Hamblin: A Modern Look at the Frontier Life and Legend of Jacob Hamblin

כריכה קדמית
CFI, 2008 - 237 עמודים
New Cover; From the torn pages of Hamblin's own journals and diaries - found in an old, weathered saddlebag - the real story of Jacob Hamblin comes to life.Read about this frontier explorer who spent more time with warring Indians than Daniel Boone or Kit Carson. Come to know the man who at the peril of his own life, when ordered by superiors to kill captive Indians, said: You'll have to shoot me first. Feel the suspense as angry Navajos prepare to burn Jacob Hamblin at the stake.Colonize the West. Encircle the Grand Canyon. Cross the Colorado River. Explore the unknown with the man who held special powers to resolve the needs of both his people and the Indians.Live the adventure of Jacob Hamblin in this book - a modern look at the frontier life and the legend.

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