תמונות בעמוד
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Ive laud unto the Lord,
Raife ye the Lord, for it is good
unco our God to ling:

Praile him in deed and word,
for it is plealant, and to praise Above the starry skie.
it is a comely thing.

And also ye, 2 The Lord his own Jerusalem

His angels all, he buildech up alone :

Armies royal, And the disperit of Israel

Praise joyfully. doth gather into one.

2 Praise him both moon and sun 3 He heals the broken in their heart, Which are fo clear and bright; their fores ip doth he bind :

The same ot you be done, He counts the number of the Itars,

Ye glittering stars of light. and names them in their kind,

And you no less, 4 Great is the Lord, great is his power Ye heavens most fair, his willoin infinite:

Clouds of the air, The Lord relieves the meek, and throws His laud express. to ground the wicked wight.

3 For at his word they were s Sing unto God the Lord with praise All formed as we see, unto the Lord rejoyce :

At his voice did appear And to our God upon the harp

All things in their degree, advance your fingiag voice.

Whicii he fet falt, 6 He covers heav'n with clouds, and for To them he made the earth prepareth rain:

A law and trade And on the mountains he doth make

Always to laft. the grais to grow again.

4 Extol and praise God's Name 7 He gives to beasts their food, and to On earth ye dragons fell: young ravens when they cry:

All deeps do ye the same. His pleasure not in itrength of horse, For it becomes ye well. nor in mans legs doth lie.

The same do ye, 8 But in all titose that do him fear, Fire, hail, ice, Inow the Lord hath his delight,

And storms that blow And such as do atrend upon

At his decree. his mercies shining light.

$ The hills and mountains all,

And trees that fruitful are.
The Second Part

The cedars great

and tall, 9 o Praise the Lord, Jerusalem,

His worthy praise declare, thy God, o Sion, praise :

Bearts and cattel For he the bars hath forged Atrong,

Yea, birds of wing, wherewith thy gates he stays.

And worms creeping, 10 Thy children in thee he hath blett,

That on earth dwell. and in thy borders he

6 All kings both great and sina!!, Doth fettle peace, and with the flour With all their pompous traini of wheat he filleth thee.

Princes and judges all 11 And his command likewise upon

That in the world remain, the carth he lendeth out:

Exalt h's Name. Also his word with speedy course

Young men and maids, doth swiftly run about.

Old men and babes, 12 He giveth (now like wool, and froft Do ye the same. like ashes scatters wide

7 For lis name shall we prove Like morsels casts his ice, the cold To be most excellent, thereof who can abide?

Whose praise is far above

The earth and firmament i 13 He sendeth forth his mighty word, and melteth them again :

For sure he shall, Bis wind he makes to blow, and then

Exalt with bliss,

The horn of his, the waters flow amain. 14 The do&trine of his holy word,

And help them all. to lacob he doch thew :

8 His Caints all Mall forth ts!! His ítácutes and his judgments he

His praise and worthiness, gives Israel to know.

The sons of Israel, 15 With any nation hath he not

Each onc both more endle,

And also they lo dealt, nor have they known His fecret judgments, ye therefore

That with good will

His words fulfil, przik ye the Lord'alone,

And him obey

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Y price in his holiners

To bind their itately kings in chains,

their lords in iron bands.

8 To execute on thm the doom our God,

that written was before: a new rejoyciag fong:

This honour all his (aints shall have, And let the praise of him be heard his holy faints among;

praise yo the Lord therefore. 2 Let Ifrael rejoyee in God,

PSA L. CL. N. and praises to him

sing; And let the feed of Sion be

Ield unto Go: the mighty Lord, most joyful in their king. 3 Lot them found praise with voice of lute And in the firmament of his unto his holy Name :

great pow'r praise him no Icss. And with the timbrel and the harp, 2 Advance his Name, and praise him in fing praises to the same.

his miglity as always : 4 For whyį the Lord his pleasure all According to his excellence hath in his people for :

and greatness, give him praise, And by delivrance he will raise

3 His prailes with the princely noile the meek to glory great.

of sounding trumpets blow: Ś With gofy and with honour now Praile him upon the viol, and ler all his Saints rejoyce:

upon the harp also. Alod upon their beds alo,

4 Praise him with timbrel and with fure, advance their singing voice.

orgins and virginals : 6 And in their mouths let be the high With founding cymbals praise ye him, prailes of God the Lord:

praise him with loud cymbals. And in their hands likewise a sharp 5 Whatever hath tlie benefit and a two-edged sword.

of breathing, praise the Lord: To plague, the heathen and correct To praise his great and holy Name the people with their hands :

agree with une accord. The End of the PSALMS.

