Approaches To Training And Development: Third Edition Revised And Updated

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Basic Books, 18 ביוני 2003 - 352 עמודים
Approaches to Training and Development provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to the field of organizational training and human-resource development. It surveys the methods, functions, and goals of training--from needs assessment to implementation--illustrating each step of an effective training program. This new edition includes updates throughout, with fresh examples and current references, with an emphasis on evaluating and explaining new training. Comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible, this new edition will prove an essential resource to a new generation of trainers, HRD professionals, educators, and managers.

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Dugan Laird was a pioneer in the field of training and human resource development. One of the most distinguished authors and consultants in the field, he died in 1984.

Elwood F. Holton III is Professor of Human Resource Development at Louisiana State University. The author of twelve books, he lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Sharon S. Naquin is the Executive Director of the Public Management Program and Director of the Office of HRD Research at Louisiana State University. The co-author of several books and numerous articles, she lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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