The Lives of Dr. John Donne; Sir Henry Wotton; Richard Hooker; George Herbert; and Dr. R. Sanderson. With Notes and the Life of the Author by T. Zouch. Second Edition

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T. Wilson, 1807 - 447 עמודים

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עמוד 304 - I will labour to make it honourable by consecrating all my learning and all my poor abilities to advance the glory of that God that gave them; knowing that I can never do too much for him that hath done so much for me, as to make me a Christian. And I will labour to be like my Saviour, by making humility lovely in the eyes of all men and by following the merciful and meek example of my dear Jesus.
עמוד 244 - I have lived to see this world is made up of perturbations, and I have long been preparing to leave it, and gathering comfort for the dreadful hour of making my account with God, which I now apprehend to be near...
עמוד 304 - And though the iniquity of the late times have made clergymen meanly valued, and the sacred name of priest contemptible ; yet I will labour to make it honourable, by consecrating all my learning, and all my poor abilities to advance the glory of that God that gave them ; knowing that I can never do too much for him, that hath done so much for me, as to make me a Christian.
עמוד 331 - Huntingdon, to see Mr. Herbert, and to assure him, he wanted not his daily prayers for his recovery ; and Mr. Duncon was to return back to Gidden, with an account of Mr. Herbert's condition. Mr. Duncon found him weak, and at that time lying on his bed, or on a pallet ; but at his seeing Mr. Duncon, he raised himself vigorously, saluted him, and with some earnestness inquired the health of his brother Ferrar ; of which Mr.
עמוד 242 - Thus hath the Lord done unto me in the days wherein he looked upon me, to take away my reproach among men.
עמוד 197 - ... and that it was best for him to have a wife, that might prove a nurse to him, such a one as might both prolong his life and make it more comfortable, and such a one she could and would provide for him, if he thought fit to marry.
עמוד 133 - You violets that first appear, By your pure purple mantles known Like the proud virgins of the year, As if the spring were all your own ; What are you when the rose is blown ? So, when my mistress shall be seen In form and beauty of her mind, By virtue first, then choice, a Queen, Tell me, if she were not design'd Th...
עמוד 61 - Dr. Donne, I have invited you to dinner, and though you sit not down with me, yet I will carve to you of a dish that I know you love well ; for knowing you love London, I do therefore make you Dean of Paul's ; and when I have dined, then do you take your beloved dish home to your study, say grace there to yourself, and much good may it do you.
עמוד 51 - Presently after he entered into his holy profession, the king sent for him and made him his Chaplain in Ordinary and promised to take a particular care for his preferment. And though his long familiarity with scholars and persons of greatest quality was such as might have given some men boldness enough to have preached to any eminent auditory, yet his modesty in this employment was such that he could not be...
עמוד 30 - Sir George had some intimation of it, and knowing prevention to be a great part of wisdom, did therefore remove her with much haste from that to his own house at Lothesley...

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