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Select List, No. I., of Works

The Victory of Faith. By JULIUS CHARLES HARE, M.A., Archdeacon of Lewes. A New Edition, Octavo. 6s.

An Exposition of the First Seventeen Articles of the Church of England. By T. SWORDE, M.A., Rector of St. Peter's, Thetford.

The Hulsean Lectures for 1845 and 1846. By the Rev. R. CHENEVIX TRENCH, M.A., Professor of Divinity in King's College, London, and Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Oxford. A new Edition, in One Volume.

The Religions of the World, and their Relations to Christianity. The Boyle Lectures for 1846. By the Rev. F. D. Maurice, M.A., Professor of Divinity in King's College, London ; and Chaplain of Lincoln's Inn. Octavo, 8s. 6d.

Lectures on the Epistle to the Hebrews: with a Review of Mr. Newman's Theory of Development. The Warburtonian Lectures for 1846. By the Rev. F. D. MAURICE, M.A. Octavo, 78. 6d.

Lectures on the Prophecies, proving the Divine Origin of Christvanity. Warburtonian Lectures. By A. McCaul, D.D., Professor of Divinity in King's College, London, and Prebendary of St. Paul's. Octavo, 7s. 6d.

Two Series of Discourses. I. On Christian Humiliation. II. On the City of God. By C. H. TERROT, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh; late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Octavo, 7s. 6d.

The Liturgy as it is, illustrated in a Series of Practical Sermons. By H. HOWARTH, B.D., Rector of St. George Hanover Square. Second Edition. 4s. 6d.

Practical Sermons, by Dignitaries and other Clergymen of the United Church of England and Ireland : printed verbatim from the Authors' MSS. Complete in Three Volumes, Octavo, 78., or Eighteen Parts, 1s. each.

The Scriptural Character of the English Church considered, in a Series of Sermons, with copious Notes and Illustrations. By Rev. DERWENT COLERIDGE, M.A., Principal of St. Mark's College, and Prebendary of St. Paul's. Octavo, 12s. 6d.

Parish Sermons. By Archdeacon HARE. Octavo, 12s.

Christmas Day, and other Sermons. By Rev. F. D. MAURICE, M.A. Octavo, 10s. 6d.

The Churchman's Guide ; an Index of Sermons, and other Works, by Eminent Divines, arranged according to their subjects. By Rev. J. FORSTER, M.A., Her Majesty's Chaplain of the Savoy. Octavo, 7s.

Short Sermons for Children, illustrative of the Catechism and Liturgy of the Church of England. Preached in the National Society's Central School, by the Rev. C. A. Johns, B.A. 3s. 6d.

published by John W. Parker.


The Literature of the Church of England, exhibited in Specimens of the Writings of Eminent Divines, with Memoirs of their Lives, and Historical Sketches of the Times in which they lived. By R. CATTERMOLE, B.D. Two Volumes, Octavo, 25s.

Observations on Dr. Wiseman's Reply to the Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist Considered. By the Rt. Rev. T. TURTON, D.D., Lord Bishop of Ely. Octavo, 4s. 6d.

The Ritual of the United Church of England and Ireland Illustrated; with occasional Reference to the Objections of Dissenters. By the Rev. GERALD WENSLEY TYRRELL, A.M., Secretary of the Down and Connor Church Education Society. Demy 12mo., 6s.

Garrick's Mode of Reading the Liturgy of the Church of England. A New Edition, with Notes, and a Preliminary Discourse on Public Reading, By RICHARD Cull, Tutor in Elocution. Octavo, 5s. 6d.

Choral Service of the United Church of England and Ireland; being an Enquiry into the Liturgical System of the Cathedral and Collegiate Foundations of the Anglican Communion. By John JEBB, M.A., Rector of Peterstow. Octavo, 168,

The Book of Common Prayer Illustrated, so as to show its various Modifications, the date of its several parts, and the Authority on which they rest. By W. K. Clay, B.D., Minor Canon of Ely. Demy 12mo., 7s. 6d.

Explanatory Notes on the Prayer Book Version of the Psalms, with copious Marginal References. By the same Author. 78. 6d.

Comments, Explanatory and Practical, upon the Epistles, for the Sundays, Fasts, and Holydays throughout the Year. By the Rev. J. F. HONE, M.A., Vicar of Tirley. Demy 12mo., 6s.

