תמונות בעמוד


PSA L. CXXXVI. N. 2 The Lord of lords praile ye; Raile ye the Lord, for he is good,

Whose mercies ever dure: for his inercy endureth for ever.

Grear wonders only he Give praise unto the God of gods,

Doth by his power fuire, fo: his mercy, &c.

For certainly, &c. 3 Give praise unto the Lord of lords, 3 Which God omnipotent for his mercy, &c.

By his great wisdom he 4 who only doth great wondrous works, The heaven and firinament for luis mercy, &c.

Did frame as we may ice, s Who by his wisdom made the heav'ns, For certainly &c. for his merev, &c.

4 Yea, he the heavy charge 6 who on the waters itretch'd the earth, of all the earth did'lay for his mercy, &c.

Upon the waters large 7 who made gnat lights to thine abroad, Remaining to this day, for his mercy, &c.

For certainly &c. 8 The fun to rule the lightsome day,

Great lights he made, for why? for his mercy, &c.

His mercy latts alway: 9 The moon and stars to rule the night, The fim moft glorioully, for his mercy, &c.

To rule the lightrom day, so who Egypt (mote with their first born, For cercainly, &c. for his mercy, &c.

6 Also the moon so clear, us And Israel brought out from thence,

which shineth in our light, for his mercy, &c.

And stars that do appear 12 With mighty hand and out ftretched arm, To guide the darklome night, for his mercy, &c.

For certainly c. 13 Who cut the Red (ea in two parts, 7 With grievous plagues and fore for his mercy, &c.

All Egypt (mote he then : 14 And Ifrael made to pass through, The tirit born less and more for his mercy, &.

He flew of beaits and men, 15 And drowned Pharaoh and his hoft,

For certainly &c. for his mercy, &c.

8 And from amidit their land 16 Through wilderness his people led,

His Ifracl forth brought: for his mercy, &c.

Which he with mighty hand 17 Who did Inite great and noble kings, And out-ftretchd arm bath wrough, for his mercy, &c.

For certainly, &c. 18 Yea, and also new mighty kings, 9 The sea he cut in two for his mercy, &c.

Which stood up like a wall, 19 Selon king of the Amorites,

And made through it to go for his mercy, &c.

His chosen children all, 20 And Og the king of Balan-land,

For certainly, &c. for his mercy, &c.

10 But overwhelm'd there then 25 And gave their land for heritage,

The haughty king Phar'oli, for luis mercy, &c.

With his hiige host of men 22 Even to his servant Israel,

And chariots alfo, for his mercy, &c.

For certainly, &c. 23 Remembring us in low estate, for his mercy, &c.

11 Who led through wildernet, 24 And from oppreflours rescu'd us;

His people tafe and found:

And for his love endless for his mercy, &c.

Great kings he brought to ground, 25 Who giveth food unto all desh,

For certainly, &c. for his mercy, &c. 26 Praise ye the Lord of heav'n above, 12 And with puiffant hand for his mercy, &c.

Slew kings ofinighey fame: 27 Give thanks unto the Lord of lords, As of the Amoritesland for h's mercy endoseth for ever.

Sehon the king by name,

For certainly, &c.
Another of the fame by T. C.

13 And Og (the giant large)

Of Balan king also: O whole mercy ne'er decays:

Wliofe land for heritage Give thanks and praises fing

He gave his people to, To God of gods always.

For certainly, &c. For certainly

14 Even unto Irritet His inercies dure

His forvant dear, I say, Both firm and furcs

That he chercin'mighe dwell,

and there abide alway,
For certainly, &c.

15 who

19 Who us remembred when

3 Even for thy loving kindness fake; In our most low degree:

and for thy truth withal: And from oppreffours then

For thouthy Nume haft by thy words In fafety let us free,

advanced over all. For certainly, &c.

4 When I did call, thou heardest me, 16 Who doth all deth with food

and thou hast made also Abundantly supply:

The power of increased Atre.igth Wherefore let God most good

within my soul to grow. Be prais'd mcefiantly,

Yea, all the kings on earth Mall give For certainly,

praise unto the, O Lord : His mercies dure

For they of thy moit holy mouth Both firin and fure

have heard the miglity word. Eternally.

6 They of the ways

of God the Lord

in finging shall repeat: PSAL. CXXXVII. WW. Beca:ife the glory of the Lord Hen we did fit in Babylon

is so exceeding grcac.

