance hath gotten the which thall fcem e pedient to thy blefied upper hand, and Saran by his ministers teck. will, for our necclitics. Therefore we be. etli by all means to quench the light of thy feech thee, inoit merciful Father, to turn Goopt. we betecch thee to maintain thy thy loving countenance towards us, and caule againitthole ravening wolves, and impute nur unto us our manifold fins and Atrengthen all thyfervants whom they keep offences, whereb: we justly deserve thy in priton and bondage. Let not thy long wrath and sharp punishment, but rather futtering be an occasion either to increase receive us to thy mercy, for eius Christ's their tyranny or to discourage thy children: fake, accepting his death and pallion as a neither yet let our fins and wickedneis be juit reconipence for all our offences, in an hinderance to thy mercies, but with whom thout are well pleased, and through speed, O Lord,consider these great mistries, whom thou canit not be offended with us. For tlıy people Israel many times by their And seeing that of thy, great mercies we fins provoked thine anger and chou

punish. have

Father) that we their fins day wholly in thy service, so that all our once returned from their iniquity, thou re. thoughts, words and deeds, may redound to ceivedit then to mercy:We therefore, moft the glory of thy great Name, and good ex wretched dinners,bewail our manifold fins, am le to all men, who feeing our good and carneftiy repent us of our former wick: works may glorine thee our heavenly Fa.edness, and uncodly behaviour towards ther. And forasmucli as of thy mćer fa. hee: and whereaswe caannot of our felves vour ar.d love thou hart not onely created purchase thy pardon yet, we humbly be. us to thine own fimilitude and likeness, leech thee for Jesus Chriits sake, to thew but also haft chosen us to be heirs with thy mercies upon us, and receive us again thy dear Son Jesus Christ, of that immor. to thy favour. Grant us, dear Father, there cal kingdon which thou preparcdit for us our requeits, and all other things neceflary from the beginning of the world, we be for us and thy wholc Church, according to Seech thce to increase our faith and know. thy promise in Christ Jesus our Lord: in led and to lighten our hearts with whose Name we befeech thee as he baila thy holy Spirit, that we may in the mean caught us, saying, Our Father which art,&c. time live in godly conversation and inte. grity of life, knowing that idolaters, a.

Evening Prayer. dulterers, covetous men, contentious per.

, , Chall not inherit the kingdom of God. full of pity, we acknowledge and

And because thou hait commanded us to confess that we be not worthy to lift up pray one for another, we do not only make our eyes to heavenly much leis to prefent request Lord, for our felves, and for them our felves before thy Majesty, with conf. that thou halt already called to the truc dence that thou wilt hear our prayers, and undertanding of thy hcavenly will, but for grant our requests, if we consider our own all people and nations

of the world; who deservings : For our consciences do accuse as they know by thy wonderful works that us, and our fins do witness against us, and thou art God over all, so they may be in. we know that thou art an uprighe Judge, ftruded by thy holy Spirit to believe in thee which doft -not juftine the finners and chcironly Savious and Redeemer. But for. wicked men, but punishert the faults of all


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fuch as tranfgrels thy commandments : yet,
mort merciful Father, since it hath plealed A godly Prayer to be cald
thee to command us to call on thee in all

at all times, our troubles and adversities, promiting even then to help us, when we feel our Tonour and praise be given to thoe, o and desperation ; we utterly renounce all ther of heaven, for all ihy mercies and lo. worldly confidence and Ay to thy fovereign ving kindnesies Itrewed uito us, in that it bounty as our only ttay, and refuge : be. haili pluated thy gracio:is goodness, freely feeching thee not to call to remembrance and of thine own accord tų ele& and chure out inanifold fins and wickedness, whereby us to salvation before the beginning of the --we continually provoke thy wrath and in. world. And ever like continual thanks be

dignation againit us, neither or negli- giving to thee, for creating us after thine - gence and unkindness, which have neither own iinage, for redeeming us with the worthily citeened, nor in our lives sufici precious blood of thy dear son, when we ently e presied the sweet comfort of thy were utrerly loit ; for fan&tifying us with Gospel revealed unto 48 : but rather to thy holy Spirit in the revelation and know. accept the obedience and death of thy Son is íge of thy holy word; for helping and ļefus Chriit, who by, offering up his body fuccouring us in all our needs and necetli. in facrifice once for áll, hath inade a suffici.cies for láving us from all dangers of body ent recompence for all our sins.Have mercy and coul; for comforting us fo fatherly in therefore upon us, Lord, and forgive all our tribulations and periccutions for - us our offenccs. Teach y by thy holy Iparing us so long, ant giving us so large a