On the Management of a Parish, and of Sunday Schools, and the Method of preparing Catechumens for Examination. By the Rt. Rev. T. V. SHORT, D.D, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. 1s.

The Ministration of Public Baptism of Infants, and the Form of receiving Children who have been privately baptized into Christ's Flock, arranged as one Service. ls. 6d.

Office for the Visitation of the Sick; with Notes and Explanations, by the late Archdeacon CoxE. 18. 6d.

Horæ Ecclesiasticæ; the Position of the Church with regard to Romish Error.

Horæ Liturgicæ ; I. Liturgical Discrepancy. II. Liturgical Harmony. By R. Mant, D.D., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, and Dromore. Printed uniformly, Foolscap Octavo, 3s. 6d. each.

Parochialia ; consisting of Papers printed for the use of St. George's, Bloomsbury. By T. Y. Suont, D.D., Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. 48.


Select List, No. I., of Works

The Churchman's Theological Dictionary. By the Rev. ROBERT EDEN, M.A., F.S.A., Late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Demy 12mo., 58.

The design of this work is to give plain and simple explanatious of the Theological and Ecclesiastical terms which are used in describing and discussing religious Ordinances, Doctrines, and Institutions, without entering into the controversies which have arisen respecting their object and import.

The Statutes relating to the Ecclesiastical and Eleemosynary Institutions of England, Wales, Ireland, India, and the Colonies ; with the Decisions thereon. By ARCHIBALD JOHN STEPHENS, M.A., F.R.S., Barrister at Law. Two large Volumes, Royal Octavo, with copious, Indices, 31. 38.

Specimens of Ecclesiastical Architecture in Great Britain. Edited by HENRY Bowman, Architect. Illustrated by Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details. Royal Quarto, 21. 58.; or, in Twelve Parts, at 3s. 6d. each.

Sacra Domestica; a Course of Family Prayers. Printed in large type, with provision for additions in MS. Octavo, 3s.

The Book of Private Prayer. By the Rev. J. A. BOLSTER, M.A., Prebendary of Cork, and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop. 28., gilt.

A Manual of Family Prayer; comprising Three Weekly Courses of Morning and Evening Devotion. By the Rev. Ā. HORSFALL. 2s.

A Daily Prayer Book, for Families and Schools; arranged from the Services of the Church. By J. T. BARRETT, D.D., Rector of Attleburgh. 1s. 6d.

Sacred Minstrelsy; a Collection of Sacred Music from the Finest Works of the Great Masters, British and Foreign. Arranged as Solos and Concerted Pieces, for Private Performance, with Accompaniments for the Piano-forte and Organ. Two handsome Folio Volumes, half-bound in Turkey Morocco, 21. 28.

Christmas Carols; arranged for one, two, and three Voices, with Accompaniments. Small Quarto, 4s.

Edited by John HULLAH, Professor of Vocal Music in King's College, London.

The Psalter, or Psalms of David in Metre, with appropriate Tunes; in Score, with or without Accompaniments, and in separate Volumes for the Four Voices. A Descriptive Catalogue of the different Editions may be had of the Publisher.

Psalm Tune-Books, without Words, containing Eighty-two Tunes from the PSALTER.

The Tunes Harmonized for THREE EQUAL VOICES, 28. 6d.
The Tunes Harmonized for Four VOICES (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass,) 3s.

The Whole Book of Psalms, with the Canticles and Hymns of the Church, for Morning and Evening Service, set to appropriate Chants, every Syllable being placed under its proper Note. Octavo, 168.

Chants with the Gregorian Tones, harmonized by THOMAS MORLEY, without Words. 1s.

published by John W. Parker.


Indications of the Creator. Theological Extracts from the History and the Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. By the Rev. Dr. WHEWELL. Second Edition, with additional Preface. 6s. 6d.

Creation by the Agency of God; a Refutation of the Work entitled Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. By T. Monck Mason, B.A. 58.

Cudworth on Freewill; now first Edited, with Notes, by the Rev. J. AlĻEN, M.A., Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Lichfield. 38.

Bishop Jeremy Taylor; his Predecessors, Contemporaries, and Successors. A Biography. By R. A. WILLMOTT, M.A., Incumbent of Bear Wood. 58.

Bishop Heber and Indian Missions. By the Rev. J. CHAMBERS, M.A., 2s. 6d.