7 The Lord is high, but yet lie doth Then in reinembrance of Sion

the lowly man réfpe&: the tears for gricf burst out:

The proud he knows far off, and aben* We hang'd our larps and instruments with fcorn he doth reie&t. the willow trees upon :

8 Although in midit of trouble I For in that place men for their use do walk, yet shall I stand had planted many a one.

Reviv'd by chęe ; for thou, O Lord Then they to whom we prisorers were

wilt tretch'out thy right hand. said to us tarintingly,

9 Upon the wrath of all my foes, Now let us hear your Hebrew songs

and laved Inail I be and pleasant melody:

thy right hand, the Lord God wild Alas! faid we, who can once frame perform his work to me. hi; heavy heart to fing

Jo Thy mercies lait for evermore The praises of our loving God,

Lord, do me not forlike: thuis under a Atrang- king?

Forsake me not who am the work | But yet if I Jerusalem

which thy own hand did make. out of my heart let flide :

PSA L. CXXXIX. N. Then let my fingers quite forget

Borges the warbling harp to guide. 5 And let my tongue within my mouth

my sitting down doit know,

My rising up and thoughts far off, be ty'd for ever fait,

thou underitand't allo. FI rejoyce before I see

2 My path, yea, and my bed likewiię Thy full delivrance past.

thou art about always : Therefore, O Lord, remember now And by familiar cuftom art the cursed noise and cry

acquainted with my ways. That Edo!m's sons against us made, 3 No word is in my tongue, O Lord, when they ras'd our city.

that is not known to thee: 3 Remember, Lord, their cruel words, Thou hast befet me round about when with a mighty found

and laid thy hand on me. They cried, Down, yea, down with it

4 Such knowledge is too wonderful unto the very ground.

and past my skill to gain : Even fo Ahalt thou, Babylon,

It is so high that I unto at length to dust be brought:

the same cannot attain. And happy shall that man be call’d, s From thy all-seeing Spirit then, that our revenge hath wrought.

Lord, whither Mall i go": lo Yea, biesled (hall that man be cald, Or whither shall I fly away that takes thy little ones

from thy presence allo? Ind dasheth them in pieces small

6 For if to heaven I do climb up, . against the very Atones.

lo, thou art present there:

In hell if I lie down below,

c'en there thou doit appear. The word png Cond alwayswhole heart, y de les mesmo and he wentning wings, Even in the presence of the gods

Even in the very utmott parts I will advance thy praise.

where Howing sea doth swell: Towards thy holy temple I.

8 Yet, certainly there also thall will look and worship thee :

thy hand me lead and guide: And praised in my thankful mouth And thy right hand shall hold me falt; thy holy Name Chall be

and make me to abide.

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. Or if I say the darkness shall

Free from the cricl man that means Throud me quite from thy light

to ca' ise my steps to fide. Even then the night that is mott dark, 4 The pro'id'have laid a mare for me, about me shall be light.

and they have spread a net 10 The darkness hidech not from thce,

With cords in my path-way, and gins bill nighr doth shine as day:.

for me allo hive fet. To thee the darknets and the light

Therefore I said tinto the Lord, are both alike alway.

thou art my God alonc. The Second Part.

Here me therefore, o hear the voice si For tho: pofiefled halt iny reins,

wherewith ! pray and mine and thou didit cover me,

6 O Lord iny God, thot only art Within my mothers womb when I

the strength that saveth me: was there enclos'd by thee.

My hea / in day of battel hach 12 The will I praise, made fearfully

been cover'd Itill by thee. and wondrouilly I am:

7 Let not, O Lord, the wicked have Thy works are marvellous, right well the end of his delire : my soul doth know the same.

Perform nor his ill thought, left he 13 My bones they are not hid from thee, 8 of them that compass me about,

with pride be set on fire. altho in fecret place I have been inale, and in the earth

the chiefert of them all, beneath I shaped was.

Lord, let the mischief of their lips 14 Wiren I was formless, then thy eye

mpon their own heads fall. faw me; for in thy book

9 Let coals fall on them, let them be Were all my members written and

cast in consuming dame, nought after fashion took.

And in deep pit, that never they 15. The tho:ights there forc of thee, O God, may rise out of the lame. how dear are, they to me!

10 For no backbiters thall on carta And of them all, bow very great

be set in Atable plight :: the endless number bei

And evil to detrudion till 36 If I should count then, lo, their sum

Thall hunt the cruel wight. more than the fand they be":

II I know the Lord ch'aitliated will And whenfoever I awake

revenge and judge the poor: I prefent am with thee.

