תמונות בעמוד

of Sin and the Dominion of Saran; for the e accomplishing this miraculous Work of our

Salvation, thou didit descend from Heaven, and didst put on the Form of a Servant, live a Miserable Life, and die a painful and accurred. Death-.-Glory be to thee, O God the Holy Ghost, for those miraculous Gifts and Graces thou didst bestow upon the Apostles, and for those ordinary Gifts, whereby sincere Chrifti. ans in all Ages are enabled to work out their Salvation; for thy preventing and restraining Grace for the subduing our Understandings and Affections to the Obedience of Faith and Godliness;for inspiring us with good Thoughts, and kindling good Desires in our Souls; for aflifting us in all the Methods of procuring: eternal Happiness.-------Blessing and Honour, Thanksgiving and Praise, more than I can. express and conceive, be unto thee, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen... See Pfal. 2. 47.72. 110.

After the Blessing, viz. The Peace of God.

GRant, O Lord, that we, and all thy Servants

who by Faith and Sacrament al Participations, have this Day communicated with the Lord Jesus, may obtain Remission of our Sins, and be confirmed in Piety towards God, and in Charity towards our Neighbour; and may be delivered from : the Power and Temptations of Satan; and being filled with thy Spirit, may become worthy Members of Christ's Holy Church, and at last, inherit eter. nal Life, through the same our Lord Jesus Chrifts Amen.


A Thanksgiving after the Sacrament to be said

at Home. THOU, O my God, haft comforted my

Soul, thou hast strengthened and refreshed me with thy Bleilings, and rejoyced my Heart with the Tokens of thy Love. How tranfporting are thyComforts, and how ravishing the Effects of thy Goodness towards them that fear thee? Thou hast treated a vile Sinner at thy own Table, and fed me with the Bread that came down from Heaven. In what am I better than those to whom thou dost not grant this Favour? It is not for my Merits, but because thou wilt be glorified in doing good to the most unworthy; thou hast this Day made me a happy Example of this thy free Grace and Bounty. Grant me this Favour also, O my God, that through the whole courfe of my Life I may give thee Praise and Glory; that the due sense of thy Mercies may make me unfeignedly thankful; and that my Thank. fulness may appear in a Care to walk before thee in Holiness, Sobriety and Righteousness all the Days of my Life.

A Prayer in private, after the Receiving of the

Holy Communion. 0 How plentiful is thy Goodness, which thou haft

laid up for them that fear thee, which thou haft prepared for them obat put their Trust in the Mercy; even before the Sons of Men. I praise and magnifie thy great and gloriousName, Lord, for all those manifold Mercies and Comforts which thou haft bestowed upon me, ever since

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I was born. O Lord God, thou haft been my Trust from my Yourb, by thee have I been bolden up from the Womb; my Praise fall continually be of, thee; but above all, Blefied, and for ever Bleffed be thy Holy Name, for the Manifestation of the Son Jesus Christ, the Fountain and Foundation of all our Happiness, and for feeding me this Day (who am unworthy of the least of thy Mercies) with the precious Merits of his biter Death and Passion, to my great and endless Comfort. Enable me, O Lord, thro’thy gra, cious Assistance, to perform the Conditions of that Sacramental Covenant which I have this Day fo folemnly renewed and confirmed in thy Presence, and at thy Table, that through the Strength and Power of that Heavenly Food, I have there been Partaker of, I may daily grow in Grace, and in the knowledge of Christ Jesus, and abound in every good Word and Work. And subdue in me all those inordinate Lusts and corruptAffections which waragainst my. Soul; purifie my Mind from all evil Thoughts, bad Intentions, and evil Designs, and suffer not Pride, Vain-Glory, Self-Love, Malice, Hatred or Revenge, or any other Evil whatsoever, to reign in my mortal Body, but do thou keep it for ever in the Purpose of my Heart, faithfully to fulfil these my Baptismal VowsandResolutions, which I have now again renewed at thy Holy Table, that by persevering in allVercue and Holiness of Life, I may, ar length be an Inheritor of that infinice Happiness and Glory, which thou hast promised by Chrift our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer in private for the Grace of Perseverance, HEar

, most merciful Saviour, 1 molt hum

bly beseech thee, and let thy Grace be ever affiftant to all the Endeavours and Defigns of thy weak and unworthy Servant. I am not able of my self to do or think any thing that is good, or well-pleasing in thy Sight. O let thy Holy Spirit continually guard me against those numerous Temprations which so strongly encounter me: Fix my inconstant Mind, that I may not be led away with the Errors of the Wicked, and fall from my own Stedfastness, but that I may persevere in good Works unto the End. Moderate my Affections and Desires, and confine them, only to such Objects -3 are well pleasing in. thy Sight. Let thy Will be the fole Guide and Measure of mine, that all my Hopes and Wishes may center in thee alone, and nothing may ever appear desirable to me, in Comparison of a pure Heart, and Peaceable Conscience : Teach me thy Way, O Lord, and I will walk in thy Truth. O knit my Heart unto thee, that I may fear thy Name. Make me to love thee (as I ought) above all Things, and lec the Interest of thy Honour and Glory be always dearer to me than Gold or Silver, or any other Temporal Advantage ; for. thou, O Lord, art my Portion, thou art my only reft, in thee alone is Fulness of Joy and true Saciffaction, and without thee is Misery and Tor. ment. Ogrant me this bleffed Retreat, this happy Security, and then I shall find rest unto my Soul, both here and hereafter. Amen.

See Psal. 86.119


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Onder my Words, O Lord, confi.

der my Meditation : my Voice phalt P thou hear betimes, O Lord, early in

che Morning will I dire&t*my Prayer unto thee, and will look up, Pfal.

S... 1, 3. Almighty God, who dwelling in the highest Heavens, yet vouchsafest to regard the lowest Creatures here upon Earth, I humbly adore thy Sacred Majesty, and with all the Powers of my Soul and Body, do exalt and praise thy holy Name for all the Mercies and Comforts of this Life, and for the Hopes and Afsurance of a better, for protecting me from the Evils and Dangers of the Night past, and for bringing me safely to the Light of a new Day; continue this thy Mercy and Goodness ro me, and as thou hast awakened my Body from Sleep, so raife my Soul from the Death of Sin unto a Life of Righteousnefs. Deliver me, God, from the Evils of this Day,and guide my Feet in the Paths of Peace and Holiness, and strengthen my Resolutions to embrace all Opportunities of doing Good, and carefully to avoid all Occasions of Evil ; especially, * those Sins which by Natue and Inclinationlam moft like. * Here name such ly to fall into: And when, afraid of.

Sins you are molt thro? Frailty, or the Violence of any other Temptation, I fall from my Du. ty, do thou in Mercy restore me again with a double Portion of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, to maintain a more vigorous Defence against Satan and his Devices. Shower down thy Graces and Blessings upon all my Relations, Con my Farber and Mother, on my Bretbren and


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