Spirit that we may rightly weigh them, time of repentance. Theti benefits, 0 noit --and earnestly repent for the fame And so merciful Father, like as we acknowledge to much the rather, O Lord, because that the have received them of thy only goodness, reprobate, and such as thou hat forsaken, even fo we bcieech thee for thy dear Son but the repenting heart, the forrowful holy Spir, whereby we may continually cannot praise thee, norcall upon thy Name i Jesus Chriit's sake, to grant us llways thy mind, the conscience opprested, hungring grow in thankfulness towards thee, to be and thirsting for thy grace, shall ever fet led into all truth, and comforted in all ad, forth thy praise and glory.And albeit we be verlities. O Lord itrengthen our faith, kin: but worms and duit, yet thou art our Crea. dle it more in forventness and love towards cour, and we b: the work of thine lands , thee, and our neighbours for thy fake. yea, thou art our Father, and we thy chil. Suffer us not, most dear Father, co receive dren; thou art our Shepherd, and we thy tły Word any more in vain: but grant us Bock thou art oar Redeemer, and we the always the affitance of thy, grace and holy people whom thou hast bought ; thou art Spirit, that in heart, word" and deed, we our God, and we thine inheritance. Cor. may fan&ific and do worship to thy Name sex us not therefore in thinc anger, Lord, help to amplifie and incrcase thy kingdom peither according to our deserts punim us, and whatsoever thou fendest, we may be but-mercifully chastife us with a fatherly heartily well content with thy, good ples. affe&ion, that all the world

may know that sure and will. Let us not Jack the thing, at what time foever a singer doth repent O Father, without the which we cannot him of his sins from the bottom of his serve thee : but bless thou so all the works heart, thou wilt put away

his wickedness of our hands, that we may have fufficient out of thy remembrance, as thou haft pro. and not be chargeable, but rather


unto others. Be merciful, O Lord, to our Finally, forasmuch as it hath pleased thee offences and seeing our

debt is great

which to make the night for man to reft in, as thou haft forgiven us in Jesus Chritt, make chou bait ordained him the day to travel us to love thee and our neighbours so in grant (dear Father) that we may so much the more. Be thou our father, ous Lake our bodily reft that our souls may captain

and defender in all tempraciones continually watch for the time that our hold thou us by shy merciful hand, that Lord Jesus Christ shall appear for our deli. we may be delivered from al; inconvenien verance out of this mortal life: and in the ces, and end our lives in the fan&tifying mean season, that we, not overcome by and honouring of thy koly Name, throug any fantasies, dreams,or other templations, Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour. may fully set our minds upon thee, lové Let thy mighty hand and out.Aretched thee, fear thee, and rett in' thee: further. arm, O Lord, be Atill our defence; thy mer. more, that our feep be not exceilive or sy and loving kindness in Jefus chrift thy overmuch,

after the insatiable desires of dear Şon, our falvarion, thy true and holy our fleth, but only sufficient to content our Word, our inftru&ion thy grace and holy weak nature, chat we may be the better Spirit, our comfort and confolation, wato difpoled to live in all godly conversation, the end, and in the end. So be it. to the glory of thy most holy Name, and profile of our brethren. So bé ic

A Prayer

us, O Lord, of mercy, through:Jeroes Chrift A Prayer to be laid before a thy Sou our Lord and Saviour. Ainen. man begins his work.

A Confeffion for all Eftatcs

and Times. Lord God, mot merciful Father and o

Siviour, seeing it hath pleased thee 1. command us to travel that we may Eternal God and mpit merciful father, grace fo to bless or labour, that thy fore thy divinc Majcity, that we are mife: Bieling may extend unto us, without the rable finners, coaceived and born in tin which we ar: not able to continue; and and iniquity, o that in us there is no good. unto us of thy bountit.Inels and alitance, gainit the spirit, whereby we continually lo that thereby we may know the fatherly tranfgreis thy holy precepts and command. care that thou hast over us.

ments, and to purchase to our feives Moreover, O Lord, we beseech thee that through thy juit judgment , Death and thou wo:ildit strengthen us with thy holy Damnation. Notwithitanding, o ha enly Spirit, that we may faithfully

travel in our father, forasmuch as we are d Ipleated ceit, and that we may endeavour

our felves mitted

aga nit thee, and do unfeignedly re. ti) follow thy holy Ordinance, rather than pent us of the fame, we moit humbiy be leek to fatishe our greedy affe&tions, or de. Ceech thee for Jelius Chrits fake, to thew fire to gain. And if it p!ease thee, O Lord, thy mercy upon us, to forgive us all out to prosper cur labour, give us a mind also fins, and increase thy

holy Spirit in us, chap to help them that have need, according to we may acknowledge from the bottom of thar ability that thou of thy mercy.,thalt our hearts our own unrighteousness, may give us : and knowing that all good things from henceforth not unly mortifie our time come of thee, grant that we may humble fiul hints and atfe&tions, but also bring forta or selves to our neighbours, and not furch fruits as inay

be agreeable to thy moa by any means lift up our felves above them bished will, Rot for the worthineish which have not received to large a portion of, but for the merits of thy de of thy mercies as thou hart given us. And loved Son Jesus Christ our only Sivious it it please thee, O Lord, to try and exer- whom thgui hait already given an oblation c re'us by greater poverty and neceflity and offering for our fins, and for whof fjan our peih would desire, that thou fake we are certainly perswaded, that the know that thou wilt nourish us continual. his

Name, according to thy will. For the wouldest yet, O Lord, grant us grace to wilt

deny us nothing that we shall ask it ly through thy bountiful liberality; that Spirit doth aftiere our consciences, that we be not ro tempred, that we fall into thou art our merciful Farher, and so loved diftrust, but that we may patiently wait as thy children through him, that nothing till thou fill us, not only with corporal is able to re nove

thy heavenly grace and graces and benefits, but chiefy with favour from us. To thee therStore, inine heavenly and spiritual treasures, to Father, with thy Son and the Holy Ghort the intent that we may always have heall Honour and Glory, world withoud more ample occafion to give three that and wholly to rest upon thy mercics



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