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our vicious Habits: It preserves a lively Sense of God and Religion in ourMinds, and fortifies us against those Temptations that assault us; it spiritualizeth our Nature, and raiseth our Souls above this World, and supports us under * See the Daily the Troubles and Calamities Companion, wiib

Chriftian Supe of this Life *, by fan&ifying ports under the such A Midtions; it leads us World, &c. gradually to the Perfection of Price bound 6d. a Christian Life and preserves that Union between God and our Souls, which feeds our Spiritual Life with Grace and Goodness; without it we in vain pretend to discharge those Christian Duties incumbent on us,orto prosper in our Temporal Affairs, which must have God's Blelling to crown them with Success. And as Prayer in general has these great Blessings and Advantages attending it, so give me leave to suggest to you,under this Head, That those publick Publick Prayer Prayers and Devotions which recommended. we offer unto God in our Churches, are not only more acceptable to him, but also much more edifying and advantageous to our selves; they cannot but be more acceptable to God, because thereby his Honour and Glory is much more considerably advanced and maintained


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in the World, than by our Private Devotions : By these outward Signs and Tokens we publickly declare to all the World that inward Regard and Esteem which we have for his DivinePerfections and Goodness; hereby we let our Light so shine before Men, that ibey may see our good Works, and glorifie our Father which is in Heaven, Mat. s. 16. There is no Duty in Scripture more frequently commanded, none more earnestly press'd upon us,than this of publick Prayer. We have the Example of all good Men, in all Ages, for it ; and of Christ himself, who was daily in the Temple and in the Synagogues, and,noQuestion, frequented those Places at the usual Hours of Prayer, because then he had the faireftOpportunity from those Publick Assemblies to instruct and to exhort to Faith and Repentance

. 2dly,We may expect greater Blessings and Success to our Requests and Desires, when we join in the Publick Prayers of our Church, than from Private, because our Saviour has in a special manner promised to such Assemblies his immediate Presence that where Two or Three are gathered together in bis Name, there will be be in the midst of them; which he hath no where said the like of Private, tho' both are very good, nay,


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both are absolutely necessary for the Beginning and Ending of a Christian Life; and it is a very bad Sign of some Evil Principle or other, for any Man to be much a Stranger to the House of Prayer, which is one of the greatest Blessings and Privileges (if we know how to value the same) that we can have in this World, and has always been accounted such amiong all wife and good Men. It is certain that the Turks, whom we call Infi. dels, go to their publick Devotions Five times every Day; and shall not they rise in Judgment against us Christians, who cannot afford to go once or twice a Day to God's House,when we have bothLeisure and Opportunity. If Men shall be judged for every idle Word, to be sure they shall not pass unpunish'd for all the Neg. lects and Omissions of their Duty of this Nature. But to proceed,

TO this Duty of fervent Pray- Reading and er, the Communicant should spend some Portion of time in Reading and Meditation, to raise his Soul into a Devout and Heavenly Temper : The proper Office of Reading is to gain Spi. ritual Food and Sustenance, and of Meditation to digeft it. Those Divine Subjećts, most proper for our serious Contemplation, on this solemn Occasion, I

R. Warren, D.D.

think,are our Saviour's Sermon on the Mount, the Love of God in the Salvation of Sinners, * See, A Devout through Jesus Christ, Repena Christian's Prepa. rative to Dealb,

tance, Faith, Charity, * Death translated from and Judgment; the happy ERASMUS by

Condition of a future State of Price Bound 6 d. Blessednefs, and the miserable . Condition of the Damned in Hell

. These, and the like, as they offer themselves into you, should be meditated upon until some Sorrow of Mind, some Ardour of Devotion, fome Act of Faith, some Flame of Love and Charity arise in your Souls.

Thus have I briefly represented to you both the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, which in a great measure contains the whole Duty of a Chriftian's Life, viz. Repentance towards God, Faith towards our Lord Jesus Chrift, and Charity towards our Neighbour : And I also hope, whosoever among us will but endeavour to prepare themselves for the Holy Communion, according to the forementioned Directions,may (by the Help of God) upon all Occasions, come to the Lord's Table without the least Fear or Danger of eating and drinking Damnation to themselves.

AND, now Some people may censure this Discourse, as giving too great Liberty and Encouragement to approach the Lord's Table with lefs Preparation than otherwise


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Men would venture to do: But I know no Ground or
Reason for any fuck Suggestion, if they impartially con-
fider the Excellence and Perfe&tion of
that Guide and Companion I have Church Catechism.
followed throughout the whole: And to represent this
Duty of frequent communion otherwise than what the
Church requires, is an Injury both to God and to our
selves : and I dare affirm, that no part of Divine Wors
ship bas suffered more on this Account, than that of the
Holy Communion, Thousands of people not daring (in all
their Life-time, tho' very good Livers) to partake of the
Lord's Supper, for fear of eating and drinking their own

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