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Ome holy Ghost, eternal God, 8 Our weakness strengthen and confirm,
proceeding from above,

which feeble is and frail:
Both from the Fath.r and the Son, That neither devil, world, nor Beln

the God of peace and love. against us may prevail. 2 Vint oir minds and into us

9 Our enemies put far from us, thy heavenly grace inspire:

and grant us to obtain That in all truth and godliness,

Peace in our hearts with God and man, we may have true defire.

The beat and trueit gain. 3 Thou art the very Comforter

10 And grant, O Lord, that thou being in all grief and distress :

our leader and our guide, The heavenly gift of God most high, We inay eschew the fnares of fin, which no tongue can express.

and never from thee flid 4 The fountain and the living spring II To us fitch plenty of tog grace of joy celestial :

good Lord, grant we thee pray, The fire 10 bright, the love so sweet, That thou may it be our Comforter, and un&ion spiritual.

at the lait dreadful day. s Thon in thy gifts art manifold, 12 Cfitrife and all diffention Lords )

whereby Chriit's Chirch doth stand: do thou difiolve the bands, In faithfull hearts writing thy law, Tye fait the knots of peace and love, che tinger of God's hand

throughout all Christian lands. 6 According to thy promise made, chou givet (vecch with grace :

13 Grant us,o Lord, through thec to know

the Father most of might: That through thy help the praise of God

That of his dear beloved Son may sound in every place.

We my attain the light: 7 O holy Ghoit, into our fouls

14 And that with perfekt faith all send down thy Heavenly light:

we may acknowledge thee, Ipfame our hearts with fervent love, The Spirit of them botlı alway, to serve God day and night.

onc God in persons three

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The Song of S. Ambrose, called Te Deum For through his visitation and
W praife
, thee, God, and thee contels His mercy cepe in ftore,

2 His people now he hath redeem'd,

That loag have been in thrall :
And as cternal' Father, all
the earth doth worship thee.

And spread abroad lus laving health

Upon his servants all.
1 To thee all Angels cry, the heavens
and all the powers therein:

3 In David's house his servant true,
To thee inceliantly do cry

According to his mind,
Cherub and Serapliin.

And also his anointed King,

As we in Scripture tind.
3'O holy, holy, holy Lord,
of Sabaoth Lord the God;

4 As by nis holy Prophets all
Through heaven an: earth'thy praise is He often did declare,

The which were since the world begin, 2:1d glory all abroad.


His ways for to prepare.
4 Th Apostles glorious company
yield praises unto thee:

s That we might be delivered
The Prophets goodly fellowship

From those that make debate, praise thee incefiantly.

Even from th, hands of encinies,

And all that do us hate.
The noble and vidorious hoit

6 The mercy which he promiled
of Martyrs ound thy praise :

Our fathers to fulfil,
The holy Church throughout the world

And think upon his cov'nant made
acknowledge thee always.
6 Father of endless Majeity

According to his will.
they do acknowledge thee:

7 And also to perform the oath And Christ thy honourable, true

Which he before nad ivorn and only Son to be.

To Abraham our father dear,

For us that were forlorn : y The hoiy Ghost the Comforter,

8 That he would give himselt for 16 of glory thou art is

And us from bondage bring, o Christ, and of the Father art

Out of the hands of all our foes,
the Son everlasting,

To serve our heavenly King.
8 When finfil mans decay in hand
thou tookerto restore,

9 And that without all kind of fear, To be inclos'd in virgins womb

Alio in righteousness: thou didit not then abhor.

And likewite for to lead our lives

In stedfait holiness : 9 When thou of death hadit overcome

10 And thou, O child, which now art che farpness thro' thy might,

And of the Lord elect,
Heav'ns kingdom thou didit open fet


Shalc Prophet of the High'it be, to each believing wight.

