An historical account of all the voyages round the world: performed by English navigators; including those lately undertaken by order of His present Majesty. The whole faithfully extracted from the journals of the voyagers. Drake, undertaken in 1577-80; Cavendish, 1586-88; Cowley, 1683-86; Dampier, 1689-96; Cooke, 1708-11; Rogers, 1708-11; Clipperton and Shelvocke, 1719-22; Anson, undertaken in 1740-44; Byron, 1764-66; Wallis, 1766-68; Carteret, 1766-69; and Cook, 1768-71. Together with that of Sydney Parkinson ... and the voyage of Mons. Bougainville ... To which is added, an appendix. Containing the Journal of a voyage to the North pole, by the Hon. Commodore Phipps, and Captain Lutwidge ...

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עמוד 169 - ... every month, giving their young milk, yet continually get they their living in the sea, and live altogether upon fish: their young are marvellous good meat, and being boiled or roasted, are hardly to be known from lamb or mutton. The old ones be of such bigness and force, that it is as much as four men are able to do to kill one of them with great...
עמוד 266 - God thanks and like dutiful children to accept of His chastisement. For all this, divers grew raging mad and some died in most loathsome and furious pain. It were incredible to write our misery as it was; there was no man in perfect health, but the captain and one boy. The master being a man of good spirit, with extreme labour bore out his grief, so that it grew not upon him. To be short, all our men died except sixteen, of which there were but five able to move.
עמוד 230 - In pursuing this description Cavendish says, " There are fig-trees which bear fruit continually, and very plentifully;. for on every tree you may see blossoms, green figs, and ripe figs, all at once ; and it is so all the year long.
עמוד 136 - Francis Fletcher, I do here excommunicate thee out of the Church of God and from all the benefits and graces thereof/ and I denounce thee to the devil and all his angels.
עמוד 264 - These were hard choices; but being thus perplexed, we made choice rather to fall into the hands of the Lord than into the hands of men; for His exceeding mercies we had tasted, and of the others' cruelty we were not ignorant.
עמוד 187 - ... several times with extreme pain. Also he made the old Fleming believe that he would hang him, and the rope being about his neck, he was pulled up a little from the hatches, and yet he would not confess, choosing rather to die than to be perjured. In the end it was confessed by one of the Spaniards.
עמוד 476 - Ship had ftruck upon a Rock : But when the Amazement was a little over, we caft the Lead, and founded, but found no Ground; fo that after Confultation, we concluded it muft certainly be fome Earthquake. The fuddennefs of this Shock made the Guns of the Ship leap in their Carriages, and feveral of the...
עמוד 220 - ... and made answer. Our general by the negro enquired of him for fresh water, which they found, and caused the fisher to go to the king and to certify him of a ship that was come to have traffic for victuals, and for diamonds, pearls, or any other rich jewels that he had; for which he should have either gold or other merchandise in exchange. The fisherman answered that we should have all manner of victuals that we would request.
עמוד 96 - Drake ! So it is that I would gladly be revenged on the King of Spain for divers injuries that I have received.
עמוד 477 - South and by East, half Easterly, until we came to the Latitude of 27 Deg. 20 Min. S. when about two Hours before Day, we fell in with a small, low, sandy Island, and heard a great roaring Noise, like that of the Sea beating upon the Shore, right a Head of the Ship.