Lives of English Sacred Poets. By the Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT, M.A. Two Volumes, with Portraits, 4s. 6d. each.

Lives of Eminent Christians. By the Rev. R. B. HONE, M.A., Vicar of Hales Owen. Four Volumes, with Portraits 4s. 6d. each.

The First Volume contains the Lives of Archbishop Usher, Dr. Hammond, Evelyn, and Bishop Wilson; the Second, Bernard Gilpin, Philip de Mornay, Bishop Bedell, and A. Horneck; the Third, Bishop Ridley, Bishop Hall, and Robert Boyle; the Fourth, John Bradford, Archbishop Grindal, and Judge Hale.

Life of Archbishop Sancroft. By the late Dr. D’Orly. Octavo, 9s.

Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Writings of Bishop Butler. By T. BARTLETT, M.A., Rector of Kingstone. Octavo, 12s., with a Portrait.

Luther and his Times, or, History of the Rise and Progress of the German Reformation. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. Foolscap Octavo, 58.

Bible Biography: a Series of Connected Histories of the Principal Characters mentioned in the Old and New Testament. By E. FARR. 48.

Bible Narrative chronologically arranged, in the words of the authorized Version : a Consecutive History from the Creation to the Termination of the Jewish Polity. By Miss R. M. ZORNLIN. With Maps. 78.

Examination Questions and Answers upon Burnet on the Thirty

nine Articles. 1s. 6d.

Examination Questions and Answers upon Butler's Analogy. By the Rev. Sir G. W. CRAWFURD, Bart., M.A. 18. 6d.


Select Works published by John W. Parker.

Paley's Evidences Epitomized, with the view of exhibiting his Argument in as small a compass as possible, without omitting or weakening any of its component parts. By J. W. Smith, B.C.L. With Examination Questions. 38.

An Index to Butler's Analogy, prepared by Dr. Bentham, Reg. Prof. of Divinity at Oxford, corrected by Bishop Butler, and now adapted to the early and the Oxford Editions. By the Rev. T. BARTLETT, M.A., Author of the Life of Bishop Butler. 28. 6d.

The Cambridge Greek and English Testament, in Parallel Columns on the same Page. New Edition, with marginal References. 88. 6d.

The Greek Text of the Acts of the Apostles, with Notes, Original and Selected. By H. ROBINSON, D.D. 8s.

The Morning Service for the Sundays and other Holidays throughout the Year; arranged from the Book of Common Prayer, and Administration the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland; together with the Psalter, or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. In one Volume.

The Evening Service for the Sundays and other Holidays throughout the Year. In a Second Volume.

In these Editions, separate volumes are devoted to the Morning and Evening Services respectively. The order of the Book of Common Prayer is strictly observed, with the addition of the First and Second Lessons for every Sunday and Holiday throughout the year, printed at full in their appointed order. By this means the Morning (or the Evening) Service, in a complete and continuous form, is wholly comprised in one volume.

These Editions of the Services are printed in two Sizes, which may be had, bound, or in boards, at the following rates ;



[blocks in formation]

£ 8. d.
0 14 0
0 15 0
0 18 0
1 1 0
1 6 0

8. d. 07

0 0 7 6 0 10 0 0 12 6 0 16 0

Roan Embossed, Gilt Edges
Turkey Morocco, Plain
Flexible Morocco, Fine
Flexible Morocco, Elegant

Scriptural Breviates; Short Compendiums of Scriptural Instruction, according to the Doctrines and Discipline of the United Church of England and Ireland.

These Breviates are strictly applicable to all the purposes for which Tracts are generally employed, while, from their uniform orthodoxy, and the progressive style of their contents, they will be found greatly to assist the l'arochial Clergy in their visitations and ministry. Several of the Classes, into which the Series is divided, will also be found highly useful in National and other Schools, where they may be used as class books, and afterwards presented to the children or their parents, at very little

expense. The two following Classes are already published.

An Introductory Manual to the Reading and Study of the Holy Scriptures; comprised in one hundred Numbers of the Scriptural Breviates, and forming Class A. of the Series. Price 4s. bound in a Volume, or the Hundred Breviates for distribution, 3s.

Short Compendiums of Faith and Practice for the Sick; comprised in fifty Numbers of the Scriptural Breviates, forming Class K. of the Series. Price 28. bound'in a Volume, or the Fifty Breviates for distribution, ls.

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