His way for to direct. 10 in glory of the Father thou

I For thou shalt doit lit on God's right hand :


before his face, We truit that thou shalt come our judge, And allo for to teach his will

For to prepare his ways, our cause to undertand.

And pleasure all thy days. u Lord, help thy servants whom chou hart

12 To give them knowledge how that bought with thy precious blood, Salvacion now is near:

(theis And in eternal glory set

And that remiffion of their fins
them with thy saints most good. Is through his mercy dear.
12 O Lord, do thou thy people save,
bless thy inheritance :

13 Whereby the day-spring from on high Lord, govern them, and also do

Descended from his fcat, for ever thein advance.

To give light unto then that fat

In darkness very great. 1; We magnifie thee day by day,

14 To lighten those that shadowed be always world without end :

With death, and are nppreit,
And do adore thy holy Name :

And also for to guide our feet
voucht: fc us to delend

The way to peace and rest.
14 From Sin this day :- have mercy, Lord,
have mercy on us all :

The Song of the blefied Virgin Mary,
And on irs, as we truit in thee,

callid Magnificat.
Lord, let thy mercy fall,
O Lord, I have reposed all

My fuirit evermore
my contidence in thee:

Rejovceth in the Lord my God,
Therefore Ict no confounding (hame Who is my Saviour
my portion ever be:

1 An why? because he did regard,

And had respect unto
The Song of Zacharias, called Benedi&us. The low eitate of his handmaida
"He only Lord of Israel

And let the mighty go,

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T be praised evermore

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be thewd trength with his mighty arm, Hei, hiszel, and what I say

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3 For now behold, all nations and 2 In heaven is. Give us, O Lord, The generations all,

our daily bread this day. From this time forth for evermore As we forgive our debtors, so Shall me right blefied call :

forgive our debts we pray. 4 Because he hath me magnify'd, 3 Into temptation lead us not, who is the Lord of might,

from evil keep us free. Whole Name be ever fan&ify'd,

For kingdom, power, and glory is And praised day and night.

thine to eternity. All mor with his marry and his grace

The Ten Commandments of God,

Exod. 20. W. W.
Througliout the generations all
That fear his holy Name.

give heed to : And made the proud to itart,

I am the Lord thy God that brought With all imaginations that

thee out of Egypt land, Were in their wicked lieart.

2 Even from the house wherein thou didit

In thraldom live a llave: 7 He hath pit down the miglity ones Fron their fupernal seat,

None other goals at all before And did exalt the meek in heart,

my presence shalt thou have. Even from their low eitate.

3 No manner of grav'n.image thak 8 The liungry he replenished

thou make at all to thee; With all things that were good : Nor any other figure elle And through his power he made the rich

shall counterfeited be, Oft.times to want their food.

4 Of any thing in h-aven above,

nor in the earth below, 9 And calling to remembrance his

Nor in the waters under earth, Great mercy very well,

to them thou shalt not bow. Hath holpen up mott graciously His servant Ifrael.

5 Nor Malt them serve; the Lord thy Godi 10 According to his promise made a jealous God is he, To Abraham be ore,

Who punisheth the parents faults And to his feed fucceffively,

to third and fourth-degree, To Itand for evermore.

6 Upon the children that me hate :

and mercy doth display
The Song of Simeon, called

To thousands of such as me love,
Nunc dimittis.

and my commands obey.

7 The Name thou of the Lord thy God Hath longed earnestly,

in vain thalt never use: My Lord and Saviour to behold,

For him that takes his Name in vain And see before I die :

he never will excuse. 2 The joy and health of all Mankind, 8 Remember that thou holy keep Desired long before :

the sacred Sabbath-day : Who now is come into the world, Six days thou labour shalt, and do Loft man for to restore.

thy needful works alway. 3 Then fuffer, Lord, thy servant now

9 The Lord thy God the seventh hath let; In peace for to depart,

for thee to reit upon; According to thy holy word,

No work then shalt thou do in it. Which doch rejoice my heart.

thy felf, nor yet thy fon, 4 Because my eyes which thou haft made, 10. Thy laughcer, fervant, nor thy maid, To give my body light,

chy ox, nor yet thy ass, Have now beheld thy saving health,

Nor stranger that witnin thy gates Which is the Lord of miglič.