The jult hall praise thy Name and shall 17 The wicked and ungodly thou

dwell with thee evermore, moit certainly wilt lay:

PSA L. CXLI. N. Therefore now all

ye bloody men depart from me away.

Lord, upon thee do I call, o most wickedly of théc,

And hearken thou unto my voico And take thy Name in vain, because when I do cry to thee. thy enemies they bé.

2 As incense let my prayers Atill be 19 Hate I not them that hate thee, Lord, and the uplifting of

directed in thy cyes, and that in earneit wire ?

my handa Am I not grieved with all those

as evening facrifice. that up against thee rise?

3 For guiding of my mouth, O Lord 20 I hate then with a perfc&t hate,

set thou a watch before : even us my utter foes.

And all of my moving lips. Try mc, o God, and know my heart Lord, keep tho the doce, my thoughts prove and disclose. That I should wicked works commit,

incline thou not my heart 21 Consider, Lord, if wickedness in me there any be:

With ill men of their delicates, And in hy way, O God my guide,

Lord, let me eit no part. for ever leathiou me.

$ But let the righteous (inite ine, Lord,

for that is good for me :

Let him reprove me, and the same
Ord, fave me from the evil man, a precious oyl shall be.

6 Such (miting (hall not break my head, And from all thore also who

the time ihåll shortly fall, in violence delight.

When I fall in their misery 2 Who evermore on me make wat,

send prayers up for them all. Cheir tongues lo they have whet

7 And when in itony places down Like serpenis ; underneath their lips is adders poison fit.

their judges shall be caft,

Then Mall they hear my words, because,
Keep me, O Lord, frov wicked hands, they have a pleasant tafte.
Icserve me to abide

8 Our bones about the pits mouth are
all scattered and found,



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As when one breaketh and doth hew Yea, I do mufe upon the works the wood upon the ground.

tijat thy hands have create. 9 But, O my Lord and God, my eyes

6 To theé, o Lord my God, do I do look up unto thee :

itretch forth my craving hands : In thee is all my fruit, let not

My foul defirech after thee my soul fortákon be :.

as do the thirsty lands. 10 Keep and prelerve ine from the nare 7 Hear me with speed, my spirit fails, which they for me have laid :

hide not thy face, leit I And from the gins of wicked men,

Be like to then that in the pit whereof I am afraid.

link down, and there do lie. 11 The wicked into their own nets

8 Let me thy loving kindness in together let them fall,

the morning hear and know: While I do by thy help escape,

For in thee is my truit, shew me

the way that I should go. the danger of them all.

9 For unto thee I lift my soul,

O Lord, deliver me
Nto the Lord God with my voice

From all mine enemies, for!
I did send out my cry:

have hid my felf with thee. And with my trained voice unto

10 Teach me to do thy will, for thou,

thou art my God alway. the Lord God prayed i.

Let thy good spirit to the land 2 My meditation in his fight

of mercy me convey. to pour I did not spare: And in the presence of the Lord

u For thy Name's sake with quickning grace

alive do thou me make : 1 my trouble did declare,

And out of trouble bring my soul, 3 Altho perplexed was my foul,

even for thy justice fake. my path was known to thee':

12 And of thy mercy Nay my foes, In way where I did walk, a snare

let them destroyed be they lily laid for me. 4! look'd and view'd on my right hand,

That do oppreis my soul, for I

a fervant am to thee. but none there would me know : All refuge failed me, and for my soul none care did show.

PSA L. CXLIV. N. $ Then cried I to thee and faida O Lord, my hope thou art :

initud my hands to fight : And in the land of the living

The Lord that doth my fingers frame my portion, and my part.

to battel by his might. 6 Hear now my cry, for I am brought full low, deliver me

2 He is my hope, my fort, and tower

deliverer and thield: From thein that do me perfecute,

In him I truit; my people he for me too Itrong they be.

fubdues to me to yield. - That I may praise thy Nane, my soul from prison, Lord, bring out:

3 Lord, what thing is man, that hina When thou art good to me chie just

thou dali so highly prize

Or son of mian, that upon him thall compass me about.

chou thinkelt in such wise?