hath his abiding place. 5. Whom thou hast mcrcifully set,

11 For in fix days God heav'n and earth of thy abundang grace,

and all therein did make. In open light and visible,

And after that his reft he did Before all Peoples face.

upon the seventh day cake. 6 The Gentiles to illuminate,

12 Wherefore he bleft the day that he Who do in darkness dwell:

for reiting did ordain, Also to be the glory of

And sacred to himself alone. Thy people Ifrael.

appointed to remain

13 Give honour to thy Parents, that The Lords Prayer, or Pater noftet. prolong & thy days may be

, Upon the land the which the Lord
Lord, Hallowed be thy Name: thy God hath given thee.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done
in carb, even as the famg

14 Thou ma't no murthes do. Nos shals
commit adultery


my heart

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Another Person one.

Thou shalt not ftcal. Nor witness falle 9 Father incomprehensible,
Againit thy neighbour be.

Co likewise is the Son: 15. Thou shait not covet houle, that to

Comprehensible alfo is thy neighbour doth belong:

the Holy Ghort of none. Nor covei male in having of

10 The Father is eternal, and his wife to do him wrong.

the Son cternal fo: 16 Nor his man-frvant, nor his maid,

And in like fort eternal is nor o., nor ass of his,

the Holy Ghoit also. Nor airy other thing that to

11 And yet tho we believe that cacha thy neighbour proper is.

of these eternal be:

Yet there but one Eternal is,
The Prayer.

and not Eternals three.

12 As not inccmprehensible, To keep these laws our hearts restore:But one Incomprehensible,

nor yet uncreate three : And cause us all with one accord

one lincreate hoid we. To magnifie thy Name therefore.

13 As the Father almighty is, 2 For of our felves no strength we have the Son is so likewise : To keep these laws after tlıy will: And in like manner almighty Thy miglic therefore, o Chriit, we crave, the Holy Spirit is. That we in thee may them fullll.

14 And albeit that ev'ry one 3 Lord, for thy Names lake grant us this, of thele almighty be: Thou are our strength, O Saviour Chrift: Yet there but one Alnighty is, Of thee to speed how can we miss,

and not Almighties three. In whom our treasure doth confiit?

15 The Father God is, God the Son, 14 To thee for everinore be praise God Holy Ghoit also: With the Father in each refpe&,

Yet are there not three Gods to be, And with the holy Ghost always,

but one God, and no mo. The comforter of thine elet.

16 So likewise Lord the Father is,

and Lord also the Son: The Symbol or Creed of Athanafius, And Lord the Holy Chost; yet arc cailed Quincunque vult.

there not three Lords, but one.

17. For as we are compellid tograns Hat man foever he be, that

by Christian Verity,

Each of the Persons by himselt The Catholick Belief he must

both God and Lord to be before all things retain.

18 So Catholick Religion doth 2 Which Faith unless he whole do keep, Atri&tly forbid alway, and undefiledly,

That either Gnds be three, or tha Eternally, without all doubt,

there Lords be three, to say. he fall be sure to die.

19 Of none the Father is, not wade, 3 The Catholick Belief is this,

created, nor begot: that God we worship one

The Son is of the Father, not In Trinity, and Trinity

create, nor made, but got. in Unity alone

20 The Holy Ghout is of them both, 4 So as we neither do confound

the Father and the Son: che Persons of the Three :

Not made, created, nor begot, Nor yet the substance whole of one but doth proceed alone. in funder parted be.

21 So we one Father hold only; 5 One Person of the Father is,

one Son also, not three; another of the Son :

One Holy Ghoit alone, and not of

three Holy Ghosts to be the Holy Ghort

22 None in this Trinity before, 6 of Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, nor after other is: but one the Godhead is :

Nor greater any, than the ret, Glory the same, co-eternal

nor lefler be likewise. thc Majeity likewise.

13 But ev'ry one among themselves > Such as the Father is, such la

of all the Persons three: the Son in each degree:

Together co-eternal all, And such also we do believe

and all co-equal be. the Holy Ghost to be.

24 So Unity in Trinity, 8 The Father he is uncreate,

89 it is aid before: and uncreate the Son:

And Trinity in Unity The Holy Ghost is uncreace,

we always mult adore IQ ụncrcate each oben


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is Thera

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