4 Man is but like to vanity, PSA L. CXLIII. N.

so país his days to end

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which I do niki tice ;

the heavens and thence descend, And in thy native truth, and in

$ The mountains touch, and they shall (moke thy jutice answer ine

caft forth thy lightning dame, 2 In judgment with thy servant, Lord, And scatter them, thy arrows shoot, o enter ont at all :

confunne them with the fame. for justify'd be in thy fight

6 Send down thy hand from hcav'n above not one that liveth thali.

O Lord, deliver me : 3 The enemy pursu'd my foul,

Take me from waters great, from hand my life to ground hath chrown,

of ftrangers set me free. And laid me in the dark like them

Whofe fubtil mouth of vanity, that are to grave gone dowa. 4 Therefore my spirit in me is

with flattering words doth treat:

And their right hand is a right hand in great perplexity;

of fulthood and deceit. My heart within me is also atli ted grievously.

8 A new song will I fing, to thee,

O God the Lord most high Yet I record time past, and on Jr. And on a ten string d-lute also thy works Imeditace ;

praise thee moit joyfully.




Even he it is that only gives

The Lord upholdeth them tha: fall, deliverance to kings:

their sliding he doth itay. Unto his servant David help

II The eyes of all do wait on see, from hortfill sword he brings.

thou doit them all relieve : 10 From strangers hand me fave and fhield And thou to each fufficing food whose mouth talks vanity:

in season due dost give And their rigirt land is a right hand 12 Thou openeít thy plenteous hand of guile and subcilty.

and bounteously doit fill 11 That so our fons may be as plants

All things whatever that do live, which growing youth doth rear: with gifts of thy good will. Our daughters as carv'd corner-ftones 13 The Lord is just in all his ways like to a pulace fair.

his works are holy all: 12 Our garners fil!l and plenty may And he is near all those that do of fundry forts be found :

in truth upon him call. Our sheep bring thousands in our streets, 14 He the delires of all them ten thousands may abound.

that fear him will fulfil: 13 Our oxen be to labour strong,

And he will hear them when they cry, that none may us invade :

and save them all he will. No goings out there be, nor cries 15 The Lord prélerves all those to him, within our ítrects be made.

that bear a loving heart : 14. The people happy are that with But he all then that wicked are fuch bleitings great are ftord:

will utterly fubvert. lea, blefled all the people are

16 My thankfu! mouth fhall gladly ípeals whole God is God the Lord.

the praises of the Lord :

All Bein to praise his holy Name

for ever shall accora.
"Hee will I laud, my God and King
and bless thy Name alway:

For ever will I praise the fame,
and bless thee day by day.

foul praise thou the Lord always, 2 Great is the Lord molt worthy praife his greatness none can reach :

While breath and life prolong my days, from race to face they shall thy works

my tongue no time hallaccale. praise, and thy power preachi. 2 Truit not in worldly princes then, s I of thy glorious majesty,

though they abound in wealth: the beauty will record :

Nor in the sons of mortal meng And medicate upon thy works

in whom there is no health. most wonderful, o Lord.

3 For why; their breath doth foon depart 4 And they thall of thy power, and ot to earth anon they fall : thy fearful a&ts declare:

And then the counsels of their heart And í to publish all abroad

decay and perish all. thy greatness will not spare.

4 Blefied and happy are all they $ And they into the mention shall

whom Jacob's God doth aid: break of thy goodness great :

And he whose hope doth not decay, And I aloud thy righteoulness

but on the Lord is ftaid. In singing will repeat.

s who made the earth and waters deep 6 The Lord our God most gracious is che heavens most high withal. and merciful also:

Who doth his word and promise keep of great abounding mercy, and

in truth, and ever shall. to anger he is flow.

6 With right aiways doch he proceed Yea, good to all, and all his works

for such as fuffer wrong: his mercy doth exceed:

The poor and hungry he doth feed, Ro, all thy works do praise thee, Lord, and loose the fetters ftrong. and honour thee indeed.

7 The Lord doch send the blind their fighe *8Thy faints do bless thee, and they do the lame to limbs restore: thy kingdoms glory Thow :

He loveth all that are upright, And blaze thy pow'é, to cause the fons and just men evermore. of men the fame to know.

8 He doth defend the fatherless, The Second Pare

and Atrangers fad in heart. And of thy kingdoms majesty

Ac frees the widow from diftress; to spread the glorious praise :

and all mens ways fubvert. Thiy kingdom, Lord, a kingdomis

9 The Lord thy God eternally, Chat doth endure always:

o Sion Atill shall reign: Do And thy dominion through cash age

In time of all posterice, Pandures without decay,

or ever